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Author has written 2 stories for Once Upon a Time, and Rise of the Guardians.

Finnish 16-years-old girl who tries to for once finish a fic she started. Well, mostly I'm here to read awesome fanfiction.

Why do I write in general?

Writing is so big part of my personality it's not even funny. Actually I have this huge fear that I suddenly just stop developing as a writer and one morning I wake up to realise, that I suck at it (pretty much the thing that happened with math). I'm currently studying in an art-high scool in the capital of Finland, so luckily I'm able to study creative writing as a school subject. So basically I write deep, technically qualified texts (in Finnish) for my teatcher, and I throw up my feels on the keyboard (in English) for the internet. And then there is this mixed stuff that will never get away from the depths of my files. Ever.

Anyway, I suppose writing is my way of... trying to make sense out of stuff. I'm sure I'm not the only one on this site who describes everything that happens in my head like I'm writing a (terrible and boring) book.

Why do I write fanfiction?

I fought back for a long time, I swear. But you know the feeling when you try to read a story, replacing the other character with your own in your head? That's what I do almost daily. It makes reading kind of exhausting. Meanwhile I pair my favorite characters in my head with OC:s that have violet/black hair, leather jacket and commitment issues and maybe an eating disorder. Girls who never gasp or blush, girls who have some attitude. They are pretty rare in the world of fanfiction.

The funny thing is, that I ended up writing a fic about a prostitute in a fairytale land who has red, curly hair and who always wears a corset. Oh well, things like that happen when I start writing. Even I can't predict where my stories will eventually go. However, I am probably going to write about the girl in a leather jacket eventually, paired with either Loki or Pitch (from Rise of the Guardians).

I still would much rather read the fics in my head written by someone with more talent. And someone who's a native English speaker. But for now I guess I'll have to settle in myself.

And finally, My Fandoms

From the moment I went to see The Avengers in April, I have been a part of Loki's army. I tried to ship him with Natasha for awile, but... In my head he's with the girl in leather jacket. The second favorite fandom is Once upon a Time, I'm a Hooker. As you can guess from my fic. I also read some Jeffersson -fics. And then finally, there is the Rise of the Guardians. It took me forever to get to actually see it (you have no idea how hard it is to get to see the version that isn't dubbed...) but I fell for Pitch even before that. Duh, he's like... animated version of Loki. For now there is basically only Jack Frost/Pitch -fics ou there. I'm not so much into that stuff (and it's really challenging to imagine Jack as a girl) so I was forced to write some Pitch/OC. You asked for it.

I guess that would be all... Anyway, feel free to message me and my tumblr is also janice-and-her-ideas. ;)


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