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-July 21,2013

{{{{{{{{{RUN ALONG RUN-ON}}}}}}}}}

K so I was like eating this chunk of cantaloupe and I bit off this really thin piece and it was all like transparent and stuff and I stared at it and thought man; we should totally make edible goggles out of this stuff and sometimes I think cantaloupe smells like a fart does anyone else think so, so like yeah this has been a terribly written totally random run-on that I like came up with when I came back from church and yeah my brain is really weird and random... oh yeah and I’m surprised as to how this thing is like almost an entire paragraph which consists of my brain vomit so to say, yeah wow awesomeness and geniusness right here dude cha! Gots ta go run errands with my dadah!

-Lit out and about without a doubt or a trout or a snout or shout or pout or gout or clout and yeahhhhhhh... mraaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! o-0


No Cheese Please!!!- I'm goin' with the flow man chaaaahhhh dude!!! Lil- Translation: Lit's working on it and will make sporadic updates from time to time. *Cough review for motivation*

Thinking the Night Away- Too many ideas!!! *hits head with hammer* Work brain work!!!

TATTERED BIRD BROKEN ANGEL- One more chappy hehehehehehehehehheeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa!

Those Words- Undergoing serious demolition of story plot and structure so yeah it's gonna be awhile...*edit- a long long while...


Bible quote of this update: "In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life."- 1 Timothy 19

Song of this update: "Live Like That" by Sidewalk Prophets

I'm Christian, and no, I don't always act like one.

I joined the same day I published my first story called "Peace"

I will not tell you my real name, address, age or gender.

I do not trust those on the internet with personal information such as that mentioned above, so don't even try to ask me about it... -=-

I have a favorite pairing...Can you guess it? (Beastboy and Raven) duh!

I own a pet gecko: Lil

I love the ocean.

I believe you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but by what's inside.

I see some of the little things in life that people often take for granted.

I procrastinate...a lot.

I stop to smell the roses, even though people might think I'm crazy for doing so.

I wonder about the future cuz' I'm just that deep.

I like people who don't have their heads up their butts and are humble.

I cherish simple sweet memories that are priceless.

I think every teacher should have this posted in their classroom:

Dear students,

I know when you're texting in class.

Seriously, no one looks down at their crotch and smiles.

Sincerely,Your Teacher

I listen to old-school jamz because modern artists only utter idiotic, meaningless dribble most of the time.

I find the saying "everybody poops" very spot on. Although, some people tend to poop more than others...

Current Obsessions=

Green, Dragons, Geckos, Art, Music, Dolphins, Tea, Fish, Fruit, Horses, Birds, River Monsters, Youth Group, TT, Being Crazy, and Rain.

My Favorite Artists Include...

Toby Mac

India Arie


Joe Brooks

Jamie Grace

Earth,Wind & Fire


Bob Marley

Beach Boys

Chris August

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