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I am called Black Enchantress. And no I'm not African American. I have finally possessed my reincarnation of myself in this era with my immortal soul. I am from the 15th century. In my time I now an Enchantress, for those of you with slight on your intelligence, I enchant men to do my bidding. I charm the males with beauty and ensorcelled charm. When I tire of my playthings I dispose of them and collect their blood in a vile and send it to my father. You mortals know him as Vlad the Impaler. His real name was Vladimir III Dracolya. When he caught his wife cheating with one of the older boyars he implied his usual punishment to unchaste widows and unfaithful wives. After being tortured cruelly she tossed herself out the window. My mother was the daughter of a German merchant. She was of remarable beauty and unbenownst to most she was an enchantress. My grandfather knew this and used this to his advantage and introduced the two to one another. But a most peculiar thing happened, my mother's power didn't work on him, taking her completely by surprise. He did though fall for her beauty and unnatural fervor. He became intrigued by my mother and continued to see her. As much as he was intrigued by her and his inability to hurt her she was taken with him. In the throes of passion they concieved me. My father found out about the news and begged her to marry him. Her father wouldn't allow it and so went on a killing spree, killing all the turkish prisoners in his prison and impaling them in what is now called "The forest of the impaled." When my father went to see my mother he found her and my grandfather argueing over his proposal. She started raising her voice in favor of marrying him and my grandfather struck her across the face. My father, though used to gruesome torture himself had sworn never to hurt her. He confronted them and took up the arguement himself. In rage he snatched my mother's arm and threatened to disappear with her and never let him see me. To say my father was mad in the least, he ripped a spear from a guard and impaled my grandfather himself. After months of staying with my father while he fought the turkish and the boyars she had me. My magical heritage showed through even when I was born. My eyes are half green and brown, my hair golden on top and fiery red on the bottom. Out of love, the only people he loved in his whole life, he sent us away from the war that was begining to rule over Wallachia. He escaped and appealed to the King Mathius. Who had him imprisoned. When he escaped the prisons by marrying the kings sister my mother became enraged at him. When a messenger came to us from my father she threw the letter away without reading it and tortured the poor messenger in a dungeon herself. I retrieved the letter, curious about my father as most 5 year olds usually are. I read the letter that told my mother that he was coming for us soon and that he onlt had used the king's sister. I told my mother and she stopped torturing the messenger and allowed him to heal. She let her enchanting powers seep through and he fell deeply in love with her and at her command had forgotten about his gruesome torture. She freed him and let him go on with his life. When we recieved word by the same messenger that my father had died in war with the Turks and his head was sent to the Constantinople, my mother swore vengence. I mourned my father's death by only wearing black. My mother took me with her and through her prowess had stolen my father's head back and located his body. We held a public funeral for my father back in Snagov. That night my mother traded her immortality for the return of my father's life. He became alive once again and married my mother. After my mother died from mortality my father had not aged. At the age 18 I began to slow down the aging process and by the time I was 23 I had stopped physically aging. My father decided to drag me with him while he discovered new powers that were lamented when he was alive. During some years we traveled my soul was stolen by an ancestor of my reicarnations and my sould was reborn into the seventh generation after. I hunted down the girl and entered her dreams. Slowly I began to control her mind and finally consumed her soul as she consumed my body. Now we are one... So I entertain myself through writing that seems to be a most addicting luxury. While my father is still alive and in hiding he protects me just the same and seems to enjoy spreading his obssession of impaling.
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