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Poll: Should Ash be given a second Legendary Pokemon in White Tomorrow? Note, 2 is the max I will give Ash, so if you're worried about him being OP... well, number one, go read a different fic, and number two... idk, Tobias had 2 and he was in the anime. Vote Now!
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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, Teen Titans, Bleach, Destiny, and Code Geass.

Hey guys, I was honestly trying to avoid this, but it's confirmed. After a few months of not even thinking about White Tomorrow, I totally forgot how I was going to write the next chapter. So as of now, I am putting White Tomorrow on Hiatus until I begin to have an idea of how to continue the story. I'm truly sorry and I spent about 3 weeks or so writing and rewriting and planning and plotting; nothing. So... a recap:


I'm re-uploading chapters with edits, looking to see if I can fix holes without revealing anything. Hopefully this leads to me continuing the story.

The concept of the story (background, characters—even though I didn't get the chance to add any yet—, plot points, anything you want from it really) is available for adoption. You don't have to ask either, just take it and go. I'll try and keep it going from my end, but my focus is elsewhere right now.

Hello readers (dedicated and undedicated). Welcome to the hub of my FanFiction exploits.

ta da :P

I'm sure renovation will get underway at some point.

FYI: Renovation is underway

As you can tell, I'm rather interested in Code Geass and Bleach, and as you can also tell, I got over Pokemon. I found it rather difficult to write a million characters that are all drastically different than their canon counterparts (the canon characters kinda suck at supporting a creative story). Now, I know what you're about to say: "That's where the creativity comes in". Don't get me wrong, I agree with you, but if I was going to go to all that trouble, I wouldn't be sitting at my laptop in a deeply unpleasant desk chair at some ungodly hour jamming to Green Day; I would be writing an actual book.

I'm not saying this as a way of looking down on the people who do this. In fact, I greatly respect the people who have the courage and ability to do that. I am merely justifying my [temporary...hopefully] discontinuation of White Tomorrow and stating my opinions on the matter.

This is the holy grail of all disease that flows through the creative universe: clichés. They are the spawn of Satan himself, and bring the ruination of creativity wherever they go. To be truly successful in anything that you do, I firmly believe that it is imperative you have your unique signature. Otherwise, who are you to the rest of the world? We remember Ghandi because he was a kickass nonviolent badass, but I'm sure there were plenty of other not kickass nonviolent not badasses that graced the dirt of planet earth. With that in mind: be remembered. Beyond that, clichés aren't very sophisticated. Then again, contractions aren't either...

Feel free to PM for contributions, making this is hella fun.

(I'm doing the number list for funzies, they are in no particular order)

Clichés that annoy me:

  1. Mary Sues.
  2. Whatever the hell the male version of a Mary Sue is.
  3. Nosebleeds (from sexual stimulation. *insert unamused face here*).
  4. High school centric anime. Attack on Titan, Steins;Gate, Gintama, and FMA kick ass, so why are there so many? Ironic that a few of my favs are this type, meh?
  5. Characters that eat a fuckton. Luffy, Naruto, Goku and even Ash Ketchum?.
  6. Really sexy girls. Don't get me wrong, I'm a red blooded teenage guy, but Nina Einstein is literally the only non bombshell in all of Code Geass.
  7. The Tsundere army. I shouldn't even have to elaborate on this one.
  8. Child Soldiers. I think literally every anime falls to this trap, mainly because the plot of every anime is desperate enough to resort to them (Code Geass/Attack on Titan/Every Gundam Ever) or maybe it has something to do with #4...
  9. Openings/Endings that involve people running. This one actually makes me laugh because the damn things are actually fucking everywhere. Even Yu-Gi-Oh found a way to do this. How the hell did Yu-Gi-Oh even justify that? I will say that I enjoy Trigun's running sequence. Trigun nailed the running in the opening. One of the big issues with this is that some anime actually suck at animating running and yet they center an opening/ending around it. Hopefully I'm not the only one who sees a fault there...
  10. Falling into a female's chest. Harem shows abuse the hell out of this trope, and even Code Geass has a scene that is basically the equivalent.
  11. Not getting any action. Characters surrounded by members of the opposite sex and yet they inexplicably never end up doing anything with anyone. I get the idea of family(ish) viewing but why imply it at all then? The blue balls are real, Japan, even though it seems like you don't believe in them.
  12. Upskirt shots. Why are you down there? Did you drop your phone?
  13. Death/absence of parent(s). I get that it can be an important motivator, but oftentimes it seems to be a just bleeding heart story to make the protagonist likable/pitiable.
  14. Fillers. Bleach. Naruto. Fairy Tail. 'Nuf said.
  15. Protagonist sitting by the window (See #4). Seriously wtf is with this? Does it provide one or two romantic, staring off into the middle distance, shots?
  16. Proudly declaring your attack. KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *boom*
  17. Moral righteousness. I'm kinda tired of the white-knight thing. I get that Shounen kinda thrives off that, but shows like Death Note and Code Geass all have intensely conflicted protagonists that fall under ye olden "anti-hero" category. Strict and righteous doesn't often offer deeper character traits (sorry Natsu).
  18. The "bad guy hierarchy". The protagonist having to face a plethora of specifically ranked enemies before he or she can face the big bad. At least Aizen justifies himself in the end.
  19. Cherry blossoms. I see the damn things when I close my eyes. Every harem has them. I even saw them in a Need for Speed game (one of the Most Wanted games). They are often used as a classy symbol of romance, but at this point they might as well be the equivalent of cockroaches in my eyes, or maybe bad pennies if we go off that "never go away" tangent. At least Bleach kills things with them.
  20. Fashionable weapons. Wtf is with Ichigo's bankai? If it made him more aerodynamic or some crap like that then sure, why the hell not, but it doesn't. It just looks cooler. Why not make him look that like in general? Why does he need to call his bankai to look cool? (Although he calls it in a lot, so I guess it could be his regular outfit if we proportion the time slots...)
  21. Plot armor. The most dangerous of armor forged by the gods beyond the fourth wall. Ichigo literally died and was somehow brought back to life as an immaculate badass, ripping apart the guy that just shat all over him before suddenly turning human again once he's finished.
  22. Lack of brown haired protagonists. Haruhi Suzumiya, Light Yagami... uh...hang on, I'm gonna have to google this.
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