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HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII _ okay... i haven't posted a story in ... how many years XD lol i'm gonna start writing romantic / or comedy snuff :D hooray.. i write .. but i still suck ; go look at my pics... meh drawing whateva u wanna call 'em gotta catch 'em all POKEMON go to
www.whisperingyoko.deviantart.com/gallery:) please look begs _

link and Mr moo cow (my character) comic thing www.butteredgrapescotcht.deviantart.com/gallery

I actually came on here for the first time in..well..years and reread all of my stories and decided it would be best if they disappeared off somewhere in the land of my documents..never to be seen again by other ppl :P ... I am actually tempted to start writing again.. but..I guess we'll see _! ..curious if anyone still even looks at this >.>;