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Right. Bio. Well, I'm a 14 year old girl from Wales. I like a band called Keane. I have an unhealthy and quite frankly uncontrollable obsession with them Don't like? Don't read. I'll talk more about them later. I also love animals. Wolves, big cats, dogs and cats mainly. I also quite like the idea of warrior cats/dogs stories. They tend to get me going. Oh, another obsession I have is with dragons. Yes, I know they are mythical. I'm not that weird. I tend to doodle quite a bit. Usually animals, it's very rare I draw a human, unless it's a member of Keane of course. I like Harry Potter too. Oh, and hoodies! ...I also have a mini obsession with trench coats... :3

I really hate Justin Bieber and One Direction. I get annoyed whenever they are on tv, or are brought up in a conversation. No offence to anyone who likes them, but I just think there should be no space for them in the musical world. I also hate twilight. I don't understand what the big deal is with all the vampires. Erm... oh yeah I also hate skirts. And everything else that is girly. I am a complete tomboy. Hate the colour pink. Eugh.

Keane are a alternative/rock band from Bexhill, a town in Hastings, east Sussex. The band consists of four members:

-Tom Chaplin, lead singer

-Tim Rice-Oxley, Keyboard player/pianist and songwriter

-Richard Hughes, drummer

-Jesse Quin, guitarist.

The albums released are:

-Hopes and Fears, 2004.

-Under The Iron Sea, 2006.

-Perfect Symmetry, 2008.

-Strangeland, 2012.

They also released a famous EP, Night Train.

So, Hum, yah I am goning to stop spamming this bio with keane stuff now.

I am a weirdo! And sorta proud about it actually...

I am also a geek/nerd... But I DO have friends! So it all works out. I love science _ Mainly chem and Biol. But my buddys tend to be better nerds than I am... cause I tend to mess around and stuff so it takes twice as long to finish my work.

Oh! I LOVE SIMS! YAY SIMS! Although I do hate it when I have a fire on the lot, and all the sims just stand there and yell at it. HELLO, call the fire brigade! I have had so many unforgettable experiences playing sims... xD So... if you hadn't already guessed it, I am a gamer.

I love quoting things xD So I'm gonna share some of my faves.


"I've fixed it! I'm Bob the builder!"-Tom Chaplin

"Does that do something? I thought that was just to rest your... pencils on."-Jesse Quin

"I'm sort of like a child genius, without being a child or a genius."-Tim Rice-Oxley

"Tim beats up homeless people!"-Tom Chaplin

"Forming a band at public school is challenging. If there's no bat or ball involved you're seen as borderline insane."-Richard Hughes

Richard:We're British!
Tom:We have accents!
Tim:And we're extremely charming!

"The best thing that happened to us I think, was probably when Tim got mugged and his phone was so rubbish that they gave it back to him."-Richard Hughes

"We are very easy to hate. People slag off our music, image, education, Tim's double barreled name- there's a whole menu of things to mock our band for. But, every time we play a gig, there's thousands of people singing our songs back to us with so much passion then you could ever imagine when you write them. The connection to the audience is pretty staggering.-Richard Hughes

Fan:If you were a girl what would your name be?

Fan:You guys played with Paris Hilton sometime last year. That must have been kind of weird.
Tim:Obviously, we're great admirers of her work. She's a true talent, a Grace Kelly for our age. And I basically have three enduring memories of that experience. First, her stupid little dog kept running into our dressing room and we kept booting it out, and second, she had a man, a security guards, whose only job was to carry her dog around. The other one was that she was completely unable to pronounce the name of our band. They had to dress-rehearse like six times: 'Ladies and gentlemen, Keanie!' Just on and on. I mean, there's no reason she should know who we are, but it's not that difficult. And at the end, when we had this sort of group hug, in my attempt to be kind of cool about the thing, I trod on her foot.
Fan:She has enormous feet, though. She's like a size 11, so maybe you were 3 or 4 feet away from her and stepped on her foot.
Tim:Well maybe that's what threw me. I thought there was an alligator running across the floor.

Jesse: I like Tom's first song... What did that go like again?
Tom: Oh yes. It went: 'I am so cool, I am so cool', then my mum in the background going 'shut up Tom'.

Jesse: Fan's come up to me and say: 'What is your favourite Keane song? Mine is blah blah blah' and I'm like 'No idea.'