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Hey, I absolutely love Wolf's Rain, so most of my fanfics will be about that. I have always wanted to be a successful author because my mom and my aunt are authors. You may not have heard of them because their still working, but they are good. I absolutely love anime, though I haven't watched most of them. School, my social life, and a sister take up most of my time. I like the sims and other role playing games. My favorite book is the Tiger's Curse series, but I don't think many people have heard of it. May favorite anime, it's obvious, is wolves. Believe it or not, when I was in like kinderagrden, the game, Zelda Twilight Princess, was constantly played by my dad. I was little and didn't even know what a wolf was. Then along came that game, and KABOOM, it was love at first sight. I have just obsessed over wolves since. I found out about Wolf's Rain from Youtube. I couldn't watch it all, so I got the full series for my birthday. It is now my favorite movie of all time.

I am also a geek. Do not call me a dork, that literally is an inopropriate thing about an elephant. I have straight As and blah blah blah. I like tv shows like ADVENTURE TIME and TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My favorite song is Big Parade by the Lumineers. I love writing, and have started to learn to draw. I am currently trying to perfect my anime drawings to some day publish a book. Believe it or not, I only took like three lessons from Youtube from a guy named Mike Crilley. I recomend his book by the way. I hope that you peeps enjoy my fanfics. I accept all comments, except stupid comments used for bullying and all that stuff. I would like to thank all of the people who read my stories and the authors who write the stories that I read.

Here is a summary of things I like:

1. Wolf's Rain

2. Writing(Typing)

3. anime

4. Sims 3

5. Tiger's Curse

6. Reading

7. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

8. wolves

9. Adventure Time

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

11. Big Parade by the Lumineers

12. drawing

13. Harry Potter

14. Pokémon

15. Princess Mononoke

16. Zoo Tycoon

17. werewolves


19. Comedy

20. minecraft

21. all blue colors

22. to be continued...!!!!!

I'm sure you all would love to hear more about me, but that's all for now. Thank you, and Good Bye! :-)

P.S I don't really like the stories where people make Tsume and Toboe lovers. I prefer to use the word brotherly, not romantic. I read those kind of stories, but the romantic parts about them aren't my favorite. That goes for Kiba and Hige or for the Kiba and Tsume stories! Not blaming any one, it's just my opinion.

P.P.S maddogjean1, I did copy and paste!

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Gender: I'm a girl ;-)

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ICECREAM: Mint Chocolate Chip!

ANIME: Pokémon, Wolf's Rain, Princess Mononoke, etc.

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PIE: Coconut Cream

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BOOK: Fanfictions, Tiger's Curse, Wolves of the Beyond, Wicked, Through Wolf's Eyes, wolf related mostly

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PHRASES: "Whoaly Cow!" "What the Glob!" "Oh My Glob!" "What the Flip-Flop!"

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4. Quote it. Now! As we sat down, Matt's dad came into the ring to do his dog show.

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What's there? the vacuum cleaner, papers, a shelf, and other stuff

3. What is the last thing you watched on T.V? Wolf's Rain

4. Without looking, guess what time it is! 8:00

5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time? 7:45

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? My parents talking, my sister rocking

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing? about fifteen minutes ago to put up our goat and our chickens (Bak bak bak!!)

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Quick! Write down twelve characters from any movie!

1. Kiba

2. Tsume

3. Toboe

4. Hige

5. Blue

6. San

7. Moro

8. Cheza

9. Darcia

10. Ashitaka

11. Snow White

12. Huntsman

1.Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fic? Do you want to?

No, and I don't think I would want to.

2. Do you think Four is hot? How hot?

I think Hige is cool, but I would give him a four out of ten, plus he has Blue!

3. What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?

The baby would be shamed and Kiba would kill him.

4. Can you recall any fics about Nine?

Yes and no.

5. Would Two and Six make a good couple?

I could see it happening.

6. Five/Nine or Five/Ten? Why?

Blue would NEVER go with Darcia, but I could see her with Ashitaka

7.What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve kissing?

First of all WHAT THE GLOB!! Second of all WHAT THE FLIP-FLOP!! Moro would be annoyed Tsume would be embarressed then REALISE that it was a mistake and leave and twelve would DIE!!

8. Is there any such thing as One/Eight fluff?

ABSOLUTELY I can already the kissing scenes!

9. Suggest a summary for a Seven/Twelve hurt/comfort fic.

When a huntsman searches for the legendary wolf god, Moro, will he find the beast and slay it, or will he be ripped to shreds? (Definately number 2!!)

10. Does anyone on your friends’ list read Three hot? I don't really know.

11. Does anyone on your friends’ list write or draw eleven?

I don't know either!

12. Would anyone on your friends’ write Two/Four/Five?

I don't know, but probably.

13. If you wrote a songfic about Eight, what song would you choose?

Either some sad song or a weird song like Butterfly.

14. If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?

Kiba, San, and the huntsman. Kiba and San would team up and kill the flippin huntsman!!

15. When was the last time you read a fic about Five?

This morning.

16. “ (1) and (7) are in a happy relationship until (9) runs off with (7). (1), brokenhearted, has one night date with (11) and a brief unhappy affair with (12), then follows the wise advice of (5) and finds true love with (3). WTG!!!

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You know You're a Star Wars fan if...(Bold the ones you've done )

If you refer to children as 'younglings,' elevators as 'turbolifts,' and bathrooms as 'refreshers.

If you have looked for Ewoks when entering a wooded area.(I really did think i saw one. It was a racoon)

If you have attempted to use a glowstick as a miniature weapon.(It works like pepperspray. if you've ever broke one in your face you know what i mean)

If when an object was out of your reach, you have extended your hand toward it and expected it to come to you.(It did my sister hit the dresser and it fell on my face)

If you wave you hand in front of you to open automatic doors.

If you have quoted lines from the Star Wars movies unintentionally.

If you have ever been surprised to open a refrigerator and find that the milk is not blue.

If you have ever insulted someone by calling them 'sleemo.' (This is Huttnese for Slime Ball)

If you have painted or drawn a picture in which there are at least two suns in the sky.

If you have ever attempted to perform a jung ma.

If you even know what a jung ma is. (A type of lightsaber move where you jump.)

If you know how to write in Aurebesh.

