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Author has written 5 stories for Pokémon, and Ghost Hunt.

4/18/14- Okay, I'm back home and I'm getting back to work on my 'fics! I just published a Ghost Hunt one-shot if you want to check it out, but now I'm back to Pokemon. I shall update, hopefully before April ends, but my Spring break ends in two days so I don't know how much I'll get done this weekend! Stay tuned c;

- Bewitchingly,

demon alice.

Well, this would be mostly about me, the author, and also with updates and other info so xp

MEH! -

My name's Lizzie and I'm 14 years old. My birthday's November 8th.

I love Pokemon, GHOST HUNT (mwahahaha), Percy Jackson, anime, manga, SHIPPINGS, yaoi (I like yuri too but not as much as yaoi), drawing, writing, and acting.

Hm I absolutely love Sonic as well- especially the show, "Sonic X." One of the best shows ever! (: And then of course, there's "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." Yay! I'm always glued to books or 'fics.

Idols: Alice (Alice in Wonderland) x3, Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus Series), Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice), Dawn (Pokemon D&P), Mai Taniyama (Ghost Hunt), Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club), Lydia Carlton (Earl & the Fairy)

Favorite book series: Ghost Hunt (mangas and original series by Ono Fuyumi), Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, The Mortal Instruments, The Hobbit, Pokemon (mangas), Earl & the Fairy

Knowledge is a luxury, but using it is a challenge.

I don't go on my instagrams anymore so xp

Check out my Deviantart! I'll post all my art for my fanfics and other assorted pieces on there! -

Fav Couples/Shippings


Ash/Dawn - pearlshipping

Drew/May - contestshipping

Cilan/Iris - wishfulshipping

Gary/Ash - palletshipping

Gary/Dawn - cavaliershipping

Paul/Misty - novelshipping

Tracey/Misty - orangeshipping

Red/Yellow - specialshipping

Hareta/Mitsumi - dumbluckshipping

Pearl/Platinum - haughtyshipping

Ruby/Sapphire - franticshipping

Gold/Crystal - mangaquestshipping

Barry/Paul - coldcoffeeshipping

Green/Blue - oldrivalshipping

Nando/Zoey - ?shipping (I wanna call it wiseshipping, but I think it has another dumb name T-T)

Riley/Princess Salvia - ?shipping (Can we start shipping these two? Maybe call it regalshipping? xD)

Barry/Lucas - clingyshipping

Silver/Lyra - soulsilvershipping

Black/White-Hilbert/Hilda-Touya/Touko - chessshipping (agencyshipping)

N/White - ferriswheelshipping

Hugh/Mei-Rosa - sequelshipping

Cheren/Bianca - dualrivalshipping

James/Jessie - rocketshipping

Kenny/Leona - ?shipping (Solaceshipping would be cute, if only that was its name. Dunno what it is, but that's what I call it)

Paul/Ursula - ?shipping (I wanna call it bullyshipping xD)

Red/Green - originalshipping

Bill/Daisy - teashipping

Palmer/Johanna - ?shipping

Paul/Ash - comashipping

Paul/Dawn - ikarishipping

Kyohei-Nate/Mei-Rosa - visorshipping

Gold/Silver - preciousmetalshipping










Ghost Hunt

Naru/Mai (SOOO PERFECT GAAAHHH *fangirl feels*()




John/Masako (even though that's illegal for a priest...ah, whatever, they're kinda cute cx)

Yasuhara/Bou-san (woohoo! XD)

Lin/Naru (mm-hmm, deliciously imagining them- *Naru interrupts by throwing me in a closet and locking the door*)



Gene/My OC (MY GEENNNNEEE- MINNNEEEEE! I would say that about Naru too, but since Mai and Naru are so perfect I'll only say he's my husband to outsiders dx)

There are certain shippings I especially hate but I'm not gonna say in my bio. You might see them in my stories, but please don't hate them because of the shippings- I'll respect your opinion if you respect mine. I understand we can't all like the same thing, but hating isn't the answer.

