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hey guys,

well, i was writing strangers on board but the inspiration kind of died, although i'm still working on re-creating the plot line. but anywho, new story working more on the insanity of River and her life at the academy, kinda. well, yeah, so i have a fictionpress account now, check it out if you want, the link is here

the story behind the three was kinda weird, well it was suppost to be a stand alone fic set in the firefly verse about Tsavo after she escapes the acadamy. but i didnt know if you can do that without any of the characters from the actual tv show/movie so that didnt happen. i'm really trying to continue my storys but i dont really know where they were going, well i kind of know where the three is going, but i cant even remember all of the character names for strangers on board. i'm working on some one-shots to try and expand my writing skill and all that. its kind of odd writing about firefly when i've been reading so many different fandoms recently and i'm still really trying to work out my style, hopefully i'll get there and i'll stop being boring and all that...

this is my tumblr

okay, random facts about me

occupation: student

age: 15

sex: female

star sign: scorpio

hobbys: reading, writing, painting, scetching, singing, various instruments, watching random latenight movies on SBS, listening to music

favourite tv shows: firefly, bones, lost girl, supernatural, sons of anarchy, being human (original), fringe, angel, dollhouse, doctor who, the mentalist, spongebob, sherlock(BBC), hannible, teen wolf,

favourite movies: serenity, pitch black, looper, pitch perfect, dredd, rocky horror picture show, all of the underworlds movies, hansel and gretle, queen of the damned, the addams family

siblings: 3 older sisters, 23, 20, 18

favourite movie and tv quotes:


"This must be what going insane feels like." Simon Tam-Firefly

"River, honey, you can come out now, he's putting the hair away." "But it'll still be there, waiting." Zoe Washbourne and River Tam-Firefly

"Well, my sister is a ship. We had a complicated childhood." Simon Tam-Firefly

"This landing is going to get pretty interesting." "Define interesting." "Oh god oh god we're all going to die?" Wash and Malcolm Reynolds-Firefly

"Have you ever read the works of Shan Yu? He featured himself quite the warrior poet, wrote volumes on war, torture, the limits of human endurance. He said that you can live with a man for forty years, eat your meals together, talk on every subject, and then tie him up and hold him over a volcano's edge. And on that day, you will meet the man." "What if you don't live near a volcano?" Shepherd Book and Simon Tam-Firefly

"I can be terse. Once, in flight school, I was laconic." Wash-Firefly

"What have I said about barging into my shuttle?" "That it was manly and impulsive?" "I believe my exact words were DON'T!" Inara Serra and Malcolm Reynolds-Firefly

"Mal doesn't want you to run into his blushing psychotic bride. If she finds out about you two, she'll turn you in before you can say...don't turn me in lady." Jayne Cobb to River and Simon Tam-Firefly

"This may come as a shock, but I'm not actually good at talking to girls." "Why, is there somebody you are good at talking to?" Simon Tam and Zoe Washbourne-Firefly

"First rule of battle little one, don't let them know where you are." "WHOO!! I'm right here. I'm right here!!" "Of course, there are other schools of thought." Zoe Washbourne and Malcolm Reynolds-Firefly

"Inara, think you can stoop to being on my arm?" "Will you wash it first?" Malcolm Reynolds and Inara Serra-Firefly

"Well, looks can be deceiving." "Not as deceiving as a low down dirty... deceiver." "Well said. Wasn't that well said Zoe?" "Had a certain poetry to it sir." Jayne Cobb, Malcolm Reynolds, and Zoe Washbourne-Firefly

"Little River is getting more colorful by the minute. What will she do next?" "Well, it's a toss up. Either blow us all up or rub soup in her hair." "I hope it's the soup thing. It's always good for a laugh and we don't all die from it." Wash and Zoe-Firefly

"Psychic though? That sounds like something out of science fiction." "You live in a spaceship dear." "So?" Wash and Zoe-Firefly

"You understand what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's rutting in charge here." Jayne Cobb-Firefly

"Now, you can luxuriate in a nice jail cell but if your hand touches metal I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you." Malcolm Reynolds-Firefly


"Angela! Booth! I have informed Zach that if he tells anyone who I am, I will kick him out onto the street like a stray dog. Sadly, there is nothing that I can threaten you two with." "Yeah, that's a shame." Jack Hodgins and Angela Montenegro-Bones

"Maybe if Brennan understands that we are not crazily competitive we can all come through this with our friendships intact." "Besides, Dr. Brennan must realize that we are going to destroy them." "I'll explain 'crazily competitive' to Zack over and over until he understands it." Angela Montenegro, Zack Addy, and Jack Hodgins-Bones

Doctor who:

"Dalek fleet. A minimum of twelve thousand battleships armed to the teeth. But we've got surprise on our side! They'd never expect three people to attack twelve thousand dalek battleships because they'd be killed instantly! So it'd be a short surprise...never mind, forget it." The Doctor-Doctor Who

"Sontarans. Talk about cross. Who stole all their handbags?" The Doctor-Doctor Who

"So I return to my command after one week and find out that we've been playing host to Cleopatra, who's in Egypt. And dead!" "Yes, funny how things work out." Julius Caesar and River Song/Melody Pond-Doctor Who

"Am I a ginger?" "No." "Dang it! I've always wanted to be a ginger!" The Doctor and Rose-Doctor Who

the addams family:

"And what are you darling? Where is your costume?" "This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac. They look just like everybody else." Aunt and Wednesday-The Addams Family

"Wednesday's at that very special age when there's only one thing on her mind." "Boys?" "Homicide." Morticia Addams, Random Lady, Wednesday-The Addams Family

Liska Kiki =D

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