If you understand any of this.(Dur)

If you're so obsessed with Star Wars that you spend hours imagining yourself living in that galaxy

If you are madly in love with a fictional character.

If someone told you that you were a Star Wars nerd/geek/freak and you said "Thank you!"

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When ever you hear the word Star Wars you stop what you are doing, perk up, and eavesdrop,

If when your friends/family tell you that Star Wars isn't real and you spazz out.

If you don't think that Anakin/Vader is a villian, but is a tragic hero that was screwed over by fate instead(Who doesn't?(((Don't answer this question or i wont update for a long time...Muahahahahahahaha!!!))) )

You know your're a PJO fan if...

Even though not diagnosed, you claim you have ADHD or dyslexia and blame it on your God parent.

You yell "Annabeth!" everytime you see a NY Yankees hat.

You make the PJO characters on Sims, as Miis on the Wii, and other video games.

Anytime you see an orange shirt, you look at the front of it to see if it is a Camp shirt.

You are a PJO character for Halloween.

Recite lines randomly from the books.

When you see/hear about anything myhtology-related, you talk about how it was in PJO (what page, book, etc.) and what happened to it.

Buy anything New York or San Francisco-related.

You are suddenly obsessed with Adidas shoes because they have the Hermes symbol.

You claim that Percy IS real and lives in New York no matter how much your friends argue with you.

You have dreams about PJO characters/events

You carry a ballpoint pen in your pocket.

That everytime you pick up a pen, you think it'll turn into a sword.

In the beginning of your first History class, you burst out "Will we be studying Greek mythology?!"

You pretend (or actually) faint when someone asks "Who's Percy?"

When someone mentions the name Percy (like Percy Weasley) you scream "JACKSON!"

You are known to scream names of the characters at random times.

You've got any copy of any book in all your backpacks/binders incase of emergencies .

You make a list of characters never to anger, like this one and why:

Thalia- Want her for your friend, hate her for your enemy. also shes a hunter, her aim with an arrow is very accurate...

Athena- She scares Percy more than Zeus. Also, she cannot be distracted and her plans always work.

Hades- Um, this one is rather obvious- also you might not be buried with a rdachma in your pocket.

Hermes- Cutting off your internet access would be slow and painful torture. Also I blame the economy crisis on Luke's stealing federal funds.

Aphrodite- She's preoccupied with Percabeth and trust me I dont want to waste her time!

You write fanfiction constantly, even when you're not at your computer. You give all your siblings god parents.

You call the "Ares kids", or school bullies, Martians.

You quiz fellow fans on the minor gods and win.

You spend time doing pointless research at , just because Rick Riordan linked it on his site.

You still think Thuke could happen.

You plan several statements to avoid Apollo's lines and remember he's a player, should he ever hit on you, and several ways to get out of being cursed.

You imagine the gods alone, and what they really do on the Superbowl.

Your mother thinks you need to get a boyfriend, as does your father to cure your obsession.

You read page 203 of BotL over and over again or say the lines in your head

You know exactly what someone means when they say LT, SoM, TC, BotL, tLO PJO and use it in conversations.

You find yourself saying things like "Oh my gods!" and "What the Hades?"

When your boyfriend dumps you, you take the oath of the hunters

you go to the empire state building and ask for the 600th floor.when the dude at the desk looks at you wierd,you announce that your a demigod.

you put in grey contacts and pretend that you are Annabeth

you curse out the gods when something bad happens.

you swear that Percy is real and lives in new york no matter how much you friends say it isnt true.

you watch the show and read the book every chance you get.

you claim that you are a demigod and need to go to camp in new york.

you go to new york and ask for a man named chiron and that you need to go with him.

you look for a latin teacher that is in a wheelchair and loves to throw greek field days.

you try to find rachel and ask her for a prophecy.

everytime a major water storm or earthquake happens you scream at Poseidon

everytime somthing or someone dies that you are close to, you blame hades.

you talk about them nonstop.

You’re in a running/swimming race and you’re praying and sacrificing to Hermes/Poseidon.

You think that your favorite singer is a child of Apollo.

Someone close to you dies and you give them money just in case…

You’re on a boat and you pray that Poseidon is in a good mood.

You’re in the air (hang-gliding, cliff-diving, bungee jumping, flying, in a plane, etc.) and you hope Zeus is in a good mood and won’t blast you out of the air.

You go to Aunty Em’s and say you’re camera shy.

You find your true love and thank Aphrodite for sending him/her to you.

You think George Bush is a son of Ares

You know Muse is the best singers. Get it, the Nine Muses?? x)

Bring a blue plastic hairbrush with you everywhere.

When it gets really cold randomly, blame Kronos.

You get really mad at Hades when a family member dies

Everytime you play dodgeball, you bring a suit of armor.

You go to San Fransisco looking for the Old Sea Man.

Whenever your internet slows down, you yell at the sky and say "HERMES! WHY DO YOU LOVE ANNOYING ME?!"

You pray to Athena when you don’t study for a math test.

And when you flunk said test, you blame her irritation on Percabeth.

You write fanfiction constantly, even when you're not at your computer.

You want Hephaestus to fix your iPod when it breaks.

When someone gets married, you say: "I hope you shall not anger Hera"

You cried when you finished TLO

You eat, sleep, and breath Percabeth

Every school book you own has PJO stuff scribbled on each page

You're in love with a fictional character

You and your BFF call yourselves geeks because you sit around and talk about PJO

You own homemade replicas of things from the PJO series

You dream of going to Camp Half-Blood

If you want to push Rachel Elizabeth Dare off a cliff

You buy everything you see with an owl or trident on it.

You yell “Burrito Fight!” whenever you’re in a Mexican restaurant.

You checked to make sure your vice-principal doesn’t have a tail.

You know which pages the good parts are on.

You start hearing Percabeth in every song you hear.

You started calling your dog Mrs. O’Leary.

You start figuring out who your godly parent is.

You never looked at a ballpoint pen the same way again.

You have a plan to get out of school early on May 5th so you can buy The Last Olympian, read it, and still have time to do your homework.

You ask the cashier at the store if they stock Mythomagic cards.

You start doing pro/con lists in your head. During Math. When you’re supposed to be taking notes.

You start spelling character names out of your spelling words.

You start loving blue plastic hairbrushes and anyone who wields them.

Each day you check every fan site you know of for new information.

