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Hey! I'm finnicklover123.

Okay so I don't really know what to write so I'll just do the basic info about me.

I'm 14 and I absolutely love writing and I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so one day I decided to sit down and write a little story :) Since then, I've loved reading and writing fanfiction!

My favorite books ever are Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. And I'm super excited for Catching Fire to come out. But the books I'm reading right now are Divergent and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. They are both really good and if you're looking for something to read you should check them out.

My favorite movies are the Hunger Games (of course (: ) and Despicable Me 2

I'm currently accepting Beta requests so if you're looking for a beta...I'm available ;)

In the Hunger Games I ship: Katniss x Peeta, Katniss x Cato, Cato x Clove.

Please check out my stories!

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When Ocean & Storm Collide by Regja reviews
" I can't stand Finnick Odair and his cocky smirk with his too perfect sea-green eyes and sandy blond hair. Oh how I pity anyone who gets stuck with him as a mentor." Book 1 in the Girl of the Sea series
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 21 - Words: 64,545 - Reviews: 72 - Favs: 122 - Follows: 186 - Updated: 11/29/2015 - Published: 4/27/2013 - [Finnick O., OC] Other tributes, Mags
Just Another Target by CyanAngelFlare reviews
Clove has never been attached to anyone. She has only her abusive grandmother and her wish to one day win the Hunger Games. But when she finds herself falling for Cato, the other tribute from her district, she realizes that there are more games than just one to play.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 30 - Words: 32,742 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 42 - Updated: 5/17/2015 - Published: 10/15/2012 - Cato, Clove - Complete
Playing with Fire: Katniss & Finnick's New Life by Katniss of Asgard reviews
Hunger Games: Finnick & Katniss Pairing RATED: M (Has HEAVY subjects : RAPE, SEX, swearing, SMUT, lemon, and gore) Scene:Takes place in Catching Fire: Katniss has awoken from her sleep, after shooting the fault in the force field. She has been picked up by a hovercraft; is forced to live a new life, enforced by the the President himself. Please leave a review! NOT FOR FAINT HEART
Hunger Games - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Horror - Chapters: 43 - Words: 49,403 - Reviews: 276 - Favs: 235 - Follows: 263 - Updated: 5/6/2015 - Published: 4/11/2013 - Cinna, Katniss E., Finnick O., Pres. Snow
Annie Cresta, Genius by Story167 reviews
Annie Cresta.I'm proud to have my name, until now. I hear it murmured all around me. It's being echoed from the microphone. It feels as if the sea itself chants my name. The sea of people. In the crowd. In District 4. On Reaping Day. Annie and Finnick from the reapings until the very end.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 92 - Words: 122,084 - Reviews: 322 - Favs: 136 - Follows: 103 - Updated: 1/1/2014 - Published: 2/18/2012 - Finnick O., Mags, Annie C., Finnick and Annie's son - Complete
Bones by MadcapScribbler reviews
Katniss has been in an abusive relationship with gale for two years and, although she won't admit it, she's afraid. She needs someone to comfort her and make sure she's ok, someone kind with blonde curls and blue eyes. Ok, that was a very cheesy summary. But I really hope you like the story! Rated T for language and general idea.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 77 - Words: 114,038 - Reviews: 820 - Favs: 200 - Follows: 267 - Updated: 11/16/2013 - Published: 1/26/2013 - Katniss E., Peeta M.
Salt and Sunshine by SmurfLuvsCookies reviews
Surviving and living are not the same. To survive is to turn and hide from a storm, to seek shelter from the thunder. To live is to face the mightiest of tempests, screaming, crying, quaking, dying, and believe in your heart that daylight lies just beyond the horizon. PARTNER to "Sea Glass"
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Romance - Chapters: 72 - Words: 200,287 - Reviews: 291 - Favs: 133 - Follows: 119 - Updated: 9/13/2013 - Published: 5/20/2011 - Finnick O., Annie C. - Complete
Refugees in the Manor by Punzie the Platypus reviews
AU. It's 1941, during WWII; Katniss and Prim with the three youngest Hawthorne children are being sent into the country, Sussex, to save them from the London Blitz. They arrive into the care of Haymitch Abernathy, a surly drunkard, his bubbly housekeeper, Effie, and his driver, handsome Finnick. Things turn when Katniss finds a blonde-haired Jew hiding in the attic named Peeta.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 14 - Words: 63,533 - Reviews: 163 - Favs: 115 - Follows: 98 - Updated: 9/11/2013 - Published: 7/9/2013 - [Katniss E., Peeta M.] Haymitch A., Prim E. - Complete
