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General Writing Update- 10/6

Forever Bound: Just updated

Facing the Fallout: Blog is up, the link is below with the the others. I have about 1000 words of the Reaping done.

I'm not going to tell you my real name or my age (so don't ask), but you can call me Tales (most people call me Tales) or Ink or whatever floats your boat. I'm just your average every day writer who enjoys nothing more than logging onto fanfiction.net to get her daily dose of typing practice in. If I was at Hogwarts I'd be in Ravenclaw, if I was at Camp Half blood I'd be in the Athena cabin, if I was in Panem I'd be from District 3, and if I had a faction I'd be Erudite. So if that doesn't give you a good idea of who I am, then clearly you need to be reading more. (Might I suggest one of my stories down below here? *wink*wink*) Any who I've got some writing to be doing, so too da loo.


So, in case you haven't heard. I'm starting a new SYOT. It's called Facing the Fallout. The Deadline is CLOSED. Here is the list (PLEASE CHECK ALL DISTRICTS BEFORE YOU ASSUME YOU WERE REJECTED).

D1M- Corin Kallas

D1F- Agatha Nite

D2M-Jett Dawson

D2F-Alize Callier

D3M-Onyx Hartley

D3F-Devi Motoya

D4M-Johan Delaney

D4F-Sidney Lyon

D5M-Everan Burl

D5F- Neora Varelle

D6M- Ampher Glint

D6F- Melody Naughton

D7M-Keith Arden

D7F-Mireya Lacotte

D8M-Dixon Bromton

D8F-Estelle Lymric

D9M-Hayden Foster

D9F-Razel Faure

D10M-Nixon Lowman

D10F-Sunni Hemlock

D11M- Ianthine Nikkali

D11F-Mia Alannis

D12M- Cypruss Elm

D12F- Preston Truscott

Random thoughts on SYOTs

1)Bad tribute names irk me. The tributes are from Panem so they should sound like it. I don't care if you think that the name Sally is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Name your characters Sally in other fandoms because that name doesn't go with the whole futuristic society thing. But while names like George, Amy, and David are bad, the absolute worst thing is when tributes are named after a Geek god. There is a point where the name goes from too average to too exotic and the minute the D4 male is named Poseidon that line has been crossed. (There are some exceptions to the Greek thing, but the name better be from a smaller lesser known god for it not to bug me)

2)I'm never going to beg for reviews on any SYOTs I write. I don't want to give any illusions that reviewing is going to make your character go farther. I started writing Fading to Darkness because I liked writing and I wanted a new challenge. While I love and appreciate every review I get, it's not going to change my bigger plan for the story. What it might help you with is getting a character into any future SYOTs. I'm not saying that I definitely am going to write a fourth story, but I'm not going to lie, it's been on my mind a lot these past few weeks. I'm telling you now that if I've got one person who reviewed every chapter of each story the day that chapter came out and another who submitted a character but didn't review, I'll be biased towards the reviewer.

3) When I ask for an original character, that doesn't always mean that they have seven different types of mental disorders and happen to have no legs. It just means that I'd like to receive somebody who is different from the other tributes I am receiving. That might mean sending me in somebody who is overly normal just because it's something all the other people aren't doing. It's amazing really, I say original and suddenly everyone has some sort of disability. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but just know I'll probably only accept one tribute with a disability and one with a mental disorder should I receive a lot of them. (For instance in Finding the Light we have Airin who is blind and Crescent who talks to shadows. I don't want one blind tribute, one who only has one arm, one who is mute, one who talks to shadows, one with Schizophrenia, one with Multiple Personalities Disorder ect. At some point it becomes too much.) So keep that in mind when you submit a character with some kind of ailment.

4) If your tribute has been rejected by society, there should be a reason. I know everyone wants to submit a character whose an outcast by their District, but if you're going to do this, tell me why. And don't give me some dinky reason like 'oh, well they were different'. Do you hate everyone who is different from you? I know, I know, look at history, and all that good stuff, but usually there is a reason that is deeper than just 'they're different'. Usually there is stereotyping involved, sometimes hatred is a value that has been instilled in society and is something that the people of a District might have been taught as kids. Or maybe it has nothing to do with some fundamental difference in appearance or the background of a character. Maybe they set their family home on fire when they were little and everyone blames them for killing the mayor. Or even better, maybe they just are a downright rotten person. I don't know. Just make sure you spell it out for me when you submit a character. It's hard to write for someone who is hated or has no friends when I don't know how they got that way.

5) I'd like to think of my stories as almost canon but not quite. There are some details that I've changed (both knowingly and unknowingly) for one reason or another. Some things of note: a) I've tried to make all the canon victors win in their appropriate years, but some I pushed back a year or two. Check the Victors Hall blog to see what's canon to my story. b) peacekeepers can have kids. Any other variations to canon will be added to this as they come to my attention.

And lastly, I love making characters but have trouble finding decently written SYOTs that last (although I have found a few). If you ever need some more submissions for a story don't be shy and shoot me a PM. And if you don't need submissions for an SYOT, but just feel like shooting me a PM for whatever reason, that's cool too. I don't bite.

Victor's Hall: here

Blog for Fading to Darkness: here

Blog for Finding the Light: here

Blog for Forever Bound: here

Blog for Facing the Fallout: here

Some tributes I've submitted. Most of them are boys because there is usually more contention for female spots and I shirk away from competition. Also, I'm only including tributes that are in stories that are a) still updating AND have already introduced my character or b) have been completed or c)have recently been accepted and happen to be on here anyways:

Our Last Days by jessicallons-y (Complete)

-Burton Howl, 14, District Eight Male (deceased, placed 5th)

-Macy Zimmer, 16, District Six Female (deceased, placed 13th)

Atmosphere by Burning Stars (Complete)

-Zeno Atticus, 13, District Three Male (deceased, placed 5th)

Lost by JabberjayHeart (Complete)

-Wayne Fallows, 15 District Ten Male (deceased, placed 16th)

Fight For Your Life by JabberjayHeart (Complete)

-Jute Phillips, 18, District Eight Male (deceased, placed 6th)

Standing Alone by Saltey (Complete)

-Fuse Zapa, 17, District Three Male (deceased, placed 6th)

-Aspen Dionne, 14, District Seven Male (deceased, placed 15th)

Sink or Swim by JabberjayHeart (In Progress)

-Callum Reeves, 15, District Twelve Male (deceased, placed 14th)

We All Fall Down by IceVeinsVillan (complete)

-Cable Kelvin, 15, District Three Male (deceased, placed 9th)

-Till Umber, 17, District Eleven Male (deceased, placed 5th)

Free And Forgotten by jessicallons-y (In Progress)

- Dune Faraway, 17, District Five Male (alive, not in arena yet)

Cloud Nine by Acereader44 and CallMeFinn (In Progress)

-Fuller Cambric, 15, District Eight Male (alive, not in arena yet)

A Diamond Is Forever by mangesboy01 (In Progress)

-Merris Bradley, 15, District Ten Female (alive, not in arena yet)

Leap of Faith by jessicallons-y (In Progress)

-Burgundy Platt, 17, District One Male (alive, not in arena yet)

From Utopia: The Final Hunger Games by Hoprocker (In Progress)

-Duke Travers, 16, Capitol (alive, not in arena yet)

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Forever Bound reviews
Twenty-four walk in single file, towards doom on death's doorstep. They move in chains forged from their fate, their only hope resting in each others graves. And so they march away, the chosen and the brave, but know that when the time comes, they are forever bound to these Games. 67th Hunger Games.
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