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Author has written 3 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, and S.A.

You will find me visiting and reviewing fandoms and maybe, leave some concrit along the way.

I'm not perfect. English is not my first language. I have many flaws, but that doesn't mean I can't share my opinions. This is a free site.

So just for everybody to know, I am an avid SHINICHI x RAN fan, and I won’t tolerate anyone who will disrespect what my decisions are.

First thing is first, I don’t hate Ai and Conan pairing and I respect the decisions of those fans so I am expecting they will do the same thing with me. Unluckily, many of us, ShinRan fans, received unpleasant comments from AiCon fans. Not cool.

Since those guys give reasons as to why they preferred pairings should be the one Gosho-san goes on with, I think it was fair to give them a little piece of my mind.

First of all, I hate, effing HATE when they say Ran is typical and nothing was special about her. Seriously, you all say that nothing was special about Ran waiting forever for Shinichi? You think Ai will do the same with Shinichi if ever Shinichi asked her to wait for him? I doubt that because as you guys say, Ai and Shinichi are alike. Both think intelligently and rationally, so please, explain to me how waiting for someone whom you don’t know if he will ever come back be a very rational thing? Please, don’t tell me that Ai-chan can be irrational because correct me if I’m wrong but Ai-chan never became irrational on the MANGA! Let’s based on the manga because that’s were the original story is okay? Also, try waiting for someone whom you don’t know if he/she will ever really come back then tell me if it was easy.

Secondly, you say it was unfair when anyone can date Ran because she is “typical” when Ai only had Shinichi to understand her. Well, I guess you guys were saying that Ai’s character was not appealing. Because you guys doubt that someone will ever love her as she was. And don’t effing tell that Shinichi can because nothing on the MANGA indicated that Shinichi was attracted emotionally to Ai. And vice versa, did you ever see in the manga if Ai-chan was attracted to Conan emotionally? I doubt that! Ai might admire Conan, okay. Ai admired Conan but not to the point to compete with the person she knows Conan loves! Remember, they were alike and it was not rational okay? And please, don’t make Ai disrespectful, Ai respects Ran because she knows what was special on her. That’s why she remembers Akemi on her right? Or was it Akemi was just soooooo typical too?

Third, Shinichi and Ai were intelligent human being right? And if you place Ran, Shinichi and Ai in the same room, I’m pretty sure that if Shinichi started a conversation with Ai, Ran won’t keep up, right? But it’s cruel. Ran was mediocre when it comes to intellectual capabilities. She can’t help Shinichi solve crimes, but here is the question, does Shinichi CARES???? Have you read or see Shinichi said: “Man, Ran can’t help me solve crimes! I wish her intellectual capabilities were like Haibara. What a bummer!” Huh? Did you ever see or read that he said or IMPLIED such things? No! He does not! And although Ran can’t contribute to smart/intelligent/clever topics Shinichi open up when they converse, does he care? Does she want Ran to contribute to the topic? No! I think not! Because it was okay to him for her just to listen!!!

Fourth, another thing that made me sick, Ran can’t help Shinichi with his current predicament right now. You know why? Because the detective geek doesn’t want her to get involve! You know why? Because he doesn’t want something bad to happen to her! You want to know why! Because he will risk the neck of everyone who knew about his predicament –including Ai- but not Ran because he actually cares for her deeply! He loves her! Get over it! And oh, do you think if Ran knew about Shinichi’s situation she will not offer her help? Will she not risk her neck just to help him? She might not be intelligent but she can be useful with her karate skills right? But why can’t she! Oh… I know why… Because Shinichi wanted to keep her in the dark because she wanted to protect her!!!!

I can go on and on and on just to prove my point but I think I will just shorten it.

Gosho-san made Ran as Shinichi’s love interest. He made Ai as Shinichi’s partner. Both are different and one can’t have the attribute of the other. But here’s the very reason why I know Shinichi will end up with Ran…

How can you be complete if you’ll choose someone who had the same quality as yours?

Think about it.

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