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Don't hate me because I ate you.

Evil Falcon of Doom... What's not to understand? I bring a touch of analytical woe to each mortals little life. >:}

Pulled from a review on Gamesradar

Kiefer Sutherland’s swaggering style and bleached ’do may have contributed to enduring audience fascination, but he recently admitted another take – the chemistry between David and Michael. “That whole scene where I catch him in the fog coming off the bridge… I mean, it’s a very sensual moment!” says the actor, who still holds special affection for a film he calls “an ’80s capsule”. “The Lost Boys was a massive part of my life, still is.”

Facts of the lost boys:

1. Michael did NOT cause their death, Sam DID, Sam knew what Mike was, Mike didn't, Sam knew the Frogs, Mike didn't, Sam had to get a very sleepy Mike up during the day ( who couldn't even stay awake) and get him to drive them. Mike didn't want Sam in the cave and showed obvious doubt in the 'hunters' abilities, Mike even admitted he can't help Sam and showed hesitance and reluctance about going after The Lost Boys.

2. David wanted Mike as one of them as per David: Q1. I don't want to kill you Micheal, join us. Q2. Too late my blood is in your veins. David was perfectly capable of killing Micheal, he didn't and instead tried to sway him to the dark side lol.

And taking Sutherlands' words and Davids actions/ words in the movie, David did NOT hate Michael.. This is not necessarily a good thing for Micheal or anyone else, lol.

People ARE Strange

1. Decade of vampire lovers, Vampires as an interest no longer is freakish and weird? O.o

2. Probably 90% of vampire loving people want to be one. 98% a vampire would kill, not befriend/love.. Yes you taste good with fries.

3. 1% would be turned for kicks just to watch the freak out at realizing WHAT a vampire really is.

4. Majority of people don't understand the implications of vampirisim. It is one thing to say I can drink blood and that vampires kill to survive, can't fault them, humans kill/eat animals when you don't kill your food to eat it.

Well they only do it to survive don't fault them is 10-1 gonna change if they are eating YOUR family. Majority won't have sympathy when it's them that's gonna get ripped apart. Few are gonna lay down and say come over and rip my throat out and kill me!.. If you're suicidal, you're not gonna wait for a vampire to miraculously show up and kill you, likely in a painful way.

5. Majority have never had hand in killing their own food in any way shape or form. It's easy to not fault something for what it does to survive if you're not slapped in the face with it. Eating that burger from a fast food place doesn't translate to killing a human, when you take no part in an animals death yourself. Talking is one thing, it's lot harder to actually come face to face with what you think you can handle.

6. Can you kill your parents, sister, brother to feed that hunger and rationalize that you're just surviving like any other creature, human or animal when you see the blank dead stare of accusation, after the screams, fear, resentment horror and repulsion of your once family corpse after getting slaughtered by your own hand in blood lust?

7. A vampire can NOT live with human family, vampires are very self serving to themselves and their vampire family. Humans are food or to be used... Even ones you care about, love/family and vampiric mentality, lines will get blurred and crossed with constant contact. A vampire would warp and use and manipulate their living relatives simply by nature and don't even have to recognize they are doing it, it's part of what they are... Limited contact is best.

8. Ever leave a cat and a pet canary in same room both not in a cage? Ever had to clean up the body afterwards despite that the cat is very tame and well fed.. Or how about those mouse heads? Vampires are predatory, no matter if one wants to try and be with the human family, chances are sooner or latter it's gonna play with its food till it's dead. Instinct and nature trumps all, hence visits limited, but NOT living with human family would be advised.

9. You won't get turned because you want it, or you THINK you can handle it. if you're the other 1% that would get turned not as a kick to watch you crash and burn for sick amusement, you likely have something about you that FITs with what that vampire is to accept you as one of their own into their pack, similar personality, remind them of themselves as a human. Mentality fits their pack or themselves. Something clicked with them to want you. You also won't get a warning, it's gonna happen, why mention it when it could cause drama? Sides wouldn't be fun if the chosen initiate isn't hit with a surprise and freaking out.

10. If vampires are animistic in nature, love is NOT going to be the same as it is to a human, it'll be a bonding and more primal need for the mate. It will also be violent, animal coupling is NOT soft and sensual, it's ruff and violent. If they run a pack, they will have a leader/alpha, which is true of human gangs to, but in animal terms a pack leaders mate will NOT be soft, kind or submissive. Alpha males will bond to the alpha female. Alphas are not alphas because of kindness, they are because they're the tough mean SoBs in the pack and assert it to keep their status. A pack alpha male/female will quickly be challenged and or removed if they aren't very dominate and assert that status. The pack alpha would likely still boink you, but if you can't stand ground you will get replaced by another dominate mate as the pack leaders alpha mate.

11. Vampires are demonic in origin. Something to think on before taking that plunge (as if you got a choice or say in the matter if it comes to it) burning from holy objects is not a sign that all is right and that it is a natural changed state. Vampires are abominations and cursed and likely the human sense of self is very askew by the vampiric presence. Morality is out the window to the fully initiated. Killing isn't a problem.. When your nature has been warped by the change. Caring for human loved ones would be more from habit, memory and some vestiges of actually caring. Pets? Caring would also mean keeping distance to not corrupt, use or abuse such loved ones.

12. Majority of things done by a vampire is self serving, and for their own reason. You don't get a say, they want it they take it, regardless. Someone gets hurt, it's part of the process of achieving their goal as long as the packs safety is not jeopardized.

13. Animal packs can be violent, step out of line you will get hurt to put you in your place, weather it's mental or physical, it's gonna happen till you stay in your place. Expect vampires to take such to greater levels to ensure pack control.

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