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My name is Jay.

4/10/13: I completely lost a whole segment of the story, and lost the motivation to write. I'm back on track now, and send my deepest apologies to those who are waiting for it. I'll update two chapters instead of just one to make up for it, then back to the usual schedule. The wait for chapter 13 may be a bit long, since I'm completely rewriting it.

2/06/13: So I've been writing like mad, and I have three chapters all ready to be published of this first story. Let's see how the first one goes. I'll update every two days, I think. We'll see. So check it out.

31/05/13: I have two story ideas at the moment, one I'm writing, and one on hiatus, so stay tuned for for that.

Check out this, I'm writing in it: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8801889/1/Voted-The-First-Quarter-Quell

I am 14 years old and from Australia.

My multifandom tumblr is here: vanessahugdns.tumblr.com

List your 12 favorite Hunger Games characters.

1. Peeta

2. Finnick

3. Clove

4. Katniss

5. Rue

6. Cato

7. Cinna

8. Haymitch

9. Madge

10. Johanna

11. Prim

12. Effie

Sorry my bio is so short, I just dont have a lot to say. ily all

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