You try to figure out how much food dye you need to turn chocolate chip cookies blue.

You make references to it in school reports and/or to friends that haven’t read it.

The first thing you ask someone when you meet them is, “Have you read PJO?”

On your trip to Washington D.C. you thought of Annabeth every time you saw a monument.

You yell “Mizzenmast!” whenever you enter a boat.

You have one (Or more) pictures relating to PJO in your room

You know PJO better then most sane people

You have links to every great PJO site

You add things to the list every day

You know what you would do if you were Percy

You argue with your friends about if Nico should turn evil or not

At least half of your friends have read all the PJO, or are going to in the very near future

You wish you could find a rainbow to see if Iris messages work

For April Fools, you put a piece of paper over a card/cards and told your friends that they were Myth-O-Magic cards and they understood

Your friends all have a godly parent, and so do you, and your family, and your extended family, and your far, far, far away cuzs'

You are trying to learn Greek

You keep thinking about one of the PJO books when you go on a trip.

Every language you know is some form of Ancient greek.

You shriek everytime you see a guy with black hair and green eyes

You have an instant crush on Nico!

You just have to research more about greek mythology

You call up the Camp Half Blood number in LT.

You want to learn Latin

You copy/paste this onto your profile

About 75-100 of your fics are PJO related, even if it is a cross over

You have taken every test you can find about what demigodly parent you would/do/should have, and your friends have as well or are going to

You make sure all of your friends (Or most of them), have an idea about what you say when talking about PJO

Your friends (At least one), think you are obbsessed with PJO, and you agree

A friend (or more), think you should start taking pills and/or going to a mental doctor, because you are so obsessed

You have something on your school things (Or home things), that says 'Daughter (Or son if you're a guy) of God/goddess', and you don't even try to hide it, even if it says daughter of Name of unliked god/goddess

You’re nodding and smiling when you read this

You have done at least 15 (Or more) of the above things. (27 or close to that accualy)

Camp Half-Blood pledge

I promise to remember Percy Whenever I'm at sea.

I promise to remember Annabeth When a spider comes at me.

I promise to protect nature For Grover's sake of course.

I promise to remember Luke When my heart fills with remorse.

I promise to remember Chiron When a sign says, ''Free pony ride.''

I promise to remember Tyson When friend stays by my side.

I promise to remember Thalia When someone is scared of heights.

I promise to remember Clarisse When someone gives me fright.

I promise to remember Bianca When I scold my younger brother.

I promise to remember Nico When someone doesn't get along with others.

I promise to remember Zoe Whenever I watch the stars.

I promise to remember Rachel When a limo passes by my car.

I promise to remember The Stolls whenever my home is beginning to unsettle

I promise to remember Beckendorf whenever I see someone working metal

I promise to remember Silena whenever a friend takes one for the team

I promise to remember Micheal Yew whenever I see a smile that gleams

I promise to remember Briares whenever I see someone playing hand games

I promise to remember those lost in the Battle of the Labyrinth whenever I see a cloth in flames

I promise to remember those campers who fought against Kronos whenever I see someone going against the odds.

Yes, I promise to remember PJO Wherever I may go.

Swear on the River Styx!!!!

PJO „ºø„„øº„øº ºø


copy and paste „øº IS AWESOME!!! ºø„

if you love „øº„øººø„ºø„

percy jackson copy and paste this

Favorite PJO Random Moment?

Grover: The dam snack bar?

Zoe: Yes. What is wrong.

Grover: Nothing. I could use some dam french fries.

Thalia: And I need to use the dam restroom

Zoe: I do not understand.

Grover: I need to use the dam water fountain.

Thalia: And...I want to buy a dam T-shirt!

Percy: Laugh.

All exept Zoe: laugh

Things I am not allowed to do at Hogwarts:

1) I will not, under any circumstances, ask Harry Potter who died and made him boss

2) Professor Flitwick's first name is not Yoda

3) I will not give Hagrid Pokémon cards and convince him they're real animals

4) I will not sing the Badger Song during Hufflepuff-Slytherin Quidditch matches

5) When Death Eaters are attacking Hogsmeade, I shall not point at the Dark Mark and shout "To the Batmoblie, Robin!"

6) Any resemblance between Dementors and Nazgul is simply coincidental

7) I will not refer to the Weasley Twins as "bookends"

8) I will not scare the Arithmancy students with my Calculus book.

9) I will not hold my wand in the air before I casting spells shouting "I got the power!"

10) I am not allowed to paint the house elves blue and call them smurfs.

11) I will not slip Malfoy a Love Potion in his morning goblet of Pumpkin Juice.

12) Should I chance to see a Death Eater wearing a white mask, I should not start singing anything from The Phantom of the Opera.

13) I will not call Dumbledore "Santa Claus!" during the Christmas Holidays.

14) I will not put Muggle fairy book in the History section at the library.

15) I will not send Snape a bottle of shampoo for Christmas.

16) I am not allowed to tell Hufflepuffs there is no Santa Clause.

17) I am not allowed to refer to myself as the New Dark Lord.

18) I am not allowed to sneak into Professor Snape's private chambers to watch him sing I Will Survive in the mirror, as it is disturbing.

19) I am not allowed to steal Professor Flitwicks wand, hold it over my head and laugh as he tries to reach it.

20)I will not replace Madam Pomfrey's Skele-Gro with pumpkin juice.

21) I will not replace Professor Snape's pumpkin juice with Skele-Gro.

22) I will not impersonate the Swedish Chef in Potions class.

23) The next time that I see Rita Skeeter, I am not to threaten her with a can of Raid.

24.) I will not subvert the lock on the fourth-floor girls' bathroom and sell its location to first-years as "The Chamber of Secrets".

25) When applying for a post at the Ministry of Magic after graduation, I should not cite "Fred and George Weasley" as my greatest influence at Hogwarts.

26) Putting down "Lord Voldemort" is probably not best either.

27) A Muggle "vacuum cleaner" is not acceptable Quidditch equipment, even if it has been enchanted to fly.

28) Hogsmeade village is not "a wretched hive of scum and villainy. “

29) I will not tell Professor Trelawney that I prophesied her death.

30) I will also not tell Professor Trelawney that I had a vision of her killing the Dark Lord.

40.) Sending rings to the nine senior faculty at Yuletide, with the return address "Voldemort", is not funny.

