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About me

My name, although it isn't Mizune, it is to all of you. Unless of course you find it easier to call me Mizu, that's fine too. I'm 20 years old and my birthday is June 28. I'm a proud member of the U.S Air Force! I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember now and I love it so much. I use to only write random little stories that pop into my head but now I'm really into fanfiction. I found that I will actually complete them that way. I didn't use to like it when other people would read my stories. I was always scared of what they would think. Although ever since i have been putting them up here I welcome criticism with open arms! It's the most amazing feeling in the world when someone else takes the time out of their day to read my story and tell me what they think. It feels even better when someone actually likes my work.

I have a lot of other hobbies as well! I'm a really artsy person, I really love to draw and make random shit. I also love video games, anything from super Mario to Halo. If any of you want my xbox gamer tag, feel free to ask and it's yours. I also LOVE to cosplay. I make it a habit of spending all my hard earned money on my cosplay. I’ve done some Lolita, Chi from chobits, I've gone as Mario. Also, my picture if you noticed, it's my latest cosplay. Momo Hinamori from bleach. I had some issues finishing my shinigami garb so I settled with the last minute Karakura school uniform. I make my costumes myself (mostly) and it's hard to meet my own deadlines. A lot of people confused me as Saya from Blood plus though. I hope that after basic I’ll be able to finish some of my other cosplay's I’ve been working on. I'm also working on putting up a facebook page dedicated to cosplay and conventions. Not quite sure how far I want to get with it yet though, we'll see.


Some of my favorite animes are: FMA, Inuyasha, Chobits, Elfin Lied, H.O.T.D, Panty and Stocking (I honestly though I was going to hate this anime when I first saw it, but I was dead wrong.) Claymore, Bleach, Naruto and so many more I can’t think of off the top of my head! I pride myself on my amazing Manga collection; I have almost 200 books and 60 different titles! I actually prefer to read anime then to watch it. Stimulates more brain cells..

Anime’s I freaking hate; don't even care if you hate me for it. 1) Hetalia, I tried to watch it, I really did. I never watched a worse piece of shit anime in my life. I can go on and on about how horrible it was but I'm not going to. 2) Moon Phase... Dear god, please just don't... It's terrible and you know it. 3) My little pony. I made an exception for this one because it's not even anime. Please anime community, for the love of god, GROW UP. MLP is made for an audience that has a load in their pants. 4) Gravitation. I'm not sure what it is with 13 year old girls and butt-sex, there isn’t much else I can say to this then just a simple 'no'. 5) Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, this is just shit, period. This is all I can think of right now.

Music, always an important one! I will listen to about any type of music accept, hardcore rap, gospel, opera, and show tunes. My ears will literally start to bleed... it's very serious!

Some of my favorite video games: Tomb Raider (been a favorite since the 90's) Halo (Some of you wil never understand the joys of a system link.), Left 4 Dead, Dishonored, Bioshock, Oblivion, Skyrim, C.O.D., Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, Borderlands, Darksiders, Anything with Mario in it, freaking love that guy. There are a lot more but I can't think of them off the top of my head! I don't particularly hate any video games, I do on the other hand hate the people who play them. If you're not old enough to buy a mature game. (ie. 17) You shouldn't be playing it. It's that simple. I'm really tired of hearing how 12 year old's f*cked my mom. It's rated MATURE for a reason. Go back to your damn sidewalk chalk.

I'm not exactly sure what else to tell about myself! So if you want to know anything else just ask! Please feel free to check out any of my stories and I shall return the favor! I love to read and give advice on new writers as well. So if you're new and really shy I don’t bite I swear! I'm not an amazing talent, but i love to share my knowledge with people who are willing to listen.

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This story follows the first red Pikmin that Olimar ever plucked. You'll get to see the story of how they helped get Olimar's ship parts back, only this time, through the eyes of the little red Pikmin. Rated K because anyone can read it, but there will be some violence, and sad pikmin deaths. Also some language that some younger viewers may not understand, nothing foul though.
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Warning: Lemon, don't like that sort of thing? Please dont read. This is my first one so go easy on me. Set after the defeat of Aizen but has nothing to do with the plot line at all. Momo and Toshiro had grown very distant after the battle with Aizen, so much so that they hardly even look each other's direction. Unable to take it any longer he confronts her. Who will break first?
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This story is set after the ending of the original FMA series, not brotherhood. if you haven't watched it then this story will make no sense at all. There is a better summary inside but I warn you that it contains spoilers. Its all about Ed's adventure after the ending of the anime and him trying to find his way back. Will he ever be able to keep the promise he made to Al? EdxOC
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