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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, Teen Titans, Avatar: Last Airbender, Gilligan's Island, and Pokémon.

..:Current Status of Stories in Progress:..(Last Updated: August 28, 2015)

Apologies! I realize it has been eleven months since the last update. Unfortunately there has been almost no change in the status of my stories. I do intend on fixing that though.

Game: Chapter Eleven is up. Chapter Twelve is probably around 25% complete.

Palms' Lullaby: I haven't updated in over four years which is awful of me and I'm sorry about that. As I mentioned before, the story is completely outlined (and blocked for six more chapters) but I'm having so much trouble trying to write this. I've been spending some time on the GI forum to get myself back in the mood. I'm also retooling "Wedding and Bedding" in hopes that it will be the boost I need to finish work on this next chapter. I'd estimate it's about 20 - 25% done.

The Witch, the Wolf and the Riddle: I lack the motivation to finish this story. It was published before the Half Blood Prince so it is riddled (forgive my pun) with inaccuracies regarding the canonical HP universe. For now this is in hiatus. Perhaps once Palm's Lullaby is complete I will take a look at it and give it a complete overhaul. I imagine the project will be long and tedious -- so for now it'll have to wait.

Without My Shining Star: I actually reread this and don't hate it as much as I remember. Might be in need of a good overhaul

Conflicting Elements: After Avatar went off the air this kind of reached a stand still. However, I tend to by cyclical about things I like so there is a chance inspiration may strike at some random moment down the road. May be in need of a revamp. Maybe needs to expand to Earth & Air.

The Wedding and Bedding of Willy Gilligan (Complete): I was reading this and there are some pretty horrendous mechanical errors in it. I'm in the process of cleaning this story up. Along with fixing some of the grammatical mistakes I'm adding at least one scene and extending two others. I'll be reposting it under the same name. I'll leave the original up just in case anyone prefers it to the newer edition.

Beta-Reading: I'm currently Beta-reading two stories right now, so that is another thing that might delay the progress of some stories.

..:Upcoming Projects:..

Next GI fic: I have a lot of ideas, but I'm not sure which I like the best. I also don't want to start a new project with half-finished existing projects hanging around. But as a teaser, here's some things I've thought about:

-The Matchmaker (Part II): Mrs. Howell trying to set up Ginger and the Professor.
-Alternate Universe: Ginger and roommate Debbie Dawson go out for the night and Ginger happens upon a handsome stranger
-Alternate Universe 2: What would happen if the Marina had sailed back safely?
-Next Generation Fic: (No specific details)
-Double Wedding Ceremony
-Day of Shipwreck as told by each Castaway
-Alternate Universe/Sci Fi: Castaways learn that their isolation has been a source of amusement for the last 50 years. Have to assimilate in 2015 culture.
-Set during "Erika-Tiffany-Smith" Ginger hears that the Professor is engaged
-The men and women (in their separate groups) both have something akin to "boy/girl" talk, sleepover style.

Rewrite of Without My Shining Star: Self explanatory, I think think this has some potential.

Teen Titans - Tournament of Heroines: Seriously, how did we not ever get to see this?

Old Stories Project: I thought it might be a fun idea to not let my old, horrendously written fanfiction go to waste. I recently discovered most of my old stories on an old computer. If I can find a way to transfer them I was thinking I might repost them exactly as written except this time with commentary. I think it will be hilarious. Or possibly just sad. We'll see.

Deleted Stories:
If nothing else these stories served to show me how not to write fanfiction.

-Don't Pull Away (Pokemon) [Complete] 2003
-Durance of Love (Diablo II) 2004?
-Envious Feelings (Harry Potter) 2004
-Hearts Ablaze (Avatar: The Last Airbender) 2005
-The Weirdest Game of Truth or Dare Ever (Crossovers) 2005/2006
Chemistry Can Mean Two Different Things (Gilligan's Island) [Complete] August 9, 2003 (1st one!)

For anyone who's interested: I have a deviantART account that I sort of created with the intention of posting Diablo II Fanart. I also have some comics up for anyone who enjoys social dancing and I do some other fanart as well (Pokemon, Harry Potter, Avatar, etc.)

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