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Ok I figured I would update my profile, because the last one sucked!

My name is Kate, and I am still 15! I love writing and thinking up stories so Fanfictions came naturally to me. LOL I think my first was like in grade 8 and it was about my class. It was really funny and I never finished it. But, I swear, that won't happen to these stories. My Favourite Shows are the OC (Seth is so cute!), Everwood (Ephram! Awww!!), and everyonce in a while I catch a Joan of Acardia, but I haven't seen enough of them to write a good Fanfiction. Music is major in my life! Music, usually inspires me to write (as do reviews *hint hint*), so sometimes I add a song into my stories. I usually don't like doing that because sometimes you have never heard of the song before and you have no clue why it fits, but w/e. I want to give a BIG thanx to Stace, my buddy, and my editor even though I doubt she will read this. She is the person I sit talking to over MSN about story ideas. BTW: This is for all fan fictions I write, I own nothing! Nothing at all! If I did, I would not live in freaking cold Canada, and I would have met all of my favourite actors/actresses of the shows I have listed above and I probably would not be dreaming up fanfictions, I would be living them ok?

Ok My works

Mighty Ducks:

Don't Speak- COMPLETE!!!! Omigod! Fifty freaking Chapters! That's Crazy! I AM starting a sequel, I've got it in the works right now! It's called 'Don't Forget Us!'

Don't Forget Us- YES! I've finally posted it! *grins happily* I've got a lot of ideas for it. I'm in the process of deciding which are crap and which are usable. (Beanz, you know which ones are crap!) I should go write it!


Everwood: You Get me- Unfortunately, I've lost the spark. I might come back to it, but I doubt it. Sorry!

OC: Allison- Finished! I couldn't think of anything else really to do. Beside it seemed to come to a nice conclusion!

Signature Characters (My OCs)

Joslyn (Josie) Abigal Best- Usually fifteen in the stories I write (only fifteen in the stories here). Black hair in beginning of 'Don't Speak' however is changed back to her orignal chestnut brown color, has hazel eyes average hieght. Used to figure skate however her partner (Peter) died in a tragic car accident which forced her to quit. If You wanna know anything else, read my stories!

Jacob (Jay) Banks- Ok, I usually put him into my Adam stories. He resembles Adam (duh!! it's his brother!) and has a little scar on his chin from a car accident that his father actually thinks is from a fight. He usually goes to Columbia University and is usually at the top of his class despite the fact that he has a drinking problem. He has a bad relationship with his father, even though his father thinks otherwise and has a complicated relationship with his brother. He's a stereotypical over-achiever on the surface and fights with that constantly.Anything else? Read the stories!

~Toodles 4 now!

Love- Katiegurl!

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After the JV-Varsity Showdown, we know that one team celebrated a victory... but how did the other team react? (One-Shot)
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