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Name: Brittney Fulton
Age: 15

I love reading and writing and hope to one day write for the BIG SCREEN! I've got an obsession with movie fics and hope to one day rise above it and write the MOVIE OF ALL MOVIES! *insert evil laugh here*.

I'm just a normal writer, and just like normal writers, I have my bollocks about fiction. These are my top three bollocks.

1) Under Developed characters.
- I hate seeing potentially GREAT characters get lost in a mushy mess because the author didn't give them enough dimension. Character is a skill, I know, and I applaud those who try because its difficult [I've been writing FF since I was 10 and *I* haven't mastered it yet ;)]. But some people don't even care! Its like COME ON PEOPLE! These are supposed to be believable, the only thing you're making me believe is that you're an amateur.

2) Description
- "Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, it can bring forth greatness, but it also wields the power to destroy a world!" [quote of my English LIT teacher, Mr. Strath] Dialogue is a great tool for writers - if they know how to use it! Too much dialogue takes away from the story. I don't want to know everything single syllable that comes out of the characters mouth, I want to know background stuff! I want to know ABOUT the character. Come on! On the flip side, too MUCH description is a killer too. I dont want to know every little detail in the scene. What shade of burberry the carpet is, what size gauge is the wire on the handcuff, thats not important to the story! (It could be if the writer used the right amount of description!) Leave something to the imagination people! Its not that hard!

3) Mary Sue and the perfect Villain
- Every story needs the good guy (or girl) and bad guy (or girl). But no one wants to read about a Saint! [Unless its Mother Theresa] Make the character believable. If they're perfect, they piss off the reader. If she's nice, give her a hot temper, if she's tough, make her secretly insecure. SOMETHING to prove that your female lead isn't a member of the Fantastic Four and dating Captain America. The same goes for the villain. Let them lose, but don't make your villain easily beaten. Its disinteresting. It takes away from the story. Its unfair to your reader! You're depriving them of precious curiosity! Let the villain win and BANG you got yourself a beginning of a sequel [unless you killed off your lead, your choice :)] All I'm saying is that, you need to look at characters, dialogue and description, the key elements to a story next to the idea of the story itself.

For more FF HELP and tips, check out It's run by a good friend of mine who is a fabulous writer.

I also BETA stories. For those who don't know what a BETA is, here's a mini definition.

BETA READER: someone who reviews and constructivley critiques a work in progress to help the author see things they may have overlooked the first time.

Basically, I edit stories. I make suggestions as to whats going good and whats going down the crapper. I'll BETA for you too, just send what you got to with the following:

Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Storys Name:
Your Story's Summary:
What you want me to look at specifically:

Also, please send the story as an attachment. Its easier for me to read through and I don't get the messed up characters and symbols in the writing.

I have two fics here at I had more, but they took down the RPG section and deleted it all. Many a good story went down with that ship, but I've made new and hope you guys like them. If you want to see my other RPG ff, go to and look up Rusted Faith: The Orlando Bloom fanfic site.

Look me up under the following

Captain Backfire

Thanks again everyone and happy reading!

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