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Author has written 13 stories for Prototype, Elder Scroll series, Dresden Files, Overwatch, Familiar of Zero, Resident Evil, and OFF.

Real Life being Real Life. Reeeeeeeeeeal fucking busy. Still fucking busy.

Cakes Blargh here, butchering English grammar since 1995!

Current Muse: Strange Growths. Finish Prototype short story crossover. Continue Bad End.

Most likely to work on Prototype than Elder Scrolls. To be honest, I'm burnout from Elder Scrolls. Right now I'm just not sure about my love with ES. The worst part about it is the feeling of being at lost, not sure what to believe, the reasons I was invested in it being cheapened and cop out by a weak explanation, and the fact people are fine with it just makes me sad. I will still write... just know it lacks the full heart I had for it.

Story Status:

The Fall and Rise: DROPPED. Bad End will be its successor.

Old Fool: No longer a project, unless I feel like editing.

A Beautiful (More Like Maddening) Partnership: P-p-procrastinating!

Elder Scrolls Scribes: Hiatus.

Champion of Zero: Indefinite Hiatus. Don't know when I will pick this up, since I'm going to edit a lot of my old writings to fit my current standard. I'm more likely to work on other Elder Scrolls and ZNT stories than this.

Dearly Beloved: On and off. Currently, it's off...

Crown and Staves: An on and off project really. Currently, it's off...

A Bad End: Dana and Blackwatch-centric. In the Backlog.

Strange Growths: New chapter in the works.

Loves drawing, reading, and writing. Author sometimes does silly mistake on her grammer (AHAHAHA, grammer! Grammar, bitch!) due to her stupidity of starving herself while writing or simply rushes her proofreading, but the major cause of her errors is due to English being her second language (or there's something wrong with her head).

Her most favorite books, games, [insert media e.g films] are:

-David Edding's books

-The Chronicles of Darren Shan

-Percy Jackson and the Olympian series (not the second. The plot was dull. A shame too, it felt it could've been executed better in many ways.)

-Northern Lights, Subtle Knife, Amber Glass

-Chaos Walking series

-Thursday Next series

-OFF by Mortis Ghost.

Other stuff she likes:

-Mythology. Mostly the Norse Pantheons. Especially Loki, the oath-brother of Odin. (That asshole trickster is a loveable bastard, how else did he manage to stay alive beside having luck at his side.)

-Alice in Wonderland (not particularly the book but the concepts it has in its story. It has madness in it plus the Cheshire Cat)


-Most of the internet and youtube that have corroded some part of her mind when she just innocently looks up on a perfectly innocent keyword.

-Prototype 2. I'm sorry, this has finally earned my hatred. Why? There's this bunch of Wesker clone running around, disguised as Mercer. God this guy killed so much... hell I actually like Heller (not so much) because he gets to punch this Mercer impostor in the face!

-Stupid politician and government

-Sometimes her brain which can be a major trolling prick whom she loves to laugh with (it's a complicated relationship)

-Ransom my Heart (due to some evil friends she has, she was forced to read the evil book that killed some of her brain cells while her friend gets to read a perfectly wonderful novel she'd recommended. Her friend ended up happy in the end due to the novel's awesomeness. She was bleeding her brain out at the end after zipping through the pages of doom.)

-Twilight Series and most typical Teenage Adult books.

-and much more...

Stories and Ideas

*Soul Nomad (Soul Cradle) crossover with Soul Eater. From Evil path, post- good ending, Male!Reyva is stuffed in that accursed black sword with Danette as the leash holder. If Danette wasn't there, he would have fucking eat the souls of any current owner of the sword.

Well, that would put Danette into the spotlight. Since she has to choose whether to let Reyva 'To eat or not to eat' while keeping the leash tight on him from possessing anybody. So you basically have a sword that holds a powerful being that can destroy worlds, with added risk that very being could eat the soul of the current owner.

Now make Layna, his sister, the only one who could wield the sword even without Danette holding the leash. Why she's the only one besides the reason of her being Median's daughter? I don't know, maybe Reyva likes to put worms inside his sister's head from that enigmatic mercy of his. (Now that I think of it, this reminds me of War and his Chaoseater) Which fits his character since he let them defeat him in the evil path ending... for some reason or not.

The point is, there's character development here. Interesting character development between them. We didn't get much bonding with Layna in the game, and she's technically the most badass female character too.

Now shove them into Soul Eater world, and what do you get? ...shit. (Legendary Technician Layna and her Weapon, the Onyx Blade!) Well... this has major potential which can roll itself into any crossover.

