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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Guardians Series' has been abandoned for now, maybe indefinitely, maybe not. As such I will be removing both the original AND the rewrite from this site. I still have Under His Gaze going slowly, however I have a couple of other writing projects going on on different websites so I won't be updating it for a while, when I do come back to writing Fanfiction I'm going to be working primarily on a new story (An Unexpected Variable) whilst Under His Gaze and When Nothing Holds Truth will be secondary. Sorry to those who were patiently waiting for the next chapter of any of my stories.

NOTE: I'm putting up Three-Way Battle for adoption, if anyone wants to take it on the idea's there. Just reference me when you post it.

Hey, guessed I'd better start this up, I'm an 18 year old male uni student in good old England, although I've got Welsh ancestry and I show it proudly (so please spell it correctly, I'm annoyed at people using the wrong spelling, suggesting that I live on the back of a huge aquatic mammal rather than in a country).

Things that annoy me about Harry Potter AU stories.

(a quick list of things I keep finding that come up time and time again on this site that are for one reason or another wrong/severely annoy me)

1. Hogwarts can't be Camelot - basically the geography is all wrong, if you think about it Hogwarts is somewhere in the Scottish highlands, Arthur was most likely Welsh (if you go by most of the legends) and the fact he fought against Anglo Saxons (who invaded Britain from the South East) puts Camelot in the lands of Wales (in fact modern day belief is that Camelot was a castle somwhere around Chester which is just the other side of the Welsh border with England and given that Chester is about 130km away from the Scottish BORDER), far away from Scotland, which was under control of the Picts (or the Scots or the Irish, I can't remember their exact name, regardless they'd of been Arthur's enemies) at that time and thus as it is impossible for one castle to be in two separate countries Hogwarts can't be Camelot.

2. Everyone can become an animagus in a click of their fingertips. - So, it took the Marauders a few years to get their animagus forms, so when I see people (and not just Harry) get them in a few months it kinda defeats the point. Surely if it was that easy everyone and their wife would be an Animagus. Yeah OK sometimes they have Sirius helping them in one form or another and I know it'd get boring continuously writing about them slowly gaining control over their powers but still. It must take time. And don't even get me started on these potions that instantly let you transform.

3. Cannon should be fired - Ok so I made a joke there. but anyway, on with the rant. I get that some people get the idea of 'ooh yeah I wonder what would happen if we added an extra character in somewhere before Harry knew he was a wizard' Brother/Sister/Uncle whatever, good idea I like that. But then to go through the first two or three years with no change whatsoever from Cannon. What's the point? I don't know maybe some people like re-reading the books for free with an extra tag-a-long person but for me it doesn't do, if your going to write an AU story, what's the point in sticking by cannon with only one or two changes. Ooh big deal your OFC used Incendio on the Devil's Snare instead of Hermione. You know, AU and cannon aren't the same thing for a reason.

4. If you're going to use an existing form of travel at least spell it correctly. Short one this, but rather annoying. So let's keep this simple, in the books and just about everything else canon it is Floo Powder you use the Floo and it is Flooing, not Flew Flue Floe, Flewing Fluing Floeing or anything else like that. Get your facts right before you start writing Fanfiction.

5. Nicknames. Another short one, and I CBA to work out a clever name for it. To put it simply it's spelt Moony, notice that there's no E anywhere near it, so why do people spell it Mooney or some other variation I have no idea.

Now that I've stopped ranting (for now), well here's a list of the stuff I've done and am planning to do. Pure HP fanfics (apart from any crossovers I come up with).