41) Insisting that the school acquire computers and network the buildings is a pointless request as they claim that a quill and parchment is sufficient.

42) Calling the Ghostbusters is a cruel joke to play on the resident ghosts and poltergeists.

43) I may not have a private army.

44) I must not substitute chocolate-flavoured laxative for Professor Lupin's prescription-strength chocolate.

45) Nor am I to in any way substitute, alter, hide, or otherwise tamper with Professor Dumbledore's candy.

46) I am not the wicked witch of the west.

47) -I will not refer to Professor Umbridge as such either.

48) I will not melt if water is poured over me.

49) -Neither will Professor Umbridge.

50) I shouldn't use Photoshop to create incriminating photos of my house prefects or tutors.

51) I will not enchant the Golden Snitch to fly up the nearest fan's nose.

52) I do not know the Avada Kedavra curse, and pretending I do to people who annoy me is not funny, no matter how much they injure themselves diving for cover.

53) I will not test my Potions assignments by spiking Snape's drink with them.

54) - Especially not all of them at once.

55) I will not try to hock off my old piercings as "priceless Muggle artifacts."

56) I will not claim my X-Files tapes are "Auror Training Videos."

57) Professor Snape definitely does not have pointed ears, and under no circumstances is he to be addressed as 'Spock'.

58) I am not able to see the Grim Reaper, nor am I to claim that he is standing by the Headmaster, tapping an hourglass and looking at him impatiently. Or, for that matter, Harry Potter.

59) When being interrogated by a member of staff, I am not to wave my hand and announce 'These are not the droids you are looking for'.

60) Thestrals do not resemble the Muggle toys known as 'My Little Pony'.

61) The four Houses are not the Morons, the Borons, the Smarts and the Junior Death Eaters.

62) Despite my personal beliefs, Quidditch would not be improved by the introduction of Muggle firearms.

63) Though they are doubtless more athletic, battle-axes are not acceptable either.

64) I will not claim there is a prequel to Hogwarts, A History that explains about Bilbo Baggins.

65) I will not use the Marauder's Map for stalking purposes.

66) I am not allowed to introduce Peeves to paintballing.

67) I am not allowed to ask Professor Dumbledore if the size of his beard is 'compensating for something'.

68) I will not create a betting pool that Voldemort is Harry Potter's father.

69) Headmaster Dumbledore is of no relation to Willy Wonka.

70) Professor Snape's proper given name is not Princess Silvermoon Fairywing GlimmerMcSparkles.

71) Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are not the magical equivalent of "Batman and Robin".

72) I will not play the Imperial March theme for Professor Snape.

73) However, when Lucius Malfoy visits, I may play it.

74) If I insist on carrying out my plans of producing "Riddle-de-dee: The Voldemort Musical", I will do so under a nom-de-plume.

75) I will not attempt to recruit the title character to play himself. Even if he looks good in tap shoes.

76) I should not refer to Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle collectively as "Team Rocket" either.

77) I am not allowed to discuss my theory that Voldemort is actually the second cousin of Sauron.

78) I am not a 'ninja sent here by Lord Voldemort to destroy Harry Potter' and should stop shouting this at meal times.

79) It’s not tasteful to approach Cho wearing a shirt that says "All The Good Looking Ones Die Young" with a picture of Cedric Diggory on it.

80) I will not yell "Hey look! It’s Lord Voldemort!" at Hogsmeade

81) I will not tease Voldemort about the time he needed his pink flowery teddy bear to comfort him when he had that bad, bad nightmare about Harry

82) I will not charm a poster of Britney Spears on Draco's wall

83) I am not allowed to begin each Herbology class by singing the theme song to “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.”

84) I will not call Professor McGonagall “McGoogles”.

85) I will not sing the entire Multiplication Rocks series during Arithmancy exams.

86) There is no such thing as the chamber of Double Secret Probation.

87) My name is not “the Dark Lord Happy-Pants” I am not allowed to sign my papers as such.

88) Bringing fortune cookies to divination class does not count for extra credit.

89) I will not douse Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak with lemon juice to see if he will become visible while wearing it and standing by the fire in the common room.

90) I will not tell first years they should build a tree house in the Whomping Willow.

91) I will not teach the house elves to impersonate Jar Jar Binks.

92) I will not give Gryffindors pixie sticks.

93) I am not allowed to refer to Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot, and Justin Finch-Fletchley as Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles.

94) A time turner is not a flux capacitator I should therefore not try to install it in a Muggle car.

95) I shall not refer to DADA professors as canaries in a coal mine.

96) When fighting Death Eaters in the annual June good vs. evil fight I will not lift my wand skyward and shout “There can only be ONE”.

97) A wand is for magic only, it is not for picking noses, playing snooker, or playing drums no matter how bored I become.

98) It is generally accepted that cats and dragons cannot interbreed and I should not attempt to disprove this theory no matter how wicked the results would be.

99) 42 is not the answer to every question on the O.W.L.S.

100) I am allowed to have a cat, rat, toad, or an owl. I am not allowed to have reticulated python, snow leopard, Tasmanian devil, or piranha.

101) No matter how good an Australian accent I can do I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class.

102) I will not refer to the Defense against the Dark arts professor as Kenny, even if he is wearing an orange anorak.

103) Dumbledore is not Gandalf, and the Triforce is not hidden in Hogwarts.

104) Do not confuse Aragorn, Eragon and Aragog. Ever.

105) I may not introduce Nagini to Indiana Jones.

106) Challenging Ron to a slug-eating contest is just mean.

107) Under no circumstances am I allowed to refer to Voldemort as "Baldy".

108) Even if he is.

109) I am not allowed to tell the first years to have a staring contest with the Basilisk.

110) I am prohibited from sprinkling glitter on Draco Malfoy, dying his hair, and call him Edward.

111) I am not allowed sell Mrs. O'Leary to Hagrid.

112) I will not give Professor Lupin a collar as a Christmas or birthday present.

113) Saying "I think I 'taw a puddytat!" every time I see Professor McGonagall is most certainly NOT allowed.

114) Offering Voldemort a colonial-era powdered wig (complete with ponytail) will not amuse him and I am not allowed to do so, even if he needs a new hair do.

115) I am not allowed to paint the school neon pink as the only person it will amuse is Professor Umbridge.

