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January 19, 2013/ Note:

Hey ya'll sorry about kinda leaving my account idle for a longish time! I am trying to get back to writing a chapter every week at least! As you can kinda see I am a bit ahead of schedule by posting today and not tomorrow like I predicted. Next predicted chapter update on my story Make You Love Me is going to be on this coming Wednesday! Well thats all!

BB out! Peace!!!

Hello people on my page!

I'm BubbleBlonde or BB for short. My friends also know me as Bubbles, Blondy, or Blondisimoi hate this nickname :(

Kinda obvious but i'm a blondy and yes it is my natural hair color and i have dark green eyes with gold flecks near my pupils. I've been told it makes my eyes look even prettier but i find it kinda weird i'm the only one outta all my friends that have gold specks. I am just born not to fit into society!!!

Well i won't tell ya my age but i can tell ya i'm a teenager. No that does not mean I'm like 12 and 3/4 :P that crap is stupid. But hint hint I am in high school.

My favorite color is Purple, orange, or neon green or if you have the super cool crayon melting machine that makes your own crayons then i love mixing those three colors together to get Neon Purgrorangeen!!! (I copyright that!!!!)

I have crazy best friends and any crazy or weird things that happen in my life with them normally ends up in my stories with slight variations depending on situations.

I am amazingly crazy and always [annoyingly] happy as my stupid guy friend, i shall call him John cause it rhymes with his name, tells me that regularly. I just believe i am easily excitable and like to share my joy with others!!!

I love multiple types of music so i can't explain my taste for music at all. I like from variations to One Direction all the way to the freaking awesomeness of Flyleaf and Evanescence. It all depends on my moods darlings.

Oh, i also call everybody darling, and no i'm not freaking British, i just kinda started doing it one day to piss off my darling friend Abagantamos and it kinda stuck for her and now thanks to me she no longer hates pet names!!! Now i call everyone it if i like you so consider it a honor if i do!!! Nah i'm kidding i like just about everybody!!!!

Okay so i like reading a bunch of different stories but ever since i was a little girl i have been obsessed with Pokemon!!! I love watching the cartoons and movies and i love reading fan fics of the characters and to me its just so fun to see other peoples take of the characters!!! Haha i remember when i used to go to bed when i was about five and every night wish to be in the Pokemon world and have an Eevee. I know thats a kinda weak Pokemon but i was always in love with it since childhood and could never stop.

But i also like other types of stories too don't get me wrong!!! I love when people recommend me to read different stories cause its always cool to read a story i might not have ever picked out.

I also love supernatural things-no not ghost and vampires although sometimes they make for an interesting story- more like X-men and such. I'm a huge super hero geek. I'm weird in my girl friends opinion cause i'd rather watch an action packed superhero movie like the Avengers or X-men or Batman Begins (the best out of the trilogy in my opinion) rather than watching a sappy and mostly stupid chick flicks like When in Rome or What a Girl Wants.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm i'm not sure i have much else to say... Oh when i have weird conversations or weird things happen in my life then i will probably tell you all. Hahaha Well Bye for now!!!!

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Right when the Avengers believe life is returning to somewhat normal a past is thrown back at Natasha as she has to deal an old enemy emerging and take care of four girls also. But with secret turning up from the girls past will they be able to handle everything? Or will it all burst into flames? As the past catches up to everyone how will they deal with it? Time will tell.
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