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I highly appreciate any constructive criticism (or just criticism in general!) you can give to make my writing less painful for future readers. I will definitely give consideration to anything you say, though I reserve the right to change or not change the story itself. Thanks!

Alias: Kithwynn
Age: Mentally? Six or so. Biologically 19. (GASP! It's been a while, no?)
Reads: Way too much. Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, and Jonathan Safran Foer are among my favorites, but Tamora Pierce and J. K. Rowling are also v. enjoyable.
House: Ravenpuff.
Likes: Maths, gryphons, dragons, drawing, much reading, green tea, the internet.
Dislikes: Bad spelling/grammar; sparkly white happy unicorns; stories involving the former, ten year old girls, and possibly a case or two of amnesia and/or royalty (or in really bad cases, all of the above).
Favourite Pairings: Sirius/Remus, Ron/Hermione, Minerva/Albus, Scrimgeour/Percy and/or Fudge/Percy, Peter/anyone (for goodness' sake).

On Peter Pettigrew: Please, people, I'm not asking you to have his babies. In fact, I don't want to have his babies either. I don't even want to meet him. That's not what being a fan is-- it's having respect for a character's fictional self and contributions to the story. I like Peter's character, because he's highly complex and has fascinating motives and beliefs. I like him because he's complicated, and I like to theorize about how his childhood and friendships and whatever else has gone on his life has changed him into the person he is. I am a Peter Fan.

14 January 2006 Revised Death By Hat somewhat; also uploaded Harry, one of a series of shorts I've been working on, mostly from Remus' perspective. I'm sitting on the other ones until I've had a chance to look at them from a distance of at least 24 hours. Sorry! Just trying to avoid inflicting them on the world until I'm sure they're good enough.

In the works:
- Green Nights, a short about a Ministry worker. Already written, but it needs a little time to ferment.
- Two shorts from Remus' perspective focusing on Sirius and Peter, both written shortly after the first war. These need really extensive editing, so it will probably be a little while.
- Paths, a novel-length Lion King fanfic about Scar's origins. I have this all plotted out in a fair amount of detail, so at least that's out of the way... now I just have to sit down and write it!
- An unnamed fairy tale involving an amusing misspelling or so and the habits of certain game birds as related to monarchy. Stay tuned!

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Green Nights
He measures his days by the number of bodies in the foyer.
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Harry reviews
For Remus, it was easier to forget.
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