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Before you submit a tribute for the 40th Hunger Games, please read the Rules:

1.NO MARY-SUES OR GARY-SUES! This is basically a perfect tribute with no flaws that is soooo boring to read, so please make them interesting:D

2. Be descriptive! The more detail you give, the easier it will be to write your tribute.

3. You can submit up to three tributes maximum. However, if you submit 3, at least one must be a bloodbath tribute.

4. Speaking about bloodbath tributes, I will be submitting my own tributes (if there are spaces left) to die as bloodbaths, however please don't get upset if your tribute is also a bloodbath.

5. And finally, please remember that once you send me your tributes, they are mine. I will keep them as close to your descriptions as I can, but I can't make any promises that I won't make changes!XD

So with the rules in mind, good luck with creating your tribute!

Form for the 40th Hunger Games SYOT







Back Story/History:



Reaction to being reaped:

Weaknesses(minimum of two):

Strengths(maximum of four):

Opinion on Hunger Games:

Interview Angle:


Open to romance?:

Open to Alliance?:

Anything else(optional):

Also, although I have some ideas of my own, any other ideas about the Arena, Chariot outfits etc would be hugely appreciated!

Tribute List

District 1
Male Tribute-Titon Asterfield, 18-HaydesQU
Female Tribute-Reserved

District 2
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Open

District 3
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Reserved

District 4
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Open

District 5
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Nayea Hensley, 17-theali

District 6
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Open

District 7
Male Tribute-Atwood Birchwood, 13-BabyRue11
Female Tribute-Open

District 8
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Reserved

District 9
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Open

District 10
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Open

District 11
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Briallen "Brie" Buckwheat, 14- DiamondDawn207

District 12
Male Tribute-Open
Female Tribute-Open

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