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It is a Tuesday evening the summer before my senior year and I've realized several things. Firstly is that I haven't updated this bio in an insanely long period of time and it's well overdue for a makeover. Secondly is that I've been on this site and writing fanfiction for my entire high school career...which is both slightly pathetic and something I take pride in (which is probably even more pathetic) at the same time. Lastly, I realize that my computer is truly a piece of junk.

But in any case. The name is Slytherin, Harmony Slytherin. Somehow you have stumbled upon my fanfiction.net bio and stories, aka my own private world. I suppose if you're taking the time to read this, you want to know something about me, or at least something about my writing. Very well, I'll begin with writing. I write fanfiction obsessively. All my stories are based on the Harry Potter series (I worship the ground JKR walks on) and most of them focus on my favorite character Ron Weasley. I love Hermione, Harry, Neville, Ginny (a special shout out to Ginny for Sierra Charm), Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, Sirius (who DOESN'T adore Sirius?) McGonagall (even before book 5 came and destroyed our lives) and I have a closet obsession with Syball Trelawny that rarely emerges in my stories. As far as Dumbledore...I adored him until book 5, then I was so angry I couldn't stand it, and now I go back and forth. I'll get back to you on that.

I have more stories than I can properly remember. However, I shall try to sort them out for you. Several of those posted here are short stories, but even more are novel length. Amazingly, I have managed to finish a few of them. I have gotten into the habit of writing blurbs of the novel length fics. I'll put them at the end of the bio, I suppose.

As for personal info...I'm seventeen years old and I've been writing stories for as long as I remember. Of course, my writing has seriously developed over the last three years here on , and if you were to read the stories as they were chronologically posted you would realize that as well. Writing is certainly not my entire life (even if it does occupy a large chunk). I am the piccolo player and flute section leader in the marching band at school. I am drama club vice president and thespian society president. I adore music, chocolate, sleep, and the pool. I am extraordinarily close with my family, but my friends are my life. Two friends in particular I'd like to mention are also here on : the fabulous authoresses Sierra Charm and star*dust (who I believe is actually now star*dust3 ANNOYED W/AUG2, but I could be wrong on the details there...). Sierra is an amazingly talented person and her story "Eyes as Green as a Fresh Pickled Toad" is an L/J fic...the best I've ever read. Her writing is so astounding...it makes me so jealous. Star*dust has finished "The Last Laugh", another L/J fic (at least, it's supposedly L/J, although really it's about Sirius and OC Angie Star), and is almost finished with its amazing sequel "Awakening". If you like anything I've ever written, I HIGHLY reccomend Awakening...it's one of the greatest plots ever, has hilarious dialogue, and I believe I may claim that I have helped a bit with the story along the way. So...GO READ THEIR STORIES!!! Lolol, okay, I'm done with that now.

I can think of nothing and yet millions of other things about myself that might be of interest to anyone who has enough time to kill that they are reading this. Hmm...ever seen Oklahoma!? I was in that play as Aunt Eller this spring and loved every minute of it...that should give you an idea of how nuts I am. I recently dyed my hair auburn (it's dirty blonde naturally) and I have a mortal fear of curling irons. I'm associated with orange, both the fruit and the color. I wake up at 8 am in the summer to walk to my high school and clean the band room. Yes, I truly am insane.

I really should sign off and skip to the blurbs now, sadly. I hope you enjoyed my rambling.

Always a little out of it,
*~*Harmony Slytherin*~*


*Part I of the Emporer's Dagger Trilogy*
Ron Weasley is a Death Eater, Voldemort's finest assassin...and a spy for the Ministry. Harry and Hermione know nothing of his double life, and after graduation Ron is pulled deeper into the treachery. However he finds comfort in his fellow spies...his mentor, Severus Snape; his new found ally Draco Malfoy; and two mysterious young female spies, one of whom, the beautiful Rayven Michaels, is weaving a spell of romance somewhere between Avada Kedavra and Crucio. *~*FINISHED*~* (will eventually be edited to be book 5 friendly)

*Part II of the Emporer's Dagger Trilogy*
(WARNING! NTB SPOILERS!!)The saga continues through the story of Ron's daughter Grace, now in her sixth year at Hogwarts. She is lost in the maze of teenaged emotions when the unthinkable happens...Voldemort returns. Grace picks up where her parents left off and claims the Dark Mark as her own. The older generation scrambles to discover the identity the Dark Lord has taken while Grace tries to save the world, not fall in love with James Potter, and protect Angel Malfoy from her devious boyfriend, Tom Flint, all at the same time. *~*FINISHED*~*

*Part III of the Emporer's Dagger Trilogy*
(WARNING! TR SPOILERS!!) Grace and her son, a powerful Divinator by the name of Charlie, have been hiding in America, fleeing Britain and the remaining Death Eaters for the last eight years. They have moved yet again, settling in Philadelphia, where Grace meets Nate McCoy. Grace hasn't allowed anyone to get too close in her nine years of exile, but something about Nate draws her attention...and her affection. Back in Britain, James, now an Auror, misses his friend terribly. Tension brews until Grace's worst fears come true... *~*IN PROGRESS*~*

*Part I of the Light Trilogy*
(AU as of 6/20/03)Hermione is going into her sixth year, and things are looking worse than ever before. She's still hopelessly in love with Ron, the new DADA prof-- Luna Starlight-- hates her, and, of course, Voldemort is stronger than ever before. Then, Hermione is offered the oppurtnity to explore powers she didn't know she had in order to protect Hogwarts from the growing threat...an oppurtunity that will make her a member of an elite group, placing the weight of Hogwarts on her shoulders. She is to work with Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Cho Chang, and Draco Malfoy.
They are known as the Defenders. And she thought Harry had it bad! *~*FINISHED*~*

*Part II of the Light Trilogy*
After Christmas break, the Defenders return to Hogwarts with heavy hearts, trying to get over their loss. Ron is exploring his newfound abilities and realizing that he has more powers than anyone expected. Suddenly he finds himself in possession of a mysterious blue marble, which slowly starts to take possession of him. Old enemies and allies return from beyond, and the fate of Hogwarts is hanging in the balance. *~*IN PROGRESS*~*

Coming at some point, part III of the Light Trilogy: The Council of Light.

(AU as of 6/20/03) This was my first fanfic EVER, so the writing at the beginning is a little rough. It gets better though! This is another story of Ron, who disappears in seventh year. While the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione (who, consequently, are getting a little cozy) search desperately for him, Ron finds himself in a palace, in love with a princess, and back in the company of Sirius Black. Princess Harmony is not all that she appears...she holds the key to defeating Voldemort. Too bad Ron's too busy drooling to notice. *~*FINISHED*~*

*Coming soon!!!*
My one and only first person fic. Ron's seventh year starts strangely, what with Hermione dating that Malfoy scum and a mysterious new seventh year named Natalie Basil, but things get a bit crazy when he accidentally takes a time travel potion and falls into 1977. James Potter is Head Boy, Lily Evans is Head Girl, Sirius Black is Head Prankster, and Ron has a headache. The potion by which he traveled through time has yet to be invented, so he is stuck in the past as the professors try to invent it. This wouldn't be so bad if he didn't keep staring at Remus's Slytherin twin sister, Starla, who just happens to be his Transfiguration project partner...and Lucius Malfoy's girlfriend.

Well, that's it for now folks. Read, enjoy, and please review! Constructive criticism is always welcome, flames will be usued to toast marshmallows, and if you want to chat (I always love to meet a fellow HP fan!) my AIM screen names are HarmonySlytherin and FlirtieFlute. Thanks so much for your time!

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