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Author has written 4 stories for Pokémon, and Teen Titans.

If you didn't read my note at the end of White Tomorrow (Yes, my new fic is up) then I guess this is as good a place as any.

I need a cover image. I don't need it ASAP and it isn't mandatory for the story to progress. It's a commodity, and aesthetically pleasing... and I can't draw.

On the subject of White Tomorrow. That first chapter was a teaser. The real updates won't be coming out for a while. I'm gunning for early/mid March, but you know me.

I was messing around with the drop down menus on the side of the website and came across a drop down for Beta reading (I know it's sad, but honestly I would come on the site, update, exit). Regardless, I'm too lazy to fill out one of those derisory 'what kind of Beta are you?' forms. Because I don't feel like wasting my time filling one of those out I figured I should put out a message to all of those guys who want me to beta their stories (Hopefully it's a lot. Hopefully). Just because it says I am inactive doesn't mean I won't take requests. If you have to fill out one of those atrocious forms in order to Beta then as soon as i find a fic that interests me I will. If you want me to Beta, PM me. If you don't, ignore me.

Another epic journey for Ash in the Kalos region... another epic story of complaints about the Kalos region. I have what I like to call my Soap Doc. In a sense, I write a bunch of non correlated thingies (Not a chapter, not a short story. I'm not that organized) that are re-writes of moments where I thought Ash could suddenly open up a can of Ash-foo and save the day... let's just say that I already have an uncountable number of thingies (Not a chapter, not a short story. I'm not that organized). Make no mistake, this will never be posted... unless anyone really wants to read a bunch of (Admittedly) crap from a guy who has nothing better to do but procrastinate homework.

All of those who are wondering, 'Only uncountable??' well: I can't be bothered to keep up the English subbed version and I can't be bothered to keep up with the English dub either. So I've only watched 2 episodes.

All of those who are wondering 'Why the hell is he telling us this??' well: I have no idea. I was bored while procrastinating homework. And it's great to make fun of the Pokemon anime.

And on that anime note, I just realized I haven't watched the anime in well over 4 years (other than those two Kalos episodes i watched). Maybe I should think about catching up.

I recently heard (rumor) that Bleach (anime) will be cancelled (officially) on March 27th... that's my birthday... Happy birthday me

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Spark of a Soul by ThatOneDwarf reviews
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White Tomorrow reviews
The heat of tomorrow burns far brighter than the fever of the moment.
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