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Current Status: Well hello, it's been quite a while since I've updated this. Any who, Marching Band season is coming up! Which means a lot more saucy ideas shall be stirring up in that cauldron of a mind I have. I'm still thinking... I need more inspiration, I can be quite lazy as you may realize at some point. I'm gonna be updating my Marching Band fic, which is my main focus right now and maybe some Raven stuff ;) Hope everyone's summer is going well. Update soon.



Salutations my lovelies, I am Omni! If you want my REAL name then fine, It's ... Dun na na... To be brutally honest I'm an avid Fan fiction reader and no, I don't

enjoy having my ovaries explode every second but well that's just life Patrick. I'm here to begin posting some of my very own stories, parodied, inside jokes, whatever

makes me happy and perhaps you! Also hopefully I'll be able to upload my actual stories once I have time. Feedback is always accepted with open arms, just try not to make

me cry, I'm definitely not perfect T_T but I really want to get better so please feel free to give me ideas or corrections that just might save my life! Also I love music,

and I play the beluga whale Hence the Marching Band stories...

Interesting Facts you probably don't care about:

Favorite Color: Aw geez, Pink?

Favorite Color Pairing: Purple and Lime Green!

Favorite Flower Color: Yellow

Favorite Flower: Sunflowers

Favorite Pet: Dogs

Favorite Animal: Bears

Favorite Insect: Potato Bug

Favorite Movie Genre: Horror (Cheesy and all!)

Favorite Music: Anything that sounds good to me

Favorite Movies:

Silent Hill

Shutter Island

The Gingerdead Man

The Avengers

Alice In Wonderland

Harry Potter

Anything produced/directed by Tim Burton

Lilo and Stitch

Silent Hill Revelation

Casino Royale


The Spy Who Loved Me

The Conjuring



Captain America

Iron Man


Spider Man--Anything Marvel/DC

Kill Bill -- Mind Blank, I probably have a lot more.

Favorite Tv Shows:

Adventure Time

Criminal Minds

Regular Show

Family Guy

Old CSI: Las Vegas

Teen Titans

Young Justice (first season)



Korean Drama (Like Boys over Flowers)


Gravity Falls

Untold Stories of the E.R

A Haunting

Favorite Anime's (Just a Few):



Death Note

Mamotte! Lollipop

Sword Art Online

Black Butler

Vampire Knight


Free! Iwatobi Swim Club


Ouran High School Host Club

Mirai Nikki

Yaoi ;) (Likee Junjou Romantica)

(A lot more, I will list later)

Favorite Manga: Nightmare Inspector

Favorite Characters:

Kill Bill:


Criminal Minds:

Spencer Reid


Emily Prentiss





James Bond:


James Bond




Bruce Banner

Clint Barton

Teen Titans:


Kid Flash


My Candy Love






That's all for now folks, the Profile update is in progress! :D


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