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I'm a teenager. I read. And write. And breathe.

The 82nd Hunger Games Blog!:

The 82nd Hunger Games: Tribute List

District One (Luxury)

Male - Danny Jones (17)

Female - Diamond Shimmer (18)

District Two (Masonry)

Male - Raven Everlast (18)

Female - Lysander Riel (18)

District Three (Technology)

Male - Kayzer Mallet (13)

Female - Mecha Cable (13)

District Four (Fishing)

Male - Erik Olsson (17)

Female - Rose Wildwood (16)

District Five (Power)

Male - Alexander Burke (17)

Female - Joule Jenner (16)

District Six (Transport)

Male - Axel Kray (18)

Female - Brandy Steele (18)

District Seven (Lumber)

Male - Ethen Leawood (16)

Female - Willow Cerese (17)

District Eight (Textiles)

Male - Blake Lynx (14)

Female - Catalina Perez (17)

District Nine (Grain)

Male - Alrik Oden (16)

Female - Katrin Arianna Lee (16)

District Ten (Livestock)

Male - Henry Drether (15)

Female - May Bull (15)

District Eleven (Agriculture)

Male - Guts Windill (16)

Female - Aracely Isis Locks (14)

District Twelve (Mining)

Male - Mikah Tyler (12)

Female - Kaija Morris (15)

The 82nd Hunger Games: Sponsor System

If you've submitted to a SYOT before, you probably know about Sponsor Systems. If not, then it's simple: there's plenty of different ways to get sponsor points, which you use to buy stuff to sponsor tributes. These thingies will be sent to your tributes via spontaneous parachute and they will hopefully find them useful in their journey to not die.


Submit a Tribute: 50 points

Submit 2 Tributes: 75 points

Answer one weekly question: 10 points

Proper Review: 10 points


For 75 points, you can buy ONE of the following:

Small (250ml) Water Bottle (empty)

Six Iodine Pills

Small Amount of Food (crackers, bread, dried fruit, etc.)

Small Hunting Knife

Meter-Length Ball of Twine

Fire Starters

Five Matches


For 100 points, you can buy ONE of the following:

Small (200ml) Water Bottle (full)

Ten Iodine Pills

Moderate Portion of Food (crackers plus cheese, dried meat plus dried fruit, etc.)

Warm Soup (whatever flavour you like)

Swiss Army Knife/Penknife

Five-Meter Ball of Twine or Rope

Gloves (waterproof, strong & warm)

Blanket (thick and warm, but small)

Night-Vision Goggles

Sanitary Items (toothbrush, soap, etc. if your tribute's a neat freak)

Basic Medicine (fever pills, cough syrup OR bandages)

For 150 points, you can buy ONE of the following:

Medium-Sized (750ml) Water Bottle (full, plus twelve iodine pills)

Medium-Sized Meal (a main dish and side dish, but plenty of it to last a few days)

Long-Lasting Pack of Food (dried fruit or jerky meat with crackers and bread)

Half a Dozen of Special District Bread

Box of Your Choice of Luxury Food (anything, e.g. strawberries, chocolates)

Solar-Powered Heater

Sleeping Bag

Thermal Waterproof Jacket

Waterproof Boots

Set of Three Daggers/Knives

Set of Five Non-Poisoned Darts

Small Sword

Small Gun with Three Bullets

Set of Fifteen Bullets

First-Aid Kit (filled with medicines, creams, bandages, etc.)

Specialized Medicine (burn cream, wound-healing medicine, etc.)

For 200 points, you can buy ONE of the following:

Large (1 Litre) Water Bottle (full, cleans water itself)

Large, Full Meal plus Full Medium-Sized Water Bottle (any meal of your choice, including main course, side dish, desert and some fruit)

Large Pack of Long-Lasting Food (dried fruit, jerky meat, crackers, biscuits, cheese and honey)

A Dozen of Special District Bread

Box of Two of Your Choice of Luxury Food (more in amounts)

Warm Tent (easy to put up and take down)

Two Sleeping Bags

Full Set of Clothes (turns hot when cold, cold when hot)

Set of Five Daggers/Knives

Set of Ten Poisoned Darts and Blowgun

Shotgun with Twelve Bullets

Large Sword

Trident with Net

Set of Bow and Fifteen arrows

Any Other Large Weapon

Set of Specialized Medicine plus First Aid Kit


This is a simple thing I made up. If you'd like to, you can donate points to certain tributes, and you can donate as much as you want up to 300 points. When you donate, I'll inform the creator of that tribute about it and they can use it up whenever the next chapter comes up. Simple? Hopefully.

Other than that, thank you and have a nice day!

My own tributes!

Kendrick Croppe, 17, for ThatFanfictionChick's 'Just a Game: 164 Annual Hunger Games' -

Keto Lancet, 16, for Leo Valdez Son of Hephaestus's 'The 24 Trying To Survive' -

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