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Readers, fellow writers, and friends,

In a few moments, I will be posting my final fanfiction. This will be my last day on this website.

It has been a wonderful experience and growth for me, and I have made many friends along the way. Unfortunately, this was only a holding place for me. I'm ready to use this growth and experience in my own writing. In fact, I have already begun the process of writing a new novel, with my own original characters that I have found as lovable in my own heart as these have been for the past three years of writing fanfiction and two years of posting. I hope to be prepared to share my story with the world within the next couple of years, and I like to imagine that all of my readers old and new will someday pick up my book and read it. I think we all have that dream as writers, and as avid readers, as well.

Fanfiction has been a large part of my life thus far, and it is, admittedly, difficult to leave behind. Honestly, I've been trying to shake it for the past year. I don't feel I have been ready until this moment, and now is the perfect time, I feel. The artistic part of our society has narrowed its focus toward sequels, and prequels, and remakes, of course. That's all fine and good, but, in my opinion, it's high time we had fresh plots and new characters to create emotional connections with people. Not every woman in this world can form a bond with Katniss, or Leia, and no man will ever be a Tony Stark at heart. We need veryreal, down-to-earth characters; that is what I aim to create in this new story. I cannot ever see my true potential if I'm constantly shoving myself into characters that are entertaining, but nothing I can call my own. I'm prepared to build new relationships with different characters, and although it seems daunting, I know it's what I was born to do.

Since I feel I need to devote my wholehearted attention to this story, this exit will be effected immediately. I will not be finishing my current stories, I'm afraid. I hate to be a terrible dropout, but I've never been good about that anyway. I apologize for abandoning my works, but it's something I know I have to do. I am proud of how far I've come on this account, as well as my first, and will not regret what I've left standing and what I've given its final bow.


I want to thank every reader that has ever viewed, reviewed, followed, or favorited one of my stories. Every time an email popped up informing me that someone had liked my story enough to perform one of these four actions, I felt this indescribable happiness, because I knew I had made someone smile, or frown, or laugh, or, on occasion, cry, and that's what writing is really about: bringing out emotion in people and connecting with them without even meeting them. For all of two years, my heart leaped at the thought that I had connected with people I didn't know through paragraphs of characters and their own challenges. Each name that popped up on my screen held a small part of my heart because it helped me to understand that I could do something right, or well, in a part of my life wherein I felt all I could do was screw up. I'm a better person for it, and have grown in maturity and strength. I cannot thank any of you enough for that.

A few loyal readers in particular deserve to be addressed.

- Firstly, I'd like to thank my first reviewer EVER, and that would be Miss Allison. I don't know who you were or why you thought I was any good at all, but you began something for me that I had never imagined would happen. Thank you :)

- Next, I have to thank the two loyal readers who recreated/based their stories on two of mine: that would be DrgnBrth63 and GirlOnBlazingFire. Nothing was as flattering and fulfilling as knowing that someone liked my idea enough to want to continue where I left off. You two will always be in my heart. Thank you lots :)

- I certainly could not forget my PM buddy and fellow shipper Cabot007. Before we met, I watched many of your videos and was a fan. Only when we met did I realize that you are an incredible person, a great inspiration, and the nicest person to have in our small fanbase. I wouldn't have posted a thing for Psych if I had been alone. Thanks for everything :)

- I have to thank my older sister for creeping on my account and reading my OUAT stuff. She scared me off the website for a few days, which was just long enough for me to start thinking of original ideas. She doesn't know it (unless she still be a'creeping) but knowing that someone I personally knew actually enjoyed one of my stories was a push I needed to get started on a different road. Thanks, sis :)

- Last, but certainly not least, would be God, for giving me a talent and passion for writing that almost never was discovered. There's no one more responsible for my happiness than He is. All thanks and praise go to Him :)


Since I have already developed my plot enough now, I thought I'd share a few hints of what my book is about. Maybe in a year or two, a new book will be popular, and you'll remember :)

1) The story's main plot revolves around illegal activity.

2) The leading female has an interesting nickname.

3) The opening of the story will inspire a sense of "Ready, set, go!"

4) The question of the book is how "bad" is defined: by actions, or by the heart? This is a question I've faced many times in my life, which is why this is so key in my novel.

That's all I can share, and who knows? Maybe in two years' time, I'll have a new idea. Although, I don't know... I have a good feeling about this. Still, there's a chance. All I can say is you ought to keep an eye out ;)

Well, I'm taking the leap. If you have any questions, make sure to leave me a PM when you can. If you'd like to pick up one of my unfinished stories where I've left off, I'd be happy to give you the rights, so long as you ask. Maybe I'll read along ;D

All right. After 34 stories, 139 chapters, and 220347 words, I'm finished. Farewell, and thanks to all of you. God bless.

* *-TheSongbird341-* *

"I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth."
- Psalm 34:1

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