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Hey, I'm YinYang9000. :)

When I do get around to writing, I'd mainly focus on writing Pokemon stories, since I enjoy the games so much. Who knows, maybe I'll write a Super Smash Brothers story... Actually, no I won't... (space waster). Oh well, I've seen many great stories, I hope I can write that well as well. I'm here because I've been inspired by other writers, so I'm here to have fun writing and improve.

So, as mentioned above, I am a fan of Pokemon and Minecraft (video games in general), but I do enjoy music and (as you could have guessed) writing. Oh, and anime too. >:D

So yeah, I hope to get a bit more familiar with some of these people. If you feel like it, go ahead and read my story (and when I get to it my multiple stories).

I can update about every 2-3 days or so under normal circumstances.

The following is for my first story, I'm keeping this here for reference. I do not need any more characters. Thanks for submitting them. :D

Here's what I have so far Gym Leader wise:

1. Aspertia City-Trace (Normal) *

2. Flocessy Town-Reagan (Ghost) *

3. Virbank City-Jamie (Ground) *

4. Castelia-Keira (Rock)

5. Striaton City-Joey (Bug)

6. Nimbasa-Ituha (Electric)

7. Driftveil- Stephanie (Steel)

8. Mistralton-Seria (Psychic)

9. Iccirus-Mia (Ice)

10. Opelucid-Drago (Something like that..) (Dragon)

11. Lentimas-Marcus (Flying)

12. Undella-Hikaru (Poison)

13. Lacunosa-Emily Fox (Fighting)

14. Black City-Fourier (Dark)

15. Nature Preserve-Cecelia (Grass)

16. Nacrene-Pyrrhus (Fire)

17. Himalau-Yamato (Water)

Rival OCs (No more needed):

1. Tyson (OC from El Torro)

2. Jocelynn Rebecca Monroe: JR (from jntvfreak24)

Stories You Should Read Because They're Awesome:

1. El Torro's stories on Owen and his adventures through Kanto all the way to Sinnoh.

2. Unova Capers. (By MonfernoFreak)

3. Pokemon NG (I think by PokemonFreak90)

4. The Nova League by gregginator54

One more thing: If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

Until then,


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