*The Fall and Rise: A prototype 2 AU focusing on the psychological side, the fight against one's nature, the mental struggles with morals in one's action, and the affect and consequence it has. Main Characters: Alex Mercer. Dana Mercer. PARIAH. Elizabeth Greene. James Heller. Focusing on making the story unique and not just an "unscrewed" version of P2.

*Prototype crossover with Borderlands 2. In trouble with the galactic authorities, no problem! Come to Pandora. The Planet where heroes are shot in the face and authorities belonging to psychopathic fascist with big guns... or those top of the foodchain! Need to make fortune, a name for yourself, no worries! Pandora is known for its hidden treasures such as the Vault filled with Eridium, or the expensive loots of your dead enemy. What more can you have, minions! It's a playground filled with illegal overpowered weapons and evil midgets... and uh, monsters... plus Alex with the Bane. XD

*Prototype - Subject: PARIAH. A deal of disconcerting series of one-shot and drabbles of experiments, trials, tests, reports, hallucinations suffered. Not in chronological order. Featuring the elusive, enigmatic boy who for 40 years remained in captivity by the time of 2009. If the boy is the final purpose of all life form, a being more than Zeus, why hasn't he released another Outbreak. Was it the hivelink connected to him, or did Blackwatch succeeded in their project: Crusade. (I so want to write this, some scenes are running in my head but they're not connected.) -- WROTE IT!

*Elder Scrolls Scribes: What would happen if the Champion of Cyrodiil and the Nerevarine came back in time for the Dragon Crisis. What would happen if they met each other with the Dragonborn. What would happen if they mentored the Dragonborn? Results: :D Plus characters from previous games might pop up...

*Elder Scrolls crossover with Zero no Tsukaima(Familiar of Zero). Remember Oblivion? Remember how Bethesda made an XBOX trailer that depicted a noble, heroic, adventurous Imperial Knight? Their version of the Champion of Cyrodiil. He's actually a tragic figure. Why? Remember the quests? SPOILER:

-Nine damned Divines Oblivion's Main Quest! Gods dammit! While everyone runs around screaming as the apocalypse comes crashing down on them. Guards were retreating, and towns were burning. You're the only brave(nutty) one to walk into the Oblivion's gate, into the Deadland's(property of one of the mean Daedric Princes) alone. But in the end, all those struggles, those bloody hard works to keep your best friend alive and onto the blimmin' throne, gone with a whoosh. Not to mention the whole damn quest is actually a reminiscent of what Alessia and Pelinal had to face, especially when it comes to fighting against an army of Daedra contracted by elves and earning back The Ruby Throne. Now, what race was Mankar Camoran again... It would make sense a lot if you know the concept of mantling.

-Mage's, you ended becoming the Necromancer that uses your mentor's soul for the power to resist Mannimarco. That, or you just did what Pelinal did to any elves who dared challenge him in a duel. You went Divine Crusader and the last one happens to be batshit insane and powerful...

-Thieves', you're crazy enough to think you can rob an Elder Scroll from the Imperial Palace that's guarded by its psychic, mental guards (on edge due to emperor's assassination) and blind seers who can hear you like gods-damn bat.

-Fighter's, you kill people you'd once help in your hallucination caused by the Hist's sap.

-Arena's, you're technically crazy, Nord crazy for wanting to be a gladiator and a participator of a bloody sport that can kill you.

-Dark Brotherhood's, you kill your own "family", willingly to purge them and then you saw your mentor's dead body strung up, mutilated while everyone around you was sickly cheerful. All you kill... for nothing.

-Knights of the Nine's, the original Divine Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake, he's technically a frothing berserker that can delete lands in his rampage and also have nuclear laser blast in his left hand. And the Prophet, avatar of Talos, says you embody him.

-Shivering Isles', if you did all those quests, or just the Main Quest and KOTN, this actually shows this heroic Imperial Knight, descending into madness or not sane at all. Leading him to walk into the Madhouse, becoming the Madgod. Actually, just check the fucking lore about Lorkhan, Shor, Champion of Men, the Divine Crusader, specifically Pelinal, and Sheogorath of course. There are some freaky parallels running between The Serpent and The Madgod. It's no surprise who the Champion of Cyrodiil really was... or became... or yeah.

And Louise happens to summon this tragic, insane, powerful figure.

There's also the Nerevarine, and all his artifacts (boots of blinding speed, anyone?). Now if Louise happens to summon PC!Dunmer!Nerevarine... yes, we've got a crack right here.

The crackiest idea, get PC!CoC!Sheogorath as Louise's familiar. Yeah! That'll end up good for the whole academy... or the world.

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