My favorite Pokemon characters: Dawn/Hikari, Ash/Satoshi, Gary/Shigeru, Barry/Jun, May/Haruka, Paul/Shinji, Misty/Kasumi, Iris, Mei/Rosa, Hugh, and Kyohei/Nate ;)

My Fav Pokemon Manga Characters: Red, Yellow, Lady Platinum (Platina) Berlitz, Sapphire, Gold, Crystal, Sapphire, White, Green, Ruby, Black. Bah to be honest, I love them all. Eheh XD

Fav Ghost Hunt Characters: EVERYONE!!!! Well, Masako is definitely on the bottom, and Naru, Mai, Gene, and Lin are definitely on the top so...XD!

I'm a Pokefreak. Period. My ultimate favorite thing EVER. Well, I'm also a Ghost Hunt nerd- I've fallen hard for it...and the Davis brothers! XD

I play volleyball (hitter).

I like simple things like candles but I'm really crazy, I love violence (freako xD), I'm a sucker for adorable romance, I'm super random, and I can be REALLY LOUD, though I sometimes like sitting in quiet and trying to figure out what I should do for my next story. (;

Random things about me that don't have a particular category-

- I hate my school and the people there hate me. Blek.

- School also gets in the way of writing my 'fics. Another reason to hate it xD

- I'm cutting down my sports- I'm tired of them. Utterly boring and condescending (except Volleyball!). Since I like being independent, and sports are more team work stuff, let's just say it doesn't clash well.

- When I get older, I want to be a great author, a talented manga artist, and a successful voice actor for animes! MWAHAHAHAHA.

- I'm obnoxious. It cannot be helped. My second language is also sarcasm, soooo WATCH OUT. cx

- " mouth never talks a holiday, I always shop with the things I say..." (Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me - Tata Young) Describes me. I have a filter, but sometimes I just lose it or don't care and start running my mouth.

- Favorite 'fic writers- PorcelainDollxx, Naruisawesome, Tauria, & xStart.a.RIOTx

- Favorite authors - Ono Fuyumi, L.J. Smith, Alex Flinn, J.K. Rowling, & Jane Austen

- I have too many favorite songs, and they constantly change, but I do have favorite artists- Nickelback, Daughtry, Three Days Grace, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Skillet, the Rasmus and Taylor Swift.

- I'd like to say that I'm not a usual drone, meaning I'm not like the girls at my school. They like to text and giggle and hang out and date and whatnot, while I'm more of a loner that dresses in Pokemon/MLP/Disney stuff, and I prefer drawing and writing then hanging out with people. NO OFFENSE! I like keeping to myself.

- My mind is constantly on focusing on 'fics and my animes. It's like an obsession, which could be considered unhealthy. Whatever. I come up with ideas easily, but remembering them is a challenge, so I always need to carry my handy dandy notebook to scribble 'em down.

- Reading is like a drug to me; I always want my nose buried in a good 'fic or a good fiction book. Freetime = reading. Or drawing. Whichever I'm in the mood for. Or studying my Japanese...I'm pretty much never bored unless I don't have internet, my bag full of my Japanese books and drawing stuff, etc. or music to listen to.

- I'm extremely forgetful. My parents say I'm too young to be forgetting so easily, and they claim it's because I don't listen. T-T *huff*

- I don't have a category of one or two hair colors, because it would just be incorrect. x.x

- My eye color is also complicated! People either say they're blue, green, blue-ish green, hazel, or hazel with a touch of gold. _o_

- I live in the US, obviously, it's on the top of the bio xp I'm in north eastern part (No not as high as Maine). I'll only say my state is tear worthy boring. Flatlands and cornfields. Ugh. I'd like to live in West Virginia or Japan when I'm older. (There, I eliminated a state for you to guess xD)

- I do like to swear, so if that's offensive, do tell.

- Most of my stories will be rated T. Sorry, the characters will have potty/immature mouths. XD

- I get along better with people on the internet than I do in real life. xp

- As I said before, I LOVE MLP! Fluttershy and Luna are my favorite ponies, and I can't help but like Derpy even though she's mostly every brony's fav. x.x (*cough* Pinkie Pie pisses me off so don't mention her around me _o_)

- I pulled myself out of the religion I was born into; it was irritating me and I just don't believe in that stuff anymore. It's too absurd (my opinion, no hate!) and I think religion teaches you to be satisfied in not understanding reality, and it really doesn't teach morals.

- I support gay rights (I LOVE LOTS OF YAOI SHIPPINGS! I haven't found many Yuri shippings I like x.x), another reason I ditched my religion. Even though I'm heterosexual, I still don't believe in discriminating people with different beliefs or sexuality. Like, seriously, can you haters quit blaming the fall of economy on gay marriage? The fall of economy is caused by war, disagreements, shutting down jobs, and DISCRIMINATION.