116) I must not introduce Voldemort to a psychiatrist as it is likely to result in him having a temper tantrum.

117) I am not allowed to introduce the Cullens to Professor Lupin.

118) I am not allowed to tease Professor Lupin about his 'time of the month'.

119) I shall not play match-maker for Voldemort on Valentine's Day because it will only make him cry when no one will go out with him because of his lack of hair.

120) I am not allowed to be a match-maker for Shelob and Aragog either.

121) I will not arrange a battle to the death between nine Hungarian Horntails and the Nazgul.

122) I will not scream, "HIS NAME IS EDWARD!" any time I hear the words Cedric Diggory.

123) I will not ask the centaurs if they know where Chiron is because I have found a demigod.

124) I will not shout at dinner times that Darth Sideous is Voldemort's uncle, even if they do look alike.

125) I shall not try to persuade everyone that Percy Weasley's true name is Percy Jackson and he slays monsters with a pen for a living.

126) I will not sing 'I'm a Survivour' after the Battle of Hogwarts.

127) No matter how fun it looks, I will not stand on a table and do the Macarena at the Yule Ball.

128) Professor Lupin is not the magical equivlant of Wolverine and I am not allowed to address him as such.

129) Even if I'm bored, I am not allowed to ask Snape what is the mysterious ticking noise.

130) I will not dye Harry's hair pink or give him brown contacts, just because I am sick of black-haired, green-eyed heroes.

131) Whether they owe me money or not, I am not allowed to sneak into Fred and George's dorm at the dead of night to die their hair blond, spike it unreasonably high, then call them John and Edward in the morning.

132) I will not send Voldemort white robes for Christmas and claim he changed his name to, "Voldy the White."

133) And when he wears them, I am not allowed to run around Hogsmeade screaming, "Ahhh! It's an albino dementor!"

134) It is not tasteful to send Professor McGonagall a scratching post for Christmas.

135) Bringing a magic eight ball to Divination class will only get Professor Trelawney annoyed at your, "Lack of Inner Eye."

136) To which I am not allowed to reply.

137) I will not refer to the Accio charm as 'The Force'.

138) Nor am I allowed to have lightsaber fights with my wand and make whoosing noises.

139) "Because they both need to wash their hair," is not proof Professor Snape and Aragorn are related.

140) There is also no proof that Gimli and Flitwick are related and I am stop asking Flitwick if he's been swimming with any hairy women lately.

141) Singing 'Hungry Like The Wolf' in Professor Lupin's class is not a way to get extra credit.

142) I am not allowed to write on the wall in the Gryffindor Common Room, "I know where you live" or "I stole all your underwear!"

143) I am not allowed to replace the Bludgers with peas, tomatoes, plums or anything that is not a Bludger.

144) Portable swamps are not funny.

145) And I will not set off the above in Snape's sleeping quarters.

146) Or in the Slytherin's bathrooms.

147) In fact, I am not allowed to even buy portable swamps.

148) Harry Potter is not a Son of Poseidon and saying this everytime I see him will only result in him filing a restraining order against me.

149) My patronus is not a Nazgul.

150) Neither is my animagus form.

151) "To conquer the earth with an army of flying monkeys" is not an appropriate career choice.

152) It still is not appropiate, even if I have subsituted the flying monkeys with gummy bears.

153) I will not levitate everywhere in a big pink bubble.

154) My professors have neither the time, nor the inclination to hear about what I did with six boxes of Sugar Quills.

155) No part of the school uniform is edible.

156) Nor am I allowed to make any part of the school uniform edible.

157) I will not try to take house points from the first years for "being too @#!*% short".

158) Especially as I am in no position of authority and Dumbledore would have to be heavily drugged before he would ever make me a prefect.

159) I am not allowed to wear singing holiday-themed ties and claim that they are officially part of my uniform. Especially not during June.

160) Luna Lovegood does not have pointed ears, nor is she to be addressed as 'Galadriel'.

161) Lucius Malfoy also does not have pointed ears, nor is he to be addressed as 'Haldir'.

162) I am not the reincarnation of Merlin.

163)I am not allowed to Accio the clothing of any person while they are wearing it.

164) I am to attend astronomy class and should stop yelling that aliens will abduct me if I do.

165) Hogwarts does not require a karaoke machine.

166) No matter how much I would enjoy watching Harry sing, "Saturday Night."

167) "Defying my will" is not a crime worthy of life in Azkaban, and I should not tell that to the first-years.

168) I will not speak to Professor Snape with a Transylvanian accent.

169) Nor am I to ask if he is Carlisle Cullen's evil, unfortunate-looking twin.

170) I will not start a rumor saying that Professor Snape sings "I'm too sexy for my robes" while showering. Or for that matter doing any other activity.

171) Enchanting the Sorting Hat to sort new students into the House of Martok, or any other Klingon house is forbidden.

172) Voldemort does not wish to appear as the 'before' for a line of cosmetics. And no, he does not care how much money I make from it.

173) The Slytherin prefect is named Draco Malfoy, not "Rocky Horror".

174) Transfiguring Draco Malfoy's uniform into a gold thong is also inappropriate.

175) I will not attempt to determine whether Malfoy is a natural blond.

176) I will not sprend rumors that Legolas Greenleaf is his second cousin either.

177) Luna Lovegood is NOT always on "physicidelic mushrooms" and I should stop implying that she is.

178) The same goes for Professor Trelawney.

179) I will not get a tattoo of a smiley face on my arm and claim that it is the new Dark Mark.

180) When signing to all of these rules, I am not allowed to write in red ink and say that the Cullens lent me some grizzly bear blood.

181) I will not set my robes on fire to get out of potions.

182) I should not be a sports' commentator for Ron and Hermione's arguments.

183) Hogwarts does not need a "This many days since Harry has almost died," sign.

For the people who like Harry Potter...

The awkward moment where you're standing in the middle of an arena, hundreds of people staring at you, and a dragon is chasing you, and you're waiting for your Firebolt to come from Hogwarts.

18 Annoying Things To Do at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that will draw attention to yourself and perhaps get you kicked out.

1. Go to Ollivanders and grab a "Harry Potter" wand, flick it out, and yell in a british accent "EXPELLIARMUS! TAKE THAT, VOLDEMORT!"

