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I really don't know what I should put on my profile, but I guess I'll start with the ambiguous basics:



Still in highschool. Sadly.

Okay so about me:

I've always read fanfiction, but just decided to join the community and write. I think I am going to stick with Twilight stories. Twilight is not my favorite book, but I love the world Stephenie Meyer created. My favorite characters include Aro and the Volturi, Benjamin, and the Cullens. Actually, I love them all :)

Three Thousand Years:

Aro, to me, is younger. Although portrayed in the movies as forty, to me he looks like Michael Sheen at age twenty-four or twenty-six. I LOVE the Aro in New Moon, as well as the Volturi. The way they were dressed, the way their makeup was done, and they way their hair looked was perfect. But in Breaking Dawn, Aro especially, looked awful. So my Aro looks like he did in New Moon, except younger.

I like for the readers to interprete my OC however they wish, which is why I will not give my choice actress/model. To me, my OC, stands at average height (5'4). Her body is slender, and her legs are longer than her torso. She has large dark green eyes, lighter skin, and dark blonde, thick hair that falls to her middle back. Her face is more round, but she has prominent cheek bones and a nose proportionate to her face. Her lips are a tad pale, and not that full, but they are defined. Size 7 shoe. Size 2 dress size. She has a smaller butt, but she has a large chest endowement. Her hands and wrists are small, and her arms slender and are not at all muscular. She has a graceful appearance, due to years of ballet and swim instruction.

That's about it for now, thanks for the support with my story!

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