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Welcome everybody to the 24Authors24Tributes profile! All credit goes to 24tributes24authors and their amazing crew for giving me the idea to host this! Please go check out their stories, Tears of Blood and Bring Them To Their Knees.

All In Their Hands (the 41st Annual Hunger Games):

This is the first story from this account. Check below for open slots if you want to apply. PM this account the form at the bottom of the page. Only two spots left!

District 1 Male: Chad Praster - Habbisaboss

District 1 Female: Ember-Lilly Morgan - Xylia Ren

District 2 Male: Driff Colbee - Mathomalogical

District 2 Female: Mitchelle 'Mitch' Thornsted - KM.6000

District 3 Male: Jules Cohen - Eleanor Potter

District 3 Female: Anika Valentino - Ruetheday

District 4 Male: Glacier Cutthroat - Wisteria22

District 4 Female: Gemini Dock - Estoma

District 5 Male: Dusty Abernath - Innocent Primrose Everdeen

District 5 Female: Crystal Stone - ExplosionsAreFun

District 6 Male: Zander Arden - MaddyBooBoo1

District 6 Female: Tronika Frey - coadhpgg

District 7 Male: Colin Marik - RavensMyName

District 7 Female: Dana Georgia-Lee - Queen-Of-Immortal-Darkness

District 8 Male: Chino Mackinaw - Faith-o-saurus

District 8 Female: Isabel Jayce - Forest Bug

District 9 Male: Johan Horner - Gamemaker97

District 9 Female: Paiton Rais - I've got cookies

District 10 Male: Rex Kingston - AelitaOfTheWolves

District 10 Female: Imogene Guthrie - Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg

District 11 Male: Egidius Hiver -

District 11 Female: Jennifer Mulzat - Library2.0

District 12 Male:

District 12 Female: Kristen Shaner - 24mayhem24

Tribute Form:











SCENE OF YOUR CHOICE (So I can see your writing style):

Hope you enjoy!