2. Go to a place that sells Butterbeer, buy one, place a straw in it, and then yell, "Hey! It didn't explode!" then go up to a worker and complain that your Butterbeer isn't working.

3. Go to Zonko's and ask if the toys actually work like they do in the movies. And when they say no, scream, "YOU LIE!!!"

4. Go to Honeydukes and buy the "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans". Then open the box, read the flavor menu, go to the nearest worker, and complain, "Hey! This isn't "Every flavor!" and ignore the person when they try to explain that they can't make every flavor.

5. Go on "Flight of the Hippogriff", do your best impression of Hagrid, and talk to your roller coaster.

6. Go on "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" and scream every time you see a dementor, and yell, "Expecto Patronum!"

7. Go to Dervish and Banges, take a broomstick from the barrel, take a box that contains a Snitch, zoom around the store, yelling, "I caught the Snitch! I caught the Snitch!" and if anyone tells you to stop, point at them and scream, "You have no respect for Quidditch!"

8. Go to Ollivanders and take one of every character wand off the shelf, take it out of the box, and scream that character's signature spell ("Expelliarmus" for Harry Potter, "Crucio" for Bellatrix Lestrange", "Avada Kedrava for Voldemort, etc)

9. Go up to a worker at the wand shop and ask if there is a spell for making Unicorns appear. If they say no, sob and run away.

10. Buy a wand, snap it in half, look inside, and begin to cry. "THIS WAND IS DEFECTIVE. THERE ISN'T ANYTHING INSIDE IT!!!" then stomp up to a worker and demand for a refund.

11. While waiting in line for "Harry Potter in the Forbidden Journey", look around, find the glass tubes where the House Cup points are, and then scream, "GRYFFINDOR IS WINNING! THEY ARE A FAVORITE TO WIN THE HOUSE CUP!!!"

12. Act like Percy Weasley, and walk down the line of the ride I just talked about, and explain what everything is. And if somebody asks you what you're doing, put your hands on your hips and say, "Don't question me! I am simply showing first years around. FIFTY GAZILLION POINTS FROM SLYTHERIN!!!"

13. When you exit "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" walk around "Filch's Emporium of Confiscated Goods", and when you find stuffed animals, find one of Scabbers and then act terrified and scream, "THAT RAT CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!"

14. Then find a plush of Hedwig. Stroke her feathers and say, "Who's a pretty owl?"

15. Go to the Hogwarts Express and then yell, "All aboard!"

16. Go find something that hasn't been paid for, bring it up to a cashier and ask, "How many Galleons is this?" and if they respond by giving you the price in normal currency, put your hands on your hips and say, "Since when was money the same for wizards and Muggles?"

17. Go around humming the Harry Potter theme song.

18. Run around the area screaming spoilers for each book and movie

Funny XD-worthy labels and warnings

On Sears hairdryer: Do not use while sleeping. (Gee, that's the only time I have to work on my hair!)

On a package of pasta after the cooking insturctions: "Put on fork and eat." (No! Really? We're supposed to eat food?!)

On a bag of Fritos: You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside. (The shoplifter special!)

On a bar of Dial soap: Directions: Use like regular soap. (and that would be how?)

On some Swann frozen dinners: Serving suggestion: Defrost. (But it's just a suggestion!)

On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert: (printed on bottom of the box) Do not turn upside down. (Too late! you lose!)

On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: Product will be hot after heating. (Are you sure? Let's experiment.)

On packaging for a Rowenta iron: Do not iron clothes on body. (But wouldn't that save more time?)

On Boot's Children's cough medicine: Do not drive car or operate machinery. (We could do a lot to reduce the construction accidents if we just kept those 5 year olds with colds off those fork lifts.)

On Nytol sleep aid: Warning: may cause drowsiness. (One would hope!)

On artificial bacon: "Real artificial bacon bits". (So we don't get fake fake bacon. Oh no we get real fake bacon.)

On a Korean kitchen knife: Warning: keep out of children. (hmm..something must have gotten lost in the translation..)

On a string of Christmas lights: For indoor or outdoor use only. (As opposed to use in outer space.)

On a food processor: Not to be used for the other use. (Now I'm curious.)

On Sainsbury's peanuts: Warning: contains nuts. (but no peas?)

On an American Airlines packet of nuts: Instructions: open packet, eat nuts. (somebody got paid big bucks to write this one..)

On a Swedish chainsaw: Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands. (Raise your hand if you've tried this.)

On a child's Superman costume: Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly. (Oh go ahead! That's right, destroy a universal childhood belief.)

-Pick the month you were born in-

January I killed

February I smelled

March I ran naked with

April I jumped

May I ate

June I shot

July I danced with

August I loved

September I kissed

October I robbed

November I slapped X

December I stabbed

-Pick the day you were born on-

1 A banana

2 A homeless guy

3 A house X

4 A mop

5 Barney the dinosaur

6 A sock

7 A stripper

8 My lover

9 My teacher

10 An iPod

11 A movie star

12 A phone

13 An angel

14 A drunk guy

15 A crack head

16 A pillow

17 A cat

18 A teletubby

19 A hobo

20 Paris Hilton

21 A dog

22 A bird

23 Elmo

24 A rock star

25 My toothbrush

26 A glass of milk

27 The kool-aid man

28 A French fry

29 A lesbian

30 An emo

31 A snowman

-Pick the color of the shirt you wearing-

White Because a hobo stole my taco.

Black Because the voices told me to.

Pink Because I wanted to.

Red Because I’m bringing sexy back!

Brown because I’m on crack.

Polka dots Because insanity is fun!

Purple cuz I’m gangsta my home skillett and biscutz.

Gray because I’m cool like dat

Green Because big bird told me to.

Orange Because I know kung-fu.

Maroon because I’m a good girl.

Turquoise Because I was chasing the leprechaun.

Blue Because that’s how I roll!

Tye dye because I’m a freaking scuba diver you got a problem with that? Didn’t think so! X

Yellow Because the hippies kidnapped me in the middle of the night.

None Because The aliens did experiments on me



You love hoodies. You love jeans. Dogs are better than cats.

It's hilarious when people get hurt. (Only sometimes when it's minor, not when it's serious)

You've played with/against boys on a team.

Shopping is torture.

Sad movies suck.

You own/ed an X-Box.

Played with Hotwheel cars as a kid.

