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Hello!! I'm ( insert girl's name here )!!! Or call me Ditto, I don't really care.

Hm, what to say about myself? Here's just a list about me:

Favourite colour: Black, blue, and green :)

Favourite sport: Volleyball, I guess. I wish I could play Quidditch...

Favourite type of music: Well, I'm currently interested in listening to Lindsey Stirling's music. I also listen to Owl City, Taylor Swift (occasionally), Christina Grimmie, and a bunch of other artists that I don't remember.

Who I ship:

Zelda x Link

Roxas x Namine

Sora x Kairi

Harry x Hermione

Luna x Ron

Wilbur x Violet

Aqua x Terra

Riku x Xion

Axel x Larxene

... That's about it.

Personality: I am socially awkward, a socially awkward penguin, I might add. I'm one of those people who be all shy and such before you get to know me, but when you do... I'm just weird.

I can be lazy now and then, but I DO work hard, when I want to. But seriously, if something bad happens, like say I got like a C or below, I will try extremely hard to get a better grade.

I could be a bit naive at times.

I don't know what else to type, so I hope you like my stories...