To Love The Enemy by unpoisson reviews
Katniss Everdeen volunteers as tribute for District 12. She has come to face the fact that she will most probably die in the arena. What she didn't count on was that she'd be falling in love with a certain career, or that he'd fall in love with her back. Will they make it out of the arena? And will their love stay strong no matter what the Capitol throw their way?
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 22 - Words: 51,842 - Reviews: 154 - Favs: 188 - Follows: 173 - Updated: 8/14/2013 - Published: 8/29/2012 - Cato, Katniss E. - Complete
Heartless Bloodlines by RivalsAreAllies reviews
The 75th Hunger Games marks the Third Quarter Quell, and as with the previous two Quarter Quells, there shall be a stipulation, a rule that allows the Capitol to remember…and the Districts to never forget. Tributes will be selected from the family of living Victors. These Tributes will learn of the cruelty of the Capitol...and of their heartless bloodlines. AU.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,323 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 24 - Published: 6/3/2013 - Prim E., Gale H.
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Hold On reviews
"'If you'd been taken by the Capital, hijacked, and then tried to kill Peeta, is this the way he would be treating you' demands Haymitch. I fall silent. It isn't. It isn't how he would be treating me at all. He would be trying to get me back at any cost." What if the roles were reversed? How would Peeta react and how would he get the love of his life to come back to him?
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 8 - Words: 14,914 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 42 - Updated: 12/17/2014 - Published: 6/30/2014
Finnick Odair: Sex Symbol reviews
He was known to the Capitol as the most desirable man to leave the Games. Cocky, arrogant, charming...but there is more to Finnick Odair than the Capitol realizes. This is the full story of Finnick Odair from his Games all the way through Mockingjay. Please R&R!
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 6,560 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 9/6/2014 - Published: 2/4/2014 - Finnick O.
Starting Over reviews
Katniss has been living in her hometown of District 12 ever since her parent's divorce. But when her mother insists that she move in with her, Katniss will leave everything she has grown used to, including her dad, and start over completely. She will have to get used to a new city, a new house, and worst of all a new high school. Modern Day AU.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,118 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 5 - Published: 5/28/2014 - Katniss E.
Expect the Unexpected reviews
Avery is the mayor's daughter, safer than anyone else. Now she has been reaped alongside her best friend for the 74th Hunger Games. Not only is short on experience, she has attracted the attention of a Career. Will the ruthless brute with icy blue eyes turn out to be just another tribute or something more? Will she make it through the horrors of the arena to become the next Victor?
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Adventure - Chapters: 45 - Words: 83,845 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 53 - Updated: 5/24/2014 - Published: 1/2/2013 - Cato, Other tributes
Moving On reviews
Katniss has made a big mistake. She put her trust in someone who betrayed her. They broke her spirit and left her hurt beyond repair. So Katniss left to get away from her past. But she doesn't know that that one mistake will snowball her into the hardest part of her life. To get through it, she will need to decide who she can trust and who she should cut out of her life forever.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 28 - Words: 45,771 - Reviews: 123 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 59 - Updated: 1/25/2014 - Published: 4/15/2013 - Katniss E., Peeta M.
Real or Not Real? reviews
The war is over. Katniss is left in District 12 to put the broken pieces of her life together again. Can she repair her life and secure her future? Will Peeta stop avoiding her? Most importantly: Will she ever learn to love again? This is the story of Peeta and Katiss after the war
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 14,077 - Reviews: 65 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 34 - Updated: 4/15/2013 - Published: 1/25/2013 - Katniss E., Peeta M.