At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.

You own/ed a DS, PS2 or Sega. You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers. You watch sports on TV.

Gory movies are cool. You go to your dad for advice. You own like a trillion baseball caps. You like going to high school football games. You used to/do collect football/baseball cards. Baggy pants are cool to wear.

It's kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people. Green, black, red, blue or silver are one of your favourite colours. You love to go crazy and not care what people think.

Sports are fun. Talk with food in your mouth.

Sleep with your socks on at night.

TOTAL: 12/25


You wear lip gloss/stick.

You love skirts. Cats are better than dogs. You love to shop. You wear eyeliner. You wear the colour pink.

Go to your mom for advice. Pink, yellow, orange, purple or gold is one of your favorite colors. You hate wearing the colour black. You like hanging out at the shopping centre. You like getting manicures and/or pedicures. You like wearing jewelery.

Shopping is one of your favourite hobbies. You don't like the movie Star Wars.

You were in gymnastics/dance.

It takes you around/more than one hour to shower, get dressed and make-up.

You smile a lot more than you should. You have more than 10 pairs of shoes. You care about what you look like. You like wearing dresses when you can. You like wearing perfume. You love the movies. You used to play with dolls as a little kid. Like being the star of everything. You worship fashion magazines.

TOTAL 3/25

7 reasons not to mess with kids

Reason 1 A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small. The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible. The little girl said, “When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah.” The teacher asked, ” What if Jonah went to hell?” The little girl replied, “Then you ask him”.

Reason 2 A Kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk around to see each child’s work. As she got to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was. The girl replied, “I’m drawing God.” The teacher paused and said, “But no one knows what God looks like.” Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing, the girl replied, “They will in a minute.”

Reason 3 A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year old. After explaining the commandment to “honor” thy Father and thy Mother, she asked, “Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?” Without missing a beat one little boy (the oldest of the family) answered, “Thou shall not kill.”

Reason 4 One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do the dishes at the kitchen sink. She suddenly noticed that her mother had several strands of white hair sticking out in contrast on her brunette head. She looked at her mother and inquisitively asked, “Why are some of your hairs white, Mom?” Her mother replied, “Well, every time that you do something wrong and make me cry or unhappy, one of my hairs turns white.” The little girl thought about this revelation for a while and then said, “Momma, how come ALL of grandma’s hairs are white?”

Reason 5 The children had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture. “Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you are all grown up and say, ‘There’s Jennifer, she’s a lawyer,’ or ‘That’s Michael, he’s a doctor.’ A small voice at the back of the room rang out,”And there’s the teacher, she’s dead. ”

Reason 6 A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of the blood. Trying to make the matter clearer, she said, “Now, class, if I stood on my head, the blood, as you know, would run into it, and I would turn red in the face..” “Yes,” the class said. “Then why is it that while I am standing upright in the ordinary position the blood doesn’t run into my feet?” A little fellow shouted, “Cause your feet ain’t empty.”

Reason 7 The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray: “Take only ONE. God is watching.” Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note, “Take all you want - God is watching the apples.

When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade! When life gives you mayonnaise... throw it back and say, "BITCH!! I ASKED FOR LEMONS!!" When life gives you lemons throw them back and demand vodka. When life gives you vodka, call all of your friends for a party. When life gives you lemons ,it wants you to make lemonade. When life gives you apples, its trying to scare your doctor away. When life gives you lemons, call him a pervert and ask if he reads fanfiction. When life gives you oranges, ask what is with his obsession with citruses. When life gives you lemons, it wants you to make lemonade. When life gives you oranges, it wants you to make orange juice. When life gives you apples, it want you to make apple juice. And when life gives you grapes, it wants you to get drunk. When life throws you lemons and it hits you in the eye, tell everyone you know "life is a bitch" When life chucks lemons at you and hit hits you where it really hurts, squish the lemons and tell everyone, "life hurts you where it hurts you most" When life gives you lemons, cut them up and squeeze it in your water and plant the leftovers seeds. It will grow into a tree eventually! When life gives you lemons, squirt lemon juice in some ones eyes. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives me lemons, I squirt lemon juice in life’s eyes. When life gives you lemons you make grape juice , then sit back and let the world wonder how in the seven hells you did it. When life gives you lemons, thank them and make some lemonade. When life gives me lemons, I throw them back and say, "I'm not hungry." When life gives you lemons, ask him, "What is up with you and giving people fruit???"

OKAY!! Who is this LIFE and why is he throwing stuff at People? It probably Hurts!! Of course it does!

What to do at wally-world

1. Get 24 boxes of cookies and randomly put them in people's carts when they aren't looking.

2. Set all the alarm clocks in Electronics to go off at 5-minute intervals.

3. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the rest rooms.

4. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone, " 'Code 3' in housewares"... and see what happens.

5. Go the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on lay away.

6. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

7. Set up a tent in the camping department and tell other shoppers you'll invite them in if they'll bring pillows from the bedding department.

8. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask, "Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

9. Look right into the security camera & use it as a mirror, and pick your nose.

10. While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti - depressants are.

11. Dart around the store suspiciously loudly humming the "Mission Impossible" theme.

12. In the auto department, practice your "Madonna look" using different size funnels.

13. Hide in a clothing rack and when people browse through, say "PICK ME!" "PICK ME!"

14. When an announcement comes over the loud speaker, assume the fetal position and scream... "NO! NO! It's those voices again!"

15. Go into a fitting room and shut the door and wait a while and then yell, very loudly, "There is no toilet paper in here!

16. Get several bouncy balls and throw them down an aisle shouting "pikachu, I choose you!"

17. Throw skittles at people and yell, "Taste the rainbow!'

18. Go the toy section, get a light-saber and start challenging people to a jedi match.

19. Stand by the fruit section and whenever someone is browsing whisper "I heard someone died eating those"

20. Go to the furniture section, find a wardrobe and put a sign on it that says "CAUTION: PORTAL TO NARNIA"

21. Buy some Cristmas sticker decorations, go out into the parking lot, and stick them to any blue Toyota Priests you see.


You talk to yourself a lot. (A lot meaning every single second of the day.)

You talk to yourself about talking to yourself. (ie 'Why do I constantly ask my self random things?')

When you talk to yourself you often talk to yourself like you're talking to someone else. (ie 'Think about it. Therapist. The/rapist. Oh my freaking god. Never again.')