- CREAM is my ultimate favorite Sonic character. I ABOSULTELY LOVE HER. c: I have two plushies of her. My other fav Sonic characters are Sonic, Tails, and Shadow! xp

- Favorite shows: Pokemon (duh), GHOST HUNT (NARUxMAI FOREVER), Sonic X, Ouran High School Host Club, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Sword Art Online, Death Note, Wolf's Rain, The Earl and the Fairy, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Mork & Mindy, Castle, NCIS, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Vampire Diaries, Black Butler, Teen Titans, Ravenswood and The Secret Circle. :D

- I only ship one pony shipping: Flash SentryxTwilight. Heh xD

- Music is my BIGGEST inspiration for 'fics, mainly one-shots.

- I'm really OCD, so every little mistake I make I always make sure I correct it. It bugs me o.O... I sometimes write in my reviews for other 'fics stuff like "Your format changed suddenly and it's a bit annoying" or "Why did you change point of views?" or something kinda rude-ish like that x.x Little things bother me.

- and I just started learning Japanese and it has been so fun and so cool. Learning the characters is kinda hard, but speaking it isn't as difficult and I'm just so spiked to keep learning more so I can live my dream of finally going to Japan (:

- Characters OOC in stories pisses me off, or when the author's OCs are better/more powerful than everyone else. Yeah, and even when a small group of 2 or more has so many inside jokes and are constantly ragging on people or a certain someone and they think they're better than everyone else- like, what the bloody hell??!

- I'm a terrible procrastinator...I'm sooo sooo sooo sorry if I don't update every month and ASAP...there are just so many things that distract me (I'm very easily distracted) and sometimes when I sit down to write it just doesn't flow from my fingers. But don't worry, I'll try writing on paper during school to keep me motivated!

That's basically all xD

*IMPORTANT Info for meh 'fics

- I will not ask for a certain many reviews to update sooner. I only ask for reviews because they keep me motivated, and make me WANT TO SO BADLY to please you all with the next chapter. In a way, reviews help me update faster (besides the busy life and all xp), so I'm trying to make some symbiosis here; write reviews (ask questions, tell me whatcha think about the story, point out mistakes, etc.) and it'll keep me motivated and focused on the 'fic at hand. =3

- *I'LL PROBABLY ONLY WRITE TWO-THREE STORIES AT A TIME. I'm not going crazy by posting four stories and taking me forever to update them. It'll give me a headache x.x Anyhow, I'll probably post two 'fics at a time, and if I have writer's block or something with them, I'll put up a one-shot 'fic. I'll try to c;

- I will not tolerate deliberate hate reviews or PMs. I will block and report you. If something's wrong with the story, don't just say, "This was stupid." No, actually put WHY you thought so. Otherwise, shut your mouth.

- I will probably put myself often in stories, so if you thinks that's conceited, take it up with my manager x.x

- I'll start putting updates for my 'fics in my bio, so check occasionally! :D

- Please don't ask for an OC in a story. It's really a pain, and again, I'm NOT fond of OCs, just the several I own xD

- I'll try to update each story once a month, and maybe slip in a one-shot here and there.

(might add more)

My 'Fics and their Updates -

Can't Live Without You - Pearlshipping, anti-Penguinshipping - In progress - 7/10 chapters completed. *10 CHAPTERS FOR THE ENTIRE STORY - CHAPTER 8 has not been started, but I will soon and will during Chapter 3 of "B&B". The rest is planned out so there won't be writer's block troubles c;

Want You Back - Pearlshipping, Contestshipping, Orangeshipping, Wishfulshipping, anti-Pokeshipping - Complete - 2/2 chapters completed.

Beauty and the Battler - Pearlshipping, anti-Cavaliershipping, In progress - 2/3 chapters completed. *3 CHAPTERS FOR THE ENTIRE STORY - Have not started CHAPTER 3 and I probably won't post it 'til after Chapter 7 of "CLWY" The story is planned out, so no writer's block troubles :D

Renata in Wonderland - Pearlshipping, anti-Amourshipping, DrewxOC - Complete - One-shot

Will probably write a Pearlshipping one-shot soon...later this month or sooner.


demon alice. x3

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