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Hello, my pen name is MadiganMarlowe.

My favorite books are The Hunger Games, Harry Potter Books, The Divergent Trilogy, The Infernal Devices, Child 44, The Lovely Bones, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

I have a passion for writing and reading stories because it helps me to escape reality since our dreams don't always satisfy us, and sometimes even scare us.

Here is the form for the SYOT I added to my story - Ice-Cold Fear.






Back-up Districts: (Choose two)

Appearance: (Be descriptive. Keep in character, for example – one from the Seam would have olive skin and gray eyes, one from District 3 and District 11 would have dark skin and dark hair. This is choice, though. But I do prefer it that way.)

Personality: (Again, be descriptive. Career tributes are not to be goody-goody.)

Anything else?




Childhood problems:




Weaknesses: (At least two)

Fear: (One that cripples them)

Anything else?


Opinions toward Games, Capitol, District:


Reaping reaction/Volunteering reason:

Reaping outfit:

Interview outfit:

Chariot outfit:

Training strategy:

Performance for Gamemakers:

Gamemakers score: (Not something absurd)

Anything else?


Dies in bloodbath?:


Cornucopia strategy:

Arena strategy:

Allies (only if their not a Career):

Relationship: (Friendship, Romance)

Preferred weapon:

Why they should win: (Give a believable reason. I don't want a 'they're extremely loving and love their family so much and they would make Panem a better place. Something more like 'They love their family so much that they'd win the Games just to see them again' or [maybe for a Career] 'bringing honor to their District is their priority'.

Anything else?


Would they do anything for it?

Are they proud of their District?

Mentor: (Year won, age, personality)

Stylist: (Age, personality)

Did they know the other tribute from their District before the Games?

Anything else?

Don't need heaps of info on every single question just more than yes, no, I don't know. Thanks a lot.


Here's the SYOT list for Ice-Cold Fear

District 1:

Boy: Dart Ruby, 17 Blue Eyes Arch Angel

Girl:Linphea sparkle, 18 Charliesunshine

District 2:

Boy: Cael Blackbriar, 18 Renner's Girl

Girl: Xenobia Flamsteed, 17 K.A. HEAYSMAN

District 3:

Boy: Jacinto Wolfe, 15 Xeneisha


District 4:


Girl: Coral Swift, 18 MissBunburyHope

District 5:

Boy: Ross Haldeen, 17 Wind Chronicler


District 6:


Girl: Ashley Ryeleen, 15 Dommmm

District 7:


Girl: Ivy White, 15 Charliesunshine

District 8:

Boy: Ellison Perrault, 15 The Whispering Panda

Girl: Nell Farley, 13 Renner'sGirl

District 9:

Boy: RESERVED SparrowCries

Girl: Hadley Half, 14 Pacesetter

District 10:


Girl:RESERVED SparrowCries

District 11:


Girl: Tashannah Ulmiah, 14 Blue Eyes Arch Angel

District 12:

Boy: RESERVED Nsheldonb

Girl: Winta Rose, 17 Xeneisha

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