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Hi I'm like cartoon obsessed because I love the shows, Total Drama, Danny Phantom, Courage, Kid vs. Kat, etc. I definitely write all kinds of random stories of my favorite cartoon couples so yeah that's gonna be fun. I also like doing one shots and songfics there pretty cool. So yeah I'm gonna go ahead and play around with this or read you know that's fun.

let's play 20 questions!

1. Are you goth?

I try to be

2. Are you punk?

No! but I'm kind of like duncan

3. are you annoying?

Well I don't want to brag or anything but no I hate annoying people

4. Do you have a YouTube?

if I tell you you can't tell anyone else but yes yes I do. I actually have two accounts. They are captainfluffytail and SparkyLPS

5. What is your favorite song?

its in between three songs: Hero by Skillet Monster by Skillet or Cross My Heart by Marianas Trench

6. What is your favorite show?

hard I will have to go with either Kim possible or Danny phantom they ate in a tie for first place

7. How old are you?

im twelve so im not the best writer yet

8. What are you typing this on?

my iPad not my computer

9. What's your favorite chartoon couple?

hard there's three of them is that ok? Duncan and Gwen from Total Drama Sam and Danny from Danny phantom Kim possible and Ron stoppable from kp

10. What's your favorite show that's not a cartoon?


11. What's your favorite canadian show?

6teen or total drama (those are Canadian cause its in the Canadian section on Netflix so is Arthur)

12. are you a gamer?

yes I play minecraft and halo and black ops and all that crap

13. Do you Cuss?

no too young can't yet

14. What's your favorite book?

that is so hard considering I'm a book worm I'd have to say divergent or the maze runner

15. do you like answering these questions?

if I say no are we done?

16. Are you mentally insane?

a little but I control or on purpose go crazy

17. How have you been writing?

since like 2 grade I made a short book and ended up adding on to it every time I found the journal (I lose things)

18. What's a book your writing?

your secret language it's about a girl whose abused by her dad and hebehest friend helps her

19. What's your favorite food?

nachos I like Mexican food

20. What's your favorite snack?


Time to play, WOULD YOU RATHER!

Would you rather watch a movie without audio and with subtitles or listen to a movie without the picture?
Listen to the movie without the picture.

Would rather have more time or money? Money I'm not selfish I would split my money in half half to charity and the other half I can use how I please.

Would you rather look young and beautiful when you become old or have the ability to become invisible. Invisible they couldn't see me and I can play pranks!

Would rather go to Heaven or live on Earth forever? It depends do I stay young if I stay on Earth forever because if not then I choose Heaven

Would rather Hakuna Matata or YOLO? The fact that I find YOLO very annoying I'm choosing Hakuna Matata also because its from my favorite Disney movie.

Would rather have a rewind button in your life or a pause button? Rewind button I could fix my mistakes.

Would rather listen to Baby for an hour or listen to Gangnam Style for 10 hours? Hard because I hate Justin Bieber but I love Gangnam style but I'm sure it would get annoying after awhile. I'm gonna go with Baby because its a shorter time.

Would you rather sing the national anthem at a super bowl game or do a nude scene in a blockbuster movie? Sing the National Anthem less embarrassing.

Would you rather have your mind serve on as an ipod so you can listen to music whenever you want or be able to watch your dreams on television? Well I'll go with be able to watch my dreams on tv because my mind already serves as an ipod.

Would you rather see someone trip and fall or see someone start dancing for no reason? Dancing it would be like a flash mob.

Would you rather be friend-zoned by your crush or have your best friend fall in love with you? Have my best friend fall in love with me! It's like Danny and Sam!

Would you rather sacrifice your life for 10 friends or have 5 friends die for you? Sacrifice my life! I don't want my friends dieing for me!

Would you rather have mermaids be real or have unicorns be real? Mermaids! Then I could be one!

Remember that girl you called fat today?

she went home and made herself throw up.

Remember that person you called ugly?

they're saving up for plastic surgery instead of college.

Remember that guy you called gay?

he slept with a girl to prove he wasn't, and now he's stuck with her for 18 years.

Remember that person you laughed at for passing out

they're dying of a brain tumour.

Remember that girl you called pathetic and disgusting?

she cuts herself every night.

Remember that girlfriend/boyfriend you cheated on and thought nothing of it?

They will never trust themselves to fall in love again.

Remember that guy you dared to break into the store?

He's going to jail for four years.

You don't have to do much to ruin someone's life. Just think before you speak. Consider how those few little words will affect the person you are saying them to. 'Cause if the roles were reversed, how would you feel? Hate bullying? Repost this onto your profile, so as many people get the message as possible.

What's your favorite shows?

Austin And Ally

Danny Phantom


Total Drama


What famous guy do you want to marry?

Ross Lynch

James Maslow

Josh Hutcherson

Cody Longo

Favorite movie?

Pitch Perfect

Kim Possible: So The Drama

Hunger Games


21 Jump Street

Geek Charming

Favorite catchy song?

Double Take-Ross Lynch

Gangnam Style-Psy

Favorite music artist?

Rossy Lynch

Cody Longo


Avril Lavigne

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