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HEY! IT'S MINUN! Yeah. It's me, I was formerly My Word's Live, but I wanted something AWESOME, so I changed to The Minun. Awesome. So I do some stroies with Punny-Penname, who I call PP. Heh. So I do PJO, and HG, and I may do Divergent and Ranger's Apprentice sometime. SO... Thats me!

Uh.. So I did personality tests, and this is what I got.

PJO- Connor Stoll. Yeah, pretty awesome, he's also my fav character because he does more pranks than Travis.

Divergent- Uhh, I did that thing where you get chosen into a Faction, and I GOT FACTIONLESS! DANG IT! But when I got a person, I got Christene, (DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL HER NAME!)

Hunger Games- I got Buttercup. Enough said.

Ranger's Aprrentice- BARON ARALD! HECK YEAH!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Hunger Games, or Percy Jackson and The Olympians, but I do own some, not all of the characters in my stories.

Upcoming Stories? (Will update more when I think of more) Please do not steal.

Mom, she hit me!- PJO and THG crossover- Peeta Melark was always abused by his mother. And most of you wonder why I bet! His mother is Demeter and Boy oh Boy was Peeta's mom jealous. To get back on him, she hurts poor Peeta, and Peeta always cries at night, just for comfort. From the time Peeta is 3, until the Reaping.

Can I have One Dance?- PJO, and after the giant war, everyone's changed a bit. They reflect on their old memories, with One Dance.

This Is What- Those Hunger Games! Mixed with PJO? WHA?! Submit your own tribute! A demigod tribute for the Hunger Games! OMG that'll be AMAZING!

The Mortal God- A son of Hestia, who is ripped of his unknown immortality, and to get it back, he must prove himself. With 5 friends he journeys to find why some of the most powerful faded monsters, are coming back, and why some minor gods are mysteriously disappearing. Kinda like my old Son of Flame (Deleted story of mine) but it's better. WAY Better.

GOTTA CATCH EM'! (Personal Fav!) Leo's working in his bunker after the Giant War. Studying Archamedes scroll, he finds something... New. That he's never seen before. Archamedes made spheres, and he made a sphere, that could capture and tame... MONSTERS! Yep, Leo gets to work, and the final product comes out as a... Orange sized, red and white, round sphere with a button between the red and white. "A pokeball?" Leo asks. Pokemon and PJO!

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Demigods- Endangered Species reviews
In the future, Percy is on the run, hunted by the government, as he is one of the only left of his kind. Demigods. Hunted to extinction, mortals and monsters hunt down these being and torture them and kill them. The gods of Olympus are powerless to act, and the Demigods are on their own. Follow Percy and Leo on their quest to restore demigods and to overthrow the government.
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This girl wants to Kill Apollo and Artemis, because they killed her mom and siblings. This is based off an actual Myth, that I find interesting. It's in the world of PJO, and we will run into one of the characters in PJO. It's a kinda revenge and romance story. So I hope you read this, though I am pretty bad at Summaries. Read and Review!
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A short story by my friend My Words Speak, a small part in our Final Rebellion Series. (FINAL REBELLION COMING SOON!) This story marks the Final turning point to the Climax, where Asia and the Rebel forces of 13, face off against the Capitol and Romania. So I hope you read this, and check out the other stories by me and my friend. The rest of the series is on my page. Thank You!
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