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I've Left FanFiction

Goodbye, all!

Moongazer- You were the kindest and most gracious to me even when I was being an ass.

Graymist- Wifey of fanfiction, my favorite little mormon, you lit up my day with sunshine. You're the reason I kept coming back.

Plosionz- The most trustworthy and random pegasister evar! Keep wubbling fluffle puff. We'll stay connected through that!

Epsilon and Twin4- Thanks for all the support. You're my friends in real life, so I'll still see you! Thanks, Twin4, for being a friend when eliminator was on my arse, I'll always appreciate that.

Whatsy and Falalen- You two are the funniest, most brawling couple I've ever seen. Whatsy, I couldn't ask for a better sister. Falalen, you are the best troll ever. Take care of each other.

Reviewers and Fans- Thanks for all your help

Wilty- Sorry for you know what one last time.

EpiClan members- Thanks for being a good influence and putting up with my n00bishness. Take care Sasha you pimp!

Spire- FanFiction Daughter, my love cannot be expressed in words. I'm sorry I have to do this.

And finally- Jay, another leaving member- I'm sorry for being an asshole and a troll to you. I always admired you, but now I can't tell you that…

Thank you all for being a part of my life story! You've matured me a lot. As I write this, I fill with grief, but the Lord has told me to get off here. "It is better to lose one part of your body than your whole body be cast into hell."

All Plays come to an end- And so must this. But another play begins- and eventually I'll get to be with Christ in glory! Amen! For those who don't know him, look up biblegateway.com right now, and read John, then Acts. He'll tell you your next set of instructions.

Dear Wal-Mart of (insert town name here), we kindly ask you to get out of our town. Your screwed-up communistic policies have ruined our community and your employees can't even get private healthcare. You are a burden on the community by sucking up our tax dollars by putting your employees on welfare and getting million-dollar subsidies. You've already destroyed enough families and lives. Along with this, you discriminate against african-americans, and women. You put honest people out of business. Some people say that dutch people or Jews are cheap. No, the fat butts, the real 1%, the Waltons, are the real cheapos. They rely on the government, like a leech! You brood of vipers! When will you learn to be a true American instead of a commie son of Satan with no life. The only true American among you, Sam Walton, would have been ashamed! He believed in good will, not big brother! Your illegal spying operations and illegal anti-union tactics are the true face of the hydra that is Wal-Mart! Along with millions of true patriots, I solemnly swear to destroy any hint of any new Wal-Marts, never shop, and never work there for your disobedience of the seven deadly sins. We do not forget. We are legion. We are true America. Be expecting us!

Do two things with the previous speech

1. Copy it on your profile

2. Paste it on your hometown Wal-Mart's doorstep.

If you do not do these, you have darned freedom and human rights!

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