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Author has written 5 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Tales of Symphonia.

Hmmm...what to write. Well, I've been reading fanfiction for about five years now. I am an avid 'shipper and have a favorite couple for pretty much everything I read. My favorite though, is far and above, Sheloyd (Tales of Symphonia).

But, as you can probably guess, having couples I like means there are couples that I hate. Among those are Sorato and Sheelos (Digimon Adventure/02 and Tales of Symphonia, respectively). Also, I completely despise all shounen-ai/yaoi and incest; as well as most shoujo-ai/yuri.


Currently I have four fics posted, one of which is in progress.

ToS: An Altered Path
This is an A/U to Tales of Symphonia that asks: What would have happened if Kratos had asserted his authority as Cruxis' second in command when he went to take Anna from Kvar. This is my take on what would have changed.

Instead of running away with Anna, Kratos asserts his position over Kvar and takes Anna, as well as the Angelus ex-sphere, with no fight; then he takes her to Derris Kharlan and has a Key Crest made for her and tells Mithos that he is going to settle on Sylvarant with Anna; Mithos, seeing that he will be unable to convince Kratos to stay on Derris Kharlan, gives them his blessing and promises that wherever they settle at will be left alone by the Desians; gratefully accepting this, Kratos and Anna decide to live in Iselia and get married as soon as they get settled in; a year later Lloyd was born to them, and he grew up with both his parents.

Lloyd is two years older in this fic than in the game. (Meaning he is very slightly older than Sheena)

Lloyd did not grow up with the laziness towards his studies, Anna made sure of that.

Lloyd is also not nearly as dense as his in-game counterpart, though he does still have infrequent moments of naivety.

Kratos has taught Lloyd how to use a sword since he was five, though Lloyd still uses two twin blades.

Lloyd is apprenticed, I suppose you could say, to Dirk and looks to him as a second father. (Note: Lloyd still lives with his parents, so it is not a true apprenticeship)

Lloyd knows bits and pieces of his fathers past, like his being an angel, for instance. He does not, however, know anything about Cruxis’ plans or what the state of the world actually is. He also does not know about Tethe’alla, unlike his parents.

Lloyd received the Angelus Ex-sphere from his mother when he turned 15; Dirk also made him a new Key Crest because the old one was becoming worn. He also does not hide it under the bandages. He wears it openly, just like his father.

Lloyd does not wear what he does in the game, unless you just want him to. Instead, he wears a suit similar to Kratos’, only the colors are denim blue and black. However, if you are more comfortable picturing him wearing his normal clothes, then you can ignore this one.

The Iselia Ranch no longer resides in the Iselia forest. This is because Mithos, due to his promise to Kratos, had the ranch relocated to somewhere near Triet.

Noishe is not afraid of monsters and is allowed inside the village. Also note that Kratos, Anna, and Lloyd all know that Noishe is a Protozoan; though no one else does.

Kratos is not a ‘mercenary’ and he and his family live off of the gald he has collected over the last four-thousand years. Needless to say, he is a very rich man.

This one should go without mention, but I feel compelled to place it here. Anna is still alive and well, this means no Kratos/Raine whatsoever.

Kratos and Anna go to Derris Kharlan once or twice a year to visit Mithos for a week. (Yes, they are all good friends) During this time, Lloyd stays with Dirk.

Collette has basically been ‘adopted’ by Anna. Their relationship is much like that of a mother and daughter. This means that there has never been any form of love higher than sibling love between Lloyd and Collette on either side.

Lloyd knows, along with Kratos and Anna that Genis and Raine are half-elves but they have not said anything per their request.

This is of little significance, but Anna and they Mayor of Iselia do not get along and they quite often end up in an argument over something, with Anna winning every time. Kratos, Lloyd, Genis, and Raine find this quite amusing and often end up in hysterics by the time the argument is over.

Kratos does not know that Collette is anything but a normal Chosen. Mithos has not told him about Collette’s special-ness.

That should about cover the changes that I feel would be plausible. Note: There will also be other changes, but those will be fairly obvious and won't need to be listed here.

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