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Author has written 15 stories for Twilight, Danny Phantom, Woman in Black, Susan Hill, Misc. Tv Shows, Disney, Cartoon X-overs, Frankenweenie, Hunger Games, and Slender.

Hi,my name is SamApeace. I am so excited to be part of Fanfiction.

I enjoy a lot of movies,shows,books,games,and of course anime.

I should note that in my stories,some of the words may get cut out,I don't know why it does that,but please enjoy the stories that I write.Because I work very hard on them and I want everyone to enjoy them.

I might also do some bad grammar and spelling,but please,go easy on me.

Some of my favorite hobbies are playing the violin,playing poker,writing,track,singing,shopping,watching movies and shows,and drawing.

I adore Disney movies,Tim burton,Dreamworks,20th Century Fox,and Warner Brothers.

I love movies or shows because they can inspire me to either write a remake of the movie or show,or playing some of it's music on the violin.

Favorite movies: Now you see me,Soul surfer,Bad Teacher,Avengers,Harry Potter,Lovely bones,Selena,Death Note the movie,Hunger games,21 Jump Street,Dark Shadows,Cheaper by the Dozen 1&2,White Chicks,Taken,Psycho(1960),Ted,Ms. Doubtfire,Are we there yet?,Jumanji,X-mas with the Kranks,Rush Hour Series,How the Grinch stole X-mas,Red Dawn(1984,2013),Superhero Movie,Spider Man series,Back to the Future series,College Road Trip,She's the Man,Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies,Free Willy series,Water for Elephants,Alice in Wonderland(2010),Charlie and the chocolate factory(1971,2005),Young Frankenstein,Cats and Dogs 1,Home Alone 1&2,National Treasure 1&2,The Sandlot,The Cat in the Hat,Charlotte's Web,Liar Liar,The Mask,Ace Ventura series,Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,Larry Crowne,Santa Clause series,A series of Unfortunate Events,Beautiful Creatures,Hocus Pocus,Les Miserables,The Wizard of Oz(1939),Matilda,Monster in Law,Spy Kids series(except number 4),Hotel for Dogs,Judy Moody and the NOT bummer summer,Ramona & Beezus,Pinocchio(1997),Men in Black,The Help,The Watch,Tower Heist,Identity Thief,Oz the Great and Powerful,Garfield the Movie,The Muppets(Wizard of Oz,Treasure Island,In Space,Christmas Carol,Movie),Warm Bodies,Were the Millers,Carrie(1976),IT,Freddy vs. Jason,Pitch Perfect,The Haunting(1999),

Favorite Animated/Stop-Motion Movies: Frankenweenie,Corpse Bride,Wreck-It-Ralph,Despicable Me 1&2,Nightmare Before X-mas,Tangled,Pixar movies(except for Cars 2),Hotel Transylvannia,Shrek series,Puss in Boots,Robots,Kung fu Panda 1&2,Madagascar series,Megamind,Sinbad: Legend of the seven seas,The Lorax,The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective,Aladdin,Robin Hood(Disney),Mulan 1&2,Atlantis: Lost Empire,Meet the Robinsons,The Princess and the Frog,Who framed Roger Rabbit,Pokemon the first movie,Digimon movie,Recess School's Out,Hercules,Hunchback of Notre Dame,Shark Tale,Bee Movie,Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,Coraline,James and the Giant Peach,101 Dalmations,Monster House,Rango,The Road to El Dorado,Anastasia,The Polar Express,Rio,Hoodwinked,ParaNorman,The Simpsons Movie,Epic,

Favorite shows:Ghost Adventures,Big bang theory,Full house,Pretty little liars,Jeff Dunham,Friends,Icarly,Sam and Cat,Family Matters,Ellen,Family Feud,Toy Hunter,Urban Tarzan,The Fosters,Silent Library,Once Upon a Time,Reba,Power Rangers( Mighty Morphin,Lost Galaxy,Time Force,In Space,Samurai),The People's Court,Bates Motel,Will & Grace,Last Man Standing,Malibu Country,Total Blackout,Roseanne,The Golden Girls,The Suite life(of Zack and Cody,On Deck),House of Anubis,Maury,Jerry Springer,Figure it Out,Baggage,George Lopez,That 70's Show,All That,Billy the Exterminator,Storage Wars,Pawn Stars,Teen Wolf,That's so Raven,Wizards of Waverly Place,Sabrina the Teenage Witch,The Parkers,Devious Maids,Steve Harvey Show,Mistresses,Sean Saves the World,The Michael J. Fox Show,