Under His Gaze. (In Progress)

Summary: Jonathon Whitewolf's life has been checkered with both light and dark moments and the way they have intertwined bought him to a point he never thought he would reach in life. A mercenary wizard under contract to Lord Voldemort he accompanies the Dark Lord to Godric's Hollow that night, 'taking out' James and Lily Potter for the Dark Lord before witnessing the events as Harry Potter destroys the Dark Lord, fearing for not only his life, but the Potter's life as well. Jonathon flees with the baby, unable to snap James and Lily out of the spells he put them in before the Aurors arrive, and with them a very annoyed Albus Dumbledore, who on finding the Potters still alive and Harry gone tells the Aurors that Harry and the Dark Lord died that night alongside the rest of the Potter family. However Dumbledore is able to break through the spells on the Potters, and after obliviating them of all memories of their son puts them in hiding until a time he can use them again. Jump to 11 years later and Harry Whitewolf is sent off on the Hogwarts Express by his foster father who's sole mission now is finding the Potters and restoring the family. A war on Dumbledore will now wage on two fronts and it will only be so long before all his secrets spill out, the lone question on foster father and son lips is how much damage will they do when they take the man down?

A story that came up based off of two more common ideas for stories, one with Harry being taken in by someone, and the other where his parents are still alive but didn't rescue him from the Dursley's, I wanted to try and make the parents stay on Harry's side and messed around with a few ideas before coming up with this. Expect major Dumbledore bashing and extensive Weasley bashing on selected parts of the family (Arthur, Charlie, Fred, George and either Ginny or Bill will escape relatively unscathed), Hermione will be a minor character and some slight bashing will be involved there, but nothing serious. Will be quite seriously AU with certain parts of canon skipped altogether, especially in the first few years of school.

When Nothing Holds Truth (Working Title, Ideas Stage)

Summary: At the end of Harry's Second year he starts to spend more time around Ginny after their ordeal in the chamber, however some memories can't stay buried and a second trip to the Chamber of Secrets reveals a lot to the two students. Setting out on a path no-one could have seen before they uncover manipulations and corruptions left, right and centre leading them to realize that the one place they called home wasn't safe anymore. Deciding to stay at Hogwarts at least for the moment the two of them struggle to free themselves from the bindings placed upon them and begin searching for a different path than the one some adults are so set about putting them on.

Please don't kill me just yet. I'll admit that some Harry/Ginny stories I hate, but there are some that are very well written and a good read. (Example: Aspirations by Megamatt09). The plan for this story is to create the usual setting for a Manipulative Dumbledore story whilst taking Ginny out of the manipulative side and putting her with Harry. Expect mass Weasley bashing on this one (Fred and George may be safe, I've always liked them) as well as Hermione and Dumbledore bashing. May have parts of the story in Durmstrang, it's an idea I've had for a while but I've never really acted upon it as I had too many other story ideas that I preferred to write, however The Unconstrained Changes is going to be cut (at least for now) whilst I re-work the idea (as I don't like it anymore). Oh and this will also be quite Dark. Some cliche ideas will have to be worked into the story to get it going but I hope to keep it original once it is.

An Unexpected Variable (Ideas Stage)

Yeah, new story idea, new layout, hopefully a new look on things as well. WARNING: This will be a Twin fic. However I plan to keep away from as many cliches as possible, although coming with the very idea there are a few I can't really miss. WARNING: This could be seen as a Harry/Multi fic, and I'm not going to lie Harry's going to flirt/have relationships with a few girls before he finds 'the one' for him, and these girls are probably going to become his best friends, however he won't be trying to 'shag them all' or anything like that. WARNING: This will probably have both M/F and F/F relationships in it. WARNING: AU, Harry WILL be in a different house as will a couple of others (literally 1 or 2) and finally WARNING: OC's, and not just a few. However they won't be the ones facing Voldemort, yeah they make take on a Death Eater or two but they won't be taking out armies of them (parts of armies just not whole ones). Harry is still the main character here, the OC's at best will be supporting cast, at worst meat shields (on both sides). So let's get on with the summary...

Summary: Harry Potter, not as well known as his brother, Charles Potter but still a part of the Potter Family. Despite all odds and ending up in a strange House for a Potter Harry manages to grow, through trials and tribulations, accidents and accomplishments to become a source of power and change, for not all power is shown through direct force. Read as Harry becomes a powerhouse in his own right, to stand as an equal, not only to Charles, but to Dumbledore and Voldemort themselves.

