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By the way? I CANNOT decide on a damn username..I'll keep this one for ahwile. n_n

ThE sLuM

Name: Ayanu. ITS YUNA. >_>;
Nicknames; Yuna, Yunie, Len Len, Reno-ia, Roy (-_-), Elena (HAHA Ryan..)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: HA! +pouts+
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Japanese/Mexican
Special features: +blink+ I used to be a Lenne-clone (Remember? "OMFG I LOOK LIKE LENNE!!!") until I got my haircut. +blink blink+ Uh...just read the bio!

Don't worry I don't bite, defiantly. I can be really silly and childish at times and sometimes can't learn to control myself. Despite, other think 'm pretty mature for my age and say I'm a pretty respectable person. Arguing against that case are the group of people who insist I'm a prissy, ditzy, mental case who refuses to face reality. It's something I don't like. Once I have my mind set on something I will not give up on it until I've accomplished this and because of that determination... I can be REALLY stubborn and somewhat naive. I get along with pretty much everyone, no matter what their interests are so don't be afraid of me. I only get angry when people I'm close to get hurt or upset and that makes me very mad. Or when people start bitching at me for no reason. You don't want to see me when I get pissed it's really ugly.

Mentally I'm more like Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 and Elena from Final Fantasy VII , but physically I've been told I look a bit more like Tifa from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Personally I'm not so sure myself but this is what I've been told by others. Yep! So that's pretty much my in depth personality based on what other people say...I don't know for sure so you might just wanna get to know me before you confirm these things. ^_^


Writing, drawing, singing, and graphic design are some of the things I enjoy. Along with things such as Motocross, music, taking pictures, fighting (heh. Martial arts what can i say?), kicking peoples asses WHILE fighting, Dance Dance Revolution, and just your random Video Games and just all sorts of things in the gaming industry...heh.

Currently? I'm obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, The Kare Kano, C.S.I (all of them), Charmed, Train, QED, and Final Fantasy VII. Yep so if you like these've found the right person. n_n

: ThE sLuM wHoRe AnGeL aLL In All:

Nya..thats meh! Oh! If you wanna read my journal or whatever click here

A big thanks to all my friends and lovely reviews who's supported me in my writing! Even though some of the stories I was working on were unable to be continued-I'm glad you guys were there for me up until that point Thanks everyone so much! I heart you all!!

: WrItTeN tEmPtAtIoN: The Angel's Works :
FFX-2 Eternal Rhapsody-8 Chapters- One year has passed since Vegnagun was defeated. But someone brought Shuyin and Lenne back. Who is the myserious girl Yuna keeps seeing in visiosns? And how does this tie to the odd occurrences in Spira? Is there more evil behind this all then anyone could imagine?

FF Crossover (AU) D.E.C.O.D.E.D.-Comming Soon- Henrietta D’Cardo never lead an easy life, but life just got harder now that she’s training at the ShinRa military Academy. Before she knows it, she finds herself in the middle of a chain of murder. In order for her comrades to keep her alive, Henrietta’s going by a new alias: Elena DECODED.

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