Favorite Cartoons: Garfield Show,Scooby Doo(What's new,Mystery Incorperated),Danny Phantom,Phineas and Ferb,Gravity Falls,Fish Hooks,Kim Possible,The Replacements,The Emperor's New School,The Simpsons,Family Guy,American Dad,Teen Titans Go!,House of Mouse,The Cleveland Show,Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat,Arthur,Postcards from Buster,Cyberchase,Maya & Miguel,Dinosaur King,Fairly Odd Parents,Tuff Puppy,Chavo Animado,Codename: Kids Next Door,Hey Arnold!,CatDog,Rugrats,Darkwing Duck,Sabrina The Animated Series,Bob's Burgers,Animaniacs,

My favorite artists:Kerry Ellis,Taylor Swift,Selena,One Direction,Danny Elfman,Selena Gomez,John Williams,Alan Menken,Pitbull,Taylor Davis,Lara-plays-videogame-music,Kyle Landry,Owl City,Carly Rae Jepson,PSY,Rihanna,Nicky Minaj,Demi Lovato,P!nk,Taylor Momsen,Kool & The Gang,Michael Jackson,Bruno Mars,Anna Kendrick,Imagine Dragons,Robin Thicke,The Pretty Wreckless,Avril Lavigne,

Favorite animes: Vampire Knight,Fruit Basket,Inu-yasha,Death Note,Sailor Moon,Naruto,Yu-Gi-Oh,Pokemon,Full Metal Panic, Digimon,Flame of Recca,Bleach,Bakuman,Hana-Kimi,Tsubasa,

Favorite games: Kingdom of Hearts,Alice madness returns,Slender,Guitar Hero,Fruit Ninja,Yu-Gi-Oh,Epic Mickey,Nightmare before X-mas: Oogie's Revenge,Lego Harry Potter,Harry Potter games,Sugar Rush,Hero's Duty,Pac-Man,Fix It Felix Jr.,Just Dance,Call of Duty(Black Ops,Warfare),Lego Star Wars

Favorite books:Harry Potter,Twilight saga,The lovely bones,Coraline,A series of unfortunate events,The Egypt game,Alice in Wonderland,Diary of a wimpy kid books,Hunger games,Beautiful Creatures series,Pretty Little Liars,Animation magazine,Entertainment magazine,People magazine,Seventeen,Vogue,The Help,Matilda,James and the giant peach,Charlie and the chocolate factory,The Boxcar children series,The Babysitters Little Sisters series,The Chronicles of Narnia,Poetry,,Daughter of Smoke and Bone series,Frankenweenie the novel,American Girl books,Scary Places books,Judy Moody series,Junie B. Jones series,Ramona and Beezus series,Magic Tree House series,Manga books,Psycho,Carrie,IT,

My OC's:

Name: SamApeace

Full Name: Sam Angelique Rider Calhoun

Nicknames: Sammy,Goth Girl,Sunshine,Flower,Bird of Happiness

Appearence: Long curly brown hair,fair skin,hazelnut eyes.

Height: 5'4

(Or,you can just picture her as a Taylor Swift-only Tim Burton style,with black clothing,lots of it)

Normal Clothing: Black tank top shirt,black jeans with a chain on left side,red and black striped Converse

Ball/Prom Clothing: Black dress,black high-heels,Silver locket

Sugar Rush Clothing: Black jacket,Dark green skirt,White and grey striped leggings,Black boots.

Bride Clothing: Black dress with red layers,black and red lace,lace black veil

Voice Actress: Taylor Swift

Adult Voice Actress(Ages 30-?): Michelle Phiffer(Eris from Sinbad)

Teenage(Ages 9-14) Voice Actress: Sara Gilbert(Darlene from Roseanne)

Younger(Ages 1-8) Voice Actress: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen(Michelle from Full House)

Singing voice actress: Taylor Swift


Boyfriend: Dylan Levi(OC)

Favorite things to do: Compete,draw,sing,hang out with friends,read,write,speak spanish and chinese,destroy cybugs with her mom,fix Niceland with her dad,race in SugarRush with baby cousin,wreck things with her uncle,ride with Maximus,play hide and seek with Pascal,playing pranks on Gene with Vanellope and friends,getting her hair brushed by Mary,more to come

Theme Songs: Make it Shine(Victorious),You are my Sunshine,When can I see You Again?(Wreck-It-Ralph),Tears to Shed(Corpse Bride),I could Fall in love,Dreaming of You(Selena),Cups song(Pitch Perfect),Praise be New Holland(Frankenweenie),Wish you were here(Avril Lavigne),Slow Down(Selena Gomez),Wake Up(Hillary Duff),