Right, Warnings, dealt with, Summary, done, time to talk about the idea, here. So, here's my new idea. I've been improving my writing skills since last time, and during it I've fiddled and a few of my old story ideas to come up with this. As the Summary shows, this won't be a standard Twin-fic where the other sibling is loved and Harry is openly hated, ignored and starved (in all senses). Instead I'm aiming for a more realistic family, where Charles, whilst preferred and perhaps spoiled a little bit won't be a brat. James will be a firm father figure in both the boys lives although perhaps more forgiving of Charles and Lily will be a real mother. Sirius and Remus will act like honorary uncles/godfathers and Dumbledore will be a grandfather figure (like he always seems to be). I'm planning for no bashing, although there will be subplots of realistic bullying which will affect the story. As I said in the warnings, Harry won't fall in love with the first girl he sees who'll become relevant to the plot, he's going to be realistic and have a couple of girlfriends before he finds one he loves and he isn't going to start it in first year, so don't expect a proper pairing for a few years. No idea when I'll have a chapter up, hoping for each chapter to be 3-4k in length and I should have a Beta this time.

Three-Way Battle (Idea Up for Adoption)

Summary: Unlike in Canon, when the Ministry of Magic falls a mass exodus is conducted by none other than Delores Umbridge, creating The Old Ministry, a third side in the second wizarding war fighting both Voldemort and Harry and the Order of the Pheonix.

Yes, I know a new idea from me, it's been a while. Still this is basically a plot bunny I've had for a small while that I can't get rid of and quite like the idea of. Basically something happens along the timeline that makes Umbridge loyal purely to the ministry so when Voldemort kills Fudge she and as much of the Ministry as she can gather (probably half to two thirds of it) skedaddle out of their and set up somewhere else. Like in Canon she'll still have the locket horcrux but unlike in Canon she'll be willing to work alongside Harry against Voldemort in return for some 'favours' both during and after the war. No idea for pairings but it'll probably be Canon, also noteworthy because I don't plan to bash anyone in it.

Misc. Info for my Stories


In all my Fanfiction stories I'll be using the same sort of layout for the Wizengamot in terms of votes. However the parties or alliances won't always stay the same. Below is a quick run through of how I break down my version of the Wizengamot.

Chief Warlock/Minister of Magic: Extra 5 votes

Most Ancient and Noble House of... 20 seats 4 votes per seat

Ancient and Noble House of... 50 seats 3 votes per seat

Ancient House of... 80 seats 2 votes per seat

House of... 100 seats 1 vote per seat

max number of votes = 500
NOTE: that one person may hold more than one seat. So for example Lord Malfoy of the Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy may also have 2 Ancient seats and 5 House seats giving him a total of 12 votes. If he was also Chief Warlock then he would hold and extra 5 votes, giving him a total of 17 votes.

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Under His Gaze reviews
John Whitewolf, mercenary for Voldemort and old friend of the Potters, when he accompanies Voldemort on that fateful night history changes. Sparing James and Lily's lives John takes baby Harry with him as he flees the scene. Dumbledore manipulates the world into thinking all the Potter's died that night, whilst only John knows the truth. Full Summary inside.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8,361 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 7/27/2013 - Published: 4/20/2013 - Harry P.
Harry Potter and the Guardians of Hogwarts reviews
Harry's third year at Hogwarts, a time of worry as Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban, however when two mysterious people and a fifth house appear things are going to get thrown on their head. Full Summary Inside, Canon up to Third Year. AU, slight Molly/Dumbledore Bashing, Eventual Harry/Hermione Smart!Powerful!Grey!Harry. On Hiatus, pending re-write.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 77,263 - Reviews: 97 - Favs: 168 - Follows: 215 - Updated: 6/7/2013 - Published: 12/2/2012 - Harry P.