After uttering a profound piece of wisdom like that above, you stare at the cookie in your hand with awe and say, "Wow,this stuff is great for sugar highs...'

You live off of sugar and caffeine (The two greatest things ever discovered!)

You'll check your e-mail every day of the week and then disappear off the face of the earth. (I've made countless posts with something related to an apology for inactivity)

You're e-mails tend to be pages long and incredibly random. (read below)

When replying to an e-mail, you'll never actually address the point of it. (Blah blah blah FISHCAKES!!! blah blah blah I'M A LIAR!!!)

You tend to collect Bic Sticks off the ground like picking pennies off the ground. (and pieces of paper and pencils and chips and plastic and twist ties and...)

You argue with your own OCs. (Jack thinks I need to take a bath)

Some characters interact with you. (apparently Mike wants to marry me and I just had a girl fight with Rarity)

You argue with the charaters.

No matter where you are in a room you never have to get up to find a pen/pencil and paper.

The letters on your keyboard are wearing off. (two are missing already, but I can still use them! Yayz! and another button that I have no idea what it does are missing.)

Your friends and family think that you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

People think you have A.D.D. (correction, I do have AD-OH LOOK A SQUIRREL!!!!!!!)

You think it'd be cool to have A.D.D. (read above)

You constantly start talking in third person, present or past tense.

You start thinking about making lists like this and start giggling for no "apparent" reason

Your friends stopped looking at you funny for no apparent reason a loooooong time ago. (true, very true.)

And FINALLY, the one way to tell if you're a good writer: You failed English 101

37 Things to do in an Elevator

1. Crack open your briefcase or handbag, peer inside and ask "Got enough air in there?"

2. Stand silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off.

3. When arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act as if you're embarrassed when they open themselves.

4. Greet everyone with a arm handshake and ask him or her to call you Admiral.

5. Meow occasionally.

6. Stare at another passenger for a while. Then announce in horror: "You're one of THEM!" - and back away slowly.

7. Say "DING!" at each floor.

8. Say "I wonder what all these do?" and push all the red buttons.

9. Make explosion noises when anyone presses a button.

10. Stare grinning at another passenger for a while, then announce: "I have new socks on."

11. When the elevator is silent, look around and ask: "Is that your beeper?"

12. Try to make personal calls on the emergency phone.

13. Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers: "This is my personal space."

14. When there's only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder, then pretend it wasn't you.

15. As you are coming to the end of the journey, get emotional and have a group hug. Tell them that you will never forget them.

16. Ask if you can push the button for other people but push the wrong ones.

17. Hold the doors open and say you're waiting for your friend. After a while, let the doors close and say "Hi Greg, How's your day been?"

18. Drop a pen and wait until someone reaches to help pick it up, then scream: "That's mine!"

19. Bring a camera and take pictures of everyone in the lift.

20. Pretend you're a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and exits with the passengers.

21. Swat at flies that don't exist.

22. Call out "Group hug!" then enforce it.

23. Make car race noises when someone gets on or off.

24. Congratulate all for being in the same lift with you.

25. Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering: "Shut up, all of you just shut UP!"

26. Walk on with a cooler that says "human head" on the side.

27. While the doors are opening, hurriedly whisper, "Hide it...quick!" then whistle innocently.

28. Let your cell phone ring - don't answer it.

29. Walk into the lift and say "This reminds me of being buried alive. Ah, those were the days..."

30. Take shoes off before entering. Then look shocked and disgusted when the others don't.

31. Ask people which floor they want, say in 'Who want to be a millionaire' style is that your final answer.

32. Also in your bellboy act, ask what floor they want. Whatever they say, give them a glare and say "you should be ashamed of yourself!", and leave the lift tutting.

33. Ask, "Did you feel that?"

34. Tell people that you can see their aura.

35. When the doors close, announce to the others, "It's okay. Don't panic, they open up again."

36. Announce in a demonic voice: "I must find a more suitable host body."

37. Dress up in a long, black cloak with a hood, stare and in a deep voice announce "It is time..."

When it rains on my party, I bust out the slip n' slide.

I don't obsess! I think intensely.

You call me crazy. I've been called worse by the voices in my head.

You call me crazy like its the ultimate insult but I just stare at you blankly and say "So?"

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

Less than 1% of female teenagers don't use make-up. Are you one of those who don't? BE PROUD AND GLUE THIS THING IN YOUR PROFILE!

If you love writing, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you know sugar is the greatest plant ever grown, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you've ever wished you could go into a book and strangle some of the characters for being so incredibly dumb, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you have ever run into a tree, copy this to your profile!

My best friend is insane! If you agree, or if you have an insane friend, then copy this into your profile.

If at one time you misspelled or forgot how to spell a word less than four letters, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you have ever ran into a mirror, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever been so obsessed with something that now everyone is scared of you because of its effects copy this into your profile.

If keyboards hate you copy and paste this into your profile! (Especially the FREAKING CAPS LOCK!)

I'm bored...If you're bored then paste this in your profile and let the world know you have nothing to do...

If you haven't died yet, copy and paste this onto your profile.

(O.o )

This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your profile to help him on his way to world domination

I like cheese. I have seen purple cows. If two gooses are geese, then why aren't two moose meese, or when two foots are feet, why aren't two footballs feetball? Milk tastes good. People call me crazy, but I'm just random! If you're random and proud of it, copy and paste this in your profile!

If you think that being unique is cooler than being cool, copy this on your profile.

If someone actually thinks that you are evil and/or plotting their death, copy and paste this into your profile.( My friend, a non-warrior person, believes I'll kill her if I don't end up in an asylum x3 )

If you read people's profiles looking for things to copy and paste into your profile, copy and paste this into your profile

If you have music in your soul, post this in your profile!

If you have ever run into a door, copy this into your profile.

If you've ever had a mad laughing fit for no reason, copy and paste this into your profile. ( All the weird looks. xD )

If you hate those obnoxious snobby people, PLEASE copy this into your profile.

If you have ever fallen up the stairs copy this into your profile.

If you read this all at once and don't know what half of it means, CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU ARE HUMAN!!

If it took you more than once to read it and know what I was talking about EVERY ONE RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! THE ALIENS HAVE TAKEN CONTROL!!!

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