Family: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider(Tangled)(birth parents),Fix-it-Felix Jr. and Sergeant Tamora Calhoun(Wreck-It-Ralph)(adopted parents)coralinexnorman(eldest-sister)(DeviantArt member),Vanessa Doofenshmirtz(Phineas and Ferb)(second eldest-sister),Vanellope Von Shweetz(Wreck-It-Ralph)(baby cousin),Wreck-It-Ralph(uncle),Jack McFarland(Will and Grace)(Older cousin),King and Queen of Corona(Tangled)(grandparents),Norman Bates(Psycho 1960)(step-uncle),Wilbur Robinson(Meet the Robinsons)(younger brother),Boo(Monsters Inc.)(baby sister),Susie Salmon(The Lovely Bones)(cousin),Katniss Everdeen(Hunger Games)(aunt),Peeta(Hunger Games)(uncle),D.J.(Monster House)(second-cousin),Merida(Brave)(third-cousin),Carl Fredrickson(Up)(Grandpa),Russell(Up)(Cousin),Granny(Hoodwinked)(Grandma),Chucky,Tiffany,Glen(Seed of chucky)(Uncle,Aunt,Cousin),Chavo(Chavo Animado)(Step-Brother)

Pets: Pascal,Maximus(Tangled),Blu,Jewel(Rio),Flick,Atta,Dot,Francis,Slim,Rosie,Dim,etc.(A Bugs Life),Doug,Kevin(Up)

Enemies: Mother Gothel(Tangled),King Candy/Turbo Tastic(Wreck-it-Ralph),Lord Barkis(Corpse Bride),Oogie Boogie(Nightmare before X-mas),Vector(Despicable Me),Pitch(Rise of the Guardians),Hacker(Cyberchase),Vlad,Box Ghost,Lunch Lady,etc.(except Ember)(Danny Phantom),The Beldam(Coraline),Hopper(A Bugs Life),Slender man(Slender),Count Olaf(A series of unfortunate events),Green Goblin,Dr. Octopus,Venom,Lizard(Spider-Man series),Mr. Harvey(Lovely Bones),Mor'du(Brave),Voldemort,Bellatrix,Death Eaters(Harry Potter),Freddy Krugger(A Nightmare on Elm Street),Jason Voorhees(Friday the 13th),Pennywise the Dancing Clown(IT),Ghostface(Scream),Michael Myers(Halloween),Jack Torrance(The Shining),Pinhead(Hellraiser),Candyman(Candyman),Jigsaw(Saw),JAWS(JAWS),Leatherface(Texas Chainsaw Massacre),Esther(Orphan),Regan Mcneil(The Exorcist),The Witch(The Blair Witch Project),Cujo(Cujo),Annie Wilkes(Misery),Ratigan(The Great Mouse Detective),

Rivals: Elizabeth Patterson(OC),Sharpay Evans(HSM),Priya,Leslie Winkle(Big bang theory),Paulina Sanchez(Danny Phantom),Connie Devigo(Family Guy),Creepy Connie(Jessie),Lavender Brown,Cho Chang,Draco Malfoy,Crabbe,Goyle,Moaning Myrtle,Mr. and Mrs. Dursley,Dudley(Harry Potter),Heather,Megan(White Chicks)

Best Friend(s): Victor Frankenstein,Elsa Van Helsing,Edgar E. Gore,Nassor,Toshiaki,Weird Girl,Bob,Sparky,Persephone(Frankenweenie),Sam M.,Danny F/P,Tucker Foley,Jazz Fenton,Valerie Grey,Ember,Dani F/P(Danny Phantom),Emily,Victor Van Dort,Scraps,Maggot,Bonejangles(Corpse Bride),Ted,Audrey,Once-ler,Lorax(The Lorax 2012),Robin,Beast Boy,Cyborg,Starfire,Raven(Teen Titans GO!),Mavis(Hotel Transylvannia),Fred,Daphne,Velma,Shaggy,Scooby-Doo,Nova,The Hex Girls(Scooby Doo Mystery Inc),D.J.,Stephanie,Michelle,Kimmie(Full House),Gru,Margo,Edith,Agnes,Lucy(Despicable Me 1/2),Coraline(Coraline),Norman,Agatha(ParaNorman),Jack Skellington,Sally,Zero,Lock,Shock,Barrel,Sandy Claws,Dr. Finklestein,The Mayor(Nightmare before X-mas),Steve Urkel,Laura,Eddie,Maxine,Waldo,Carl,Harriet,Richie,3-J,Estelle,Aunt Rachel(Family Matters),Sheldon,Leonard,Penny,Amy,Howard,Raj,Bernadette(Big Bang Theory),Gwen(Total Drama Island),Inez,Matt,Jackie,Digit(Cyberchase),Cindy Lou Who(How the Grinch stole X-mas),Flint Lockwood,Sam Sparks,Steve,Baby/Chicken Brent,Tim(Cloudy with a chance of meatballs),Harry Potter,Ron Weasley,Hermoine Granger,Ginny,Fred,George,Percy,Luna Lovegood,Susan Bones,Hannah Abbott,Neville Longbottom,Dean Thomas,Seamus Finnigan,Hagrid,Dobby,Hedwig,Professor Lupin,Sirius Black,James & Lily Potter,Oliver Wood,Cedric Diggory,Arthur & Molly Weasley(Harry Potter),Carrie White(Carrie 1976),Anthony Padilla,Ian Hecox(Smosh),Jenna Marbles(Jenna Marbles),Jenny Lorenzo(Geekgasm/aggressivecomix),more to come

