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Well, hello everyone. If you already have started reading my work then you already know what I am interested in. If not well, you can read the book on your own time. The point being, hello fanfiction, authors and readers alike. It's a privlege to write and read with you and I'm pleased to be here to see your smiling pictures. Okay, if you are following me and you are reading my books, then like I said earlier, you know I'm a sci-fi fan. I'm here to get all the stories in my head out somewhere and at least I know that it will be read here. There is not much to say about me in general but I do hope I get to know you all over time and hopefully enjoy my stories as I will enjoy yours. I'm going to be writing several stories (although if time passes it may become several series) and I hope that everyone will like them.

Please note this, I am a writer so I will accept criticisms on the grounds that you have to help me become a better writer here. Many of you already have experience so I would just like you to give me some advice if you think I need it. However if you are merely bashing on the story with no good reasons and you just plain hate it, than get out of my story, my profile, my page, everything. I will not hesitate to delete your comments and ban you from seeing my work.

Now thats out of the way, I just want to say something. Considering that at one point in my life I will run out of ideas, I will ask for help on some things and at times I will allow the readers to vote on where the story shall go and how it shall affect the future of my works. There will be limits of course but I'm sure everyone can come to an understanding in the end. Also I will also be writing a list of my works that is going to come out and everyone can pitch in their ideas and I'll see how good they are.

(Oh yeah I have something to say now. Please some of you get your work straight. No offense it's just that the readers who are reading also look around fanfiction enough, so I'm pretty sure you will understand the fact that there are some works that have not been updated in the last two years or so and the thing is we are still waiting for them to finish and to see what is going to happen. Again no offense but if you are not going to finish your work then put DISCONTINUED or something like that on there so we don't get our hopes up only to crash them to the ground upon seeing that you haven't updated since 2010. Also work on some stories in areas where there are either few stories, i.e. halo-stargate crossover stories (seriously besides mine there are only 11 others, if you don't believe me just look) and works where there are several pages of the series you like but less than 5 chapters in a story, i.e chaotic, code lyoko, etc. (again if you are a fan of these certain things look them up cause seriously I looked in the chaotic stories and there is 6 pages of stories but most of the stories are 1 chapter long and its the same with several others) cause seriously we need more works around here, good works, works that will leave us holding our breath and wondering how will it be before the story is updated. To all of you who don't do what I ranted about up here, then good job. To the rest, well all I can say is please add more or just say the story is over with so we can have our minds and hearts rest in peace. Again no offense. Just remember though that if the fans like it enough, you may want to bring it back and finish it to the very end.)

Sorry about that. I went on a rant. But ignoring that now, thank you all for the greetings and to those who read my stories so far, keep reading cause I won't stop writing unless everyone dies, the power goes out for 15 years, I am incapacitated and unavailable, or any of the three combined plus whatever God throws at me. Thank you and please understand that because of a combination of college and work, I maybe slow to update. Thanks for understanding. Feel free to ask as many question as you want about what I'm doing here and see you all sometime.

Right now this is going to be a list of my sci-fi works that I am working on right now.

Bold: means that it is currently being worked on.

Underlined: means that it is just a thought in my brain.

Italics: means that the book is done.

Book One: Dawn of a New Age

Book Two: Guardians of the Citadel

Book Three: The Hidden Race

Book Four: Predator and Prey

Book Five: Cries of Revolution

Book Six: The Shroud of War

Book Seven: The Halls of the Dead

Book Eight: The Lost City

Book Nine: A Dark Prophecy

Book Ten: An Enemy Returns

Book Eleven: The Encroaching Darkness

Book Twelve: The Stars Divided

Book Thirteen: The Fall of the Gods

Book Fourteen: The Great Hunt

Book Fifteen: A Phoenix Rises

Book Sixteen: The Coming Storm

Book Seventeen: Death's Assault

Book Eighteen: The Sun Reborn

Book Nineteen: Paths of Destiny

Book Twenty: The End of Time

Hello fanfiction authors, I just want to let you know that due to a combination of college, work, and moving soon to a new town, I'm probably not going to update my story for a long, long time. Also due to the fact that the story itself is so far like my first story/draft of sorts and it seems to be running into a roadblock at the moment I'm going to delete this story and try to start all over again as a better writer. I don't know when I'll be able to write a story that you can enjoy but I hope to finish it soon as humanely possible.