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My name is Jessica.

I am 21 years old.

I love writing because it helps me focus all my pain and energy into one thing. I also love it because I have the will to change the life of the characters to my desire.

Call it power, I suppose.

My favorite saying was written by a 6 year old girl...

"If you dont love someone, dont say you do. But if you do love them, tell them alot, because sometimes we forget!"

My 2 favorite quotes are:

"Learn to trust what you dont understand"

"Learn to trust you better judgement, your heart will only get you into trouble.. After all, it is your only weakness"

I celebrated my one year of Inuyashism in August. Woohoo

Date: August 29 2010--


I have recently(as in yesterday) be asked to join this group of worshipers by NightFalcon222--whom is also and intelligent and amazing writer on here--(if you haven't read any of her stories you should). So now she told me we officially have four people XD. If you would like to join CONTACT HER ASAP. LIKE NOW. Because everyone knows they just want to worship Inuyasha-sama. He is after all a very brave and courageous lord.

FOLLOWERS: purduepup, nightfalcon222, Daichilover, xbeautyxxisxxlifex, GoldenRose88.

As for our opposing religion Kagsianity-- WE WILL PREVAIL OVER YOU! Prepare to be defeated.

end date--

About me:

Grade: College:Graduated in 09

Im not an uptight person I just dont agree with people telling me how and what to do with my stories.. If I ask for help, then go for it, but if not you best stay out..

I love writing it tends to be a hobby when I have the time.

I dont draw.. Truthfully I cant. lol.

But I can write poetry.. Now if only I could keep up with what I write :

Please by all means if my story doesn't make sense tell me and Ill explain.. I try and be open minded when it comes to questions.. Truthfully I just go with the flow when I write.

Because sometimes it just comes to me and I'm not sure if it'll be any good but its from the heart and what more could you want..

Favorite Inuyasha Stories: Not in any particular order.


Now we'll let the rain fall


Wrong Number Text

Sequel to Wrong number text: Life goes on

The Kings Mistress(One of the most intelligent writers who can go so deep into detail, you'll believe you are there)--also my all time favorite)

When He Was Mine( Lots of Love making if you read it on mediaminer--but also an interesting read)

Soul Therapy(Extremely sweet)

Behind the Masquerade

I Dare You

Bottled Genius(I'm a genie in a bottle baby)

The Babysitter

Best Man Steals the Bride(Her fiance wasn't worth shit in the first place)

Love Pentagon(not exactly ending in Inuyasha and Kagome, but good no the less)

Love Pentagon episode II(TWISTED ENDING)

Two Sparrows in a Hurricane

Gangs To the City

The Girl Next Door

Love isn't Luxury

Thirty Days(this is no longer posted on FANFICTION because she is thinking about getting it published, and for those who never got to read it: You missed out)

In Progress:




Love Thy Neighbor

Not the Only One-- I wish she would hurry and finish, I am about to die)

The one promised to me

Impoverished Heir

Lives Will change--NightFalcon222(MY ALL TIME FAVORITE AUTHOR AND FRIEND) XD


Remember Your Wings--NightFalcon222(MY ALL TIME FAVORITE AUTHOR AND FRIEND)XD--She just had to create a new and AWESOME STORY!

Undeniably His(Inuyasha is an ass)

Sandroid(Love making included. Hot and steamy)

He's my girl(Lots of Hentai, but funny as hell)

Well as you can see I love to read.. Try it sometimes, it helps..

Never flame me.. That's for wimps who cant make up their own story, that's worth a flip.. So they down on other people to make themselves look better..


Inuyasha & Kagome

Sesshomaru & Rin- only if Rin is portrayed older.

Sango & Miroku

Kouga & Ayame

Kagome & Sesshomaru- Truthfully I don't see them being together, but I have read one or two fanfictions that were great. I doubt I will ever write one.


Inuyasha & Sango- I mean really people? Come on!

Kikyo & Inuyasha- She's a dead chick. I personally can never see Inuyasha betraying Kagome like that.

Miroku & Kagome- As if Inuyasha would allow that

Naraku & Kagome- Never in a million, trillion years.

Inuyasha & Naraku- Need I say more?


Don't contact me just to be rude or Ill will block you..

For the people who actually like my story I feel like such a waste of space.. for never updating because those are exactly the kind of people I do not like.. So I'm going to finish the story and I'm going to do it properly that means revising it and finishing it...

I just had a baby so life this past year has been chaotic, what with me being pregnant and all..

All I can really say about my absence is: I am retarded.

Date: August 20, 2010- So here I sit, looking over my story that was only two chapters long for the last 2 years and I think to myself..What in the world?!?! It was actually REALLY good. I even laughed while reading it. And when I got done I was like WHY, why would I do that. So here I am.. I'm going to finish that freaking story even if it kills me...

Date: August 29,2010- If you are reading this(which you more than likely are) You should read my religion and join. I have posted two chapters in the last week. I am so proud of myself.

Date: September 24, 2010- I am on the move. Anybody else pissed off at Fanfiction? For some reason it has been taking me to these weird error messages and that makes me mad!! Because I can get my reading done from being BLOCKED. They need to FIX the Problem ASAP!

Date: October 19, 2010- I will be 20 in 7 DAYS! Im so excited. Posted chapters on both UNLIKE YOU and FIGURED YOU OUT! R&R

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How I fell in love with a Demon reviews
He watched me for a second, and my mouth bobbed up and down, attempting to form what I wanted from him. What I NEEDED from him. Only I could not form anything. I was speechless because what I needed was hard to explain, and it was becoming unbearable.
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