Name: Dylan Levi

Appearence: Short brown hair, blue eyes,fair skin.

(Or,you could just picture him as cartoon version of Dave Franco).

Height: 5'5

Clothing: Blue t-shirt,Black jacket,blue jeans,grey sneakers.

Voice Actor: Dave Franco(21 Jump Street,Warm Bodies,Now You See Me)

Adult Voice Actor(Ages 30-?): Channing Tatum

Teenage(Ages 9-14) Voice Actor: David Kauffman(Danny F/P from Danny Phantom)

Younger(Ages 1-8) Voice Actor: Nathan Kress(Freddie from ICarly)

Singing Voice Actor: Adam Lavine

Age: 18

Favorite things to do: Play sports,hang out with friends,play guitar,talk with others,etc.

Best Friend(s):SamApeace(OC),Victor Frankenstein,Elsa Van Helsing,Bob,Nassor,Edgar E. Gore,Toshiaki,Weird Girl a.k.a Molly,Sparky,Persephone(Frankenweenie)

Name: Elizabeth "Liz" Patterson

Appearance: Long blonde hair,fair skin,blue eyes

Clothing: Pink tank top shirt,mini blue jean short skirt,black high heels

Voice Actress: Ashely Tisdale (Candace from Phineas and Ferb,Sharpay Evans from HSM,Maddie from the Suite Life series)

(Or you could just picture her as she looked like as Sharpay)

Teenage Voice Actress(Ages 9-14): Jeanette McCurdy (Sam from ICarly)

Younger(Ages 1-8) Voice Actress: ?

Age: 18

Name: Luna "Luo" Danielle Fenton

Daughter of: Danny Fenton/Phantom & Sam Manson(Danny Phantom)

Appearance:Black hair,fair skin,lavender eyes.

Clothing:Black shirt,black leggings,purple skirt,black boots.

Voice Actress: Candace Cameron(D.J. from Full House)

(Or,you could picture her as Candace Cameron)

Younger(Ages 1-10) Voice Actress: Jodie Sweetin(Stephanie from Full House)

Singing Voice Actress: Taylor Swift


Favorite things to do: Write songs,sing,perform in a band,ghost fighting.

Best Friend(s): Alexis Sarah Malfoy,Pierce Taylor Bagans(Other OC's)

Ex-Boyfriend: Duncan(Total Drama Series)

Family:Danny Fenton/Phantom,the Father(Danny Phantom);Sam Manson,the Mother(Danny Phantom).

Summary: Named after Luna Lovegood(Harry Potter). Goth like her mother,and has ghost powers like her father. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with someone else. Her BFF is Alexis Sarah Malfoy,daughter of Draco Malfoy(Harry Potter),and her other guy friend is Pierce Taylor Bagans,son of Zak Bagans(Ghost Adventures).

Name: Alexis "Alexi" Sarah Malfoy

Daughter of:Draco Malfoy(Harry Potter series) & Elizabeth "Z"(Monster House)

Appearance: Blonde hair,fair skin,bright green eyes.

Clothing:Black cloak,white collar shirt,blue skinny jeans,red shoes.

Voice Actress: Selena Gomez(Hotel Translyvannia)

(Or you can picture her as Selena Gomez)

Singing Voice Actress: Selena Gomez

Younger(Ages 1-10) Voice Actress: Bailee Madison(Wizards of Waverly Place,Once Upon a Time,Merry Chrsitmas Drake and Josh,Just Go With It)


Favorite things to do: Compete,write,draw,sing,magic with her father.

Best Friend(s):Luna Danielle Fenton,Pierce Taylor Bagans,Esmeralda(The Hunchback of Notre Dame).

