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oh hi there! i am a super duper mega Belieber! and i love justin bieber, nicki minaj, britney spears, taylor swift, missy elliot, and sooooo much more! i write for fun, i write for myself, and i dont really take writing seriously! so sorry if you don't like any of my stories!! im addicted to facebook, twitter, youtube, and fanfiction!

my favorite colors are: blue,pink, purple, and green!

my favorite song(s): beauty and a beat, till the world ends, tik tok, gangham style, die young, super bass, va va voom!

my favorite tv show is spongebob!

my favorite movie is cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

my favorite game is dance central 1,2, and 3 and just dance 1,2,3, and 4!!

my crew is riptide!

ahhh adfghjkl; im tired of typing ill add more later bye!

My real name is --, but I wish it was Marciana. I love that name, and I might get my name legally changed to it when i grow up. But for now, its the name of my OC. I pair her with Justin Bieber, Glitch, and Bodie. I'm thinking about Mo but those are the main three right now. Follow me on Polyvore plz, and check out my first story with Marciana and Justin Bieber on wattpad. (It's rated R cuz' it contains sexual content.)



my OC has a facebook! xD add her :3


i changed my user from partylikeits3012tonight to dreamingmarci because its my main user sooo... :P

Hey there! Again, im updating this xD. Soo umm i have a couple stories that i am writing and it should they should be up soon. :)

Cloned. {GlitchxLil T , BodiexEmilia. Rated T Dance Central} - Dr. Tan clones Glitch so there are two of him. One of them is evil, and mean and kidnaps Lil T. The nice real Glitch is trying to find her with Bodie and Emilia's help. But while they search, Bodie and Emilia find problems in their relationship.

Preview #1:

The fake Glitch grabbed Tanya's (Lil T.) wrist tightly and yanked her over to him. She struggled to get away.

"LET ME GO! YOU AREN'T THE REAL GLITCH, YOU FREAK!" Tanya yelled at him still struggling to get awat.

"Shut the hell up! You will wake somebody up!" Glitch (the clone) said to her sternly in a whisper.

"I don't care let me go!" Tanya yelled once again. But then Glitch gave her a tight slap to her face to shut her up. Tanya stayed quiet after that.

Preview #2:

"Why do we have to help him?!" Emilia said to Bodie. "I mean, it is HIS problem He knew better, not too-

"Emilia, are you serious? Your just sounding selfish come on let's go he is waiting outside for us." Bodie replied to her.

"No way. I'm not wasting my time helping him. When did he help ME when I was locked up? I was begging for his help just like he is begging for our help. But he ignored, just like you did..." Emilia said, her voice softened a bit.

"You know I tried..." Bodie said.

"Well you didn't try hard enough! Come on, let's go meet the brat." Emilia said. Then she lightly pushed Bodie out of her way to the side so she could get door. While she passed Bodie heard her mutter something under her breath. He was pretty sure it was an insult. He shook his head and grabbed his and Emilia's jacket then headed out the door following her close behind.

Title pending. {EmiliaxMiss Aubrey. Rated M One-shot Dance Central} - Summary: Emilia wakes up in the middle of the night to find herself handcuffed to Miss Aubrey's bed. The night before the epic dance battle between Riptide and Glitterati. "Great..." Emilia thought.


Emilia woke up in a daze, it took her awhile to figure out where she was. She finally realized that she was handcuffed to Miss Aubrey's bed when the redhead walked in.

"What the actual -- Miss Aubrey?" Emilia said as Miss Aubrey walked over to her mirror to apply lip gloss. Then she turned back facing Emilia and climbed on top of her. Placing her legs on both sides of Emilia's waist and her hands touching her breasts.

"What the --?! Get off of me!" Emilia said struggling to break free from the handcuffs.

"I'm sorry..." Miss Aubrey said as she leaned down.

Emilia blushed as she leaned down further. "Sorry for what?! Let me go now!"

Miss Aubrey ignored her ranting of her setting Emilia free. Which isn't going to happen anytime soon.

"Sorry for handcuffing ya. But I knew you would never let me do this to you." Miss Aubrey whispered and her face was inches away from Emilia's. Emilia's palms started to sweat, and her stomach was all twisted.

"DO WHAT?!" Emilia nearly screamed it her face.

"This." Miss Aubrey said then leaned down the rest of the way until their lips were touching. Then Emilia started to freak out and struggled to break free again. But she calmed down because, she was actually enjoying the kiss.

Better Off Alone {Miss AubreyxAngel Rated T Songfic, One-Shot. Dance Central} - {No summary for this one yet.}

Preview {Really short. I haven't worked on this one a whole lot yet. 3-:} -

Miss Aubrey watched Angel perform his dance from a distance in the crowd of DCI agents. She knew Angel was teasing her, and he was enjoying it.

One last kiss. {CarlyxSam Rated T, One Shot iCarly} - Summary: Based off the scene in the last episode iGoodbye, when Sam says goodbye to Carly in the elevator.

{I don't have a preview for this one yet. :\}

Any of you ever watched Madea's Big Happy Family? Well... I'm going to do a story with the Dance Central charcaters based off that soon xD. Mo's is going to be Madea.. LOL.

Those are all the stories I am working on. Buh baiiiiii.

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