Boyfriend: Toshiaki(Frankenweenie)

Family: Draco Malfoy,the father(Harry Potter);Scorpious Malfoy,the younger brother(Harry Potter Book 7),Elizabeth "Z",the mother(Monster House).

Summary: Named after Alexis(Yu-Gi-Oh, GX). Gets her looks from her father. Her boyfriend is competitive sometimes,but she's very competitive,too. Her BFF is Luna Danielle Fenton,and her guy friend is Pierce Taylor Bagans.

Name: Pierce "Percy" Taylor Bagans

Son of: Zak Bagans(Ghost Adventures)

Appearance: Light brown hair,fair skin,blue eyes.

Clothing:Black shirt,blue jeans,dark green sneakers.

Voice Actor: Ian Hecox(Smosh)

(Or,you could picture him as Ian Hecox)

(This guy rocks! Smosh is a Youtube series,and his and Anthony's videos are viral).

Younger(Ages 1-10) Voice Actor: Bradley Steven Perry(Gabe from Good Luck Charlie)

Singing Voice Actor: Adam Lambert


Favorite things to do: Ghost traveling with his dad,make videos with Anthony,play guitar.

Friends:Luna Danielle Fenton,Alexis Sarah Malfoy,Anthony Padilla(Smosh).

Secrets: Has a secret crush on his friend Luna Danielle Fenton.

Family: Zak Bagans,the Father(Ghost Adventures)

Summary: Named after a kid that I know. His father is a famous ghost explorer,that has a TV show on the Travel Channel called 'Ghost Adventures'. Gets his hot looks from his father. His mother died when he was a baby. Luna and Alexis call him 'Percy',for fun. He has a crush on Luna,and hates it when Duncan would kiss Luna right in-front of him.

Favorite movie/tv/game/OC/crossover couples:

Victor F./Elsa H.(Frankenweenie)

Mavis/Jonathan,Johnny Stein(Hotel Transylvania)

Penny/Leonard H.(Big bang theory)

Alice/Jasper(Twilight saga)

Sheldon C./Amy F.(big bang theory)

Flick/Princess Atta(A bugs life)

Jack S./Sally(nightmare before x-mas)


Rapunzel/Flynn Rider(Tangled)

Danny/Sam(Danny Phantom)

D.J./Jenny(Monster House)

Ethan W./Lena D.(Beautiful Creatures)


Alex R./Mason(Wizards of waverly place)

Candace/Jeremy(Phineas and Ferb)


Steve U./Laura W.(Family Matters)

Marty McFly/Jennifer(Back to the future)

Fred/Daphne(Scooby-Doo mystery inc.)

Katniss/Peeta(Hunger Games)

Victor V./Emily(Corpse Bride)

Sora/Kairi(Kingdom of Hearts)

Susie Salmon/Ray(The Lovely Bones)


Shaggy/Velma(Scooby-Doo mystery inc.)

Flint L./Sam S.(Cloudy with a chance of meatballs)


Rosalie/Emmett(Twilight saga)

Ron S./Kim P.(Kim Possible)

Steve/D.J.(Full house)

Harry P./Ginny W.(Harry Potter)

Ron Weasley/Hermoine G.(Harry Potter)

Max/Roxanne(A Goofy movie)

Howard/Bernadette(Big bang theory)

Nina M./Fabian(House of Anubis)

Jesse/Becky(Full House)

Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood(Harry Potter)

Patricia/Eddie(House of Anubis)

Duece/Dina(Shake it Up)

Kendrix/Leo(Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)

Light/Misa(Death Note)

Scooby-Doo/Nova(Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc.)




Sasuke/DisneyGal1234 a.k.a Daisy(Naruto,DisneyGal1234's OC)

Cedric Diggory/Detective88 a.k.a Raina(Harry Potter,Detective88's OC)

Jack Frost/Sharlene Thomas(Rise of the Guardians,Cupcakes11's OC)

Dylan Levi/Sam A.(My OC's)

Luna D. Fenton/Pierce T. Bagans(My OC's)

Fix-It-Felix Jr./Sergeant Tamora Calhoun(Wreck-It-Ralph)

Sofia/Pinocchio(Sofia the First,Disney Pinocchio)

Marius/Cosette(Les Miserables)

Vanessa D./Ferb F.(Phineas and Ferb)

Phineas F./Isabella(Phineas and Ferb)

Ted/Audrey(The Lorax 2012)

Norman Bates/Carrie White(Psycho 1960,Carrie 1976)

Sabrina Spellman/Harvey Kinkle(Sabrina The Teenage Witch)

more to come

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