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Author has written 8 stories for Thomas the Tank Engine, Transformers/Beast Wars, and Planet of the Apes.

Hi everyone!

Since I don't come here as often as I should, it's been years since I updated my profile. To those few who know me, I'm alive and kicking, and yes, I intend to finish all the stories I have started. I am also planning a rewrite on That Thou Art Mindful of Him within this century ;) (hence the reason I haven't posted it on AO3 yet). I also have numerous story plans that may or may not reach this site, mostly within the Transformers fandom.

To those who don't know me: I started out writing only to myself and since I was (and still am) quite insecure in my writing skills, I didn't post anything online for a long time, but then one day I thought, why not, what's there to lose? My stories are not the most popular, but as I said, I write mostly to myself and I will continue updating all the stories I posted here, though it might take years for me to do so. I currently write stories set in the Transformers fandom, G1/IDW is my main source of inspiration, but I also have stories set in the Animated and Prime universe.

My favourite era is pre-war and I really love exploring characters (mostly Decepticons) and their motivations, either directly at the start of the war or right after it (and NOT on Earth). This means my stories are usually not really action-filled and they are slow-paced. I love different characters clashing, small character moments, how characters stand up from their lowest. I like exploring how they deal with choices and the changes of the world around them, but sometimes I get carried away with wanting to show too much at the same time and that might become confusing. I'll try to work on that in the future, all I can say is, this is the way I write and I would like people to tell me their opinion sincerely on these matters.

My top favourite characters are Soundwave (G1/IDW) and his bunch of cassettes, mostly Rumble and Frenzy (so they're surely gonna suffer ;). When I started watching G1 cartoon they immediately caught my attention as the first representation of a closer partnership (and within the Decepticons - even better) and I came to accept the headcanon of them being a family, or as close as they can get to it, so expect to see a lot about them in my stories, they are usually the main characters. When I ship Soundwave with anyone, it's almost always Blaster, I like his personality from the G1 cartoon and someone needs to make this stoic Decepticon laugh. However, I usually respect official pairs and I stick to them, however, since these two aren't officially bonded to anyone in any universe, I will continue shipping them.

My other favourites include Megatron and Starscream (pre-war, in-war, post-war, always) and Knock Out from TF:Prime. From the Autobot side, my top three include Ratchet, Perceptor and Blaster. I like many other characters, mostly characters not that popular (hello, Astrotrain), I will not make a long list now, but I can say there are few I outright hate. Most of the time I'm just neutral about most of them. But if you read any of my TF related stories, the above characters are sure to make an appearance.

As for my Thomas the Tank Engine stories, you can easily tell that Edward is my top favourite, I am sure the old engine is more than meets the eye (pun unintended). I also like writing about Henry, he became my favourite mainly for the reason I stated above - I love writing characters who are at their lowest (either physically - sick, injured - or mentally) and how they can get up and go on. James and his unparalleled attitude is a colourful speck in this beautiful topsy-turvy.

As you can see, I'm not a native speaker and I might make mistakes, I'm trying to correct them and make my use of words more colourful - I also ask anybody who has the time to point out inaccuracies, I would like to improve. I know my older stories have more mistakes in them and I plan on cleaning them up (you can already find a first "clean-up" version of Plague on AO3) and as I said, I'm planning a complete rewrite on That Thou Art Mindful of Him. The main concept will remain, it is details, pacing and language I want to change. Whenever it happens.

Alright, enough of me. You can PM me and I love hearing your thoughts on the stories. Although I'm not much of a reviewer, I will always try to answer reviews or messages, even if it takes literal ages for me to do so.

You can also find me on AO3 under the same name, I will slowly transfer my stories from here to the site and update my recent stories there as well. On tumblr, I am ecologicallyfriendly (I know, I know, but "environmentally friendly" was taken :P).

Hope I didn't bore anyone and I hope you can find something for your taste among my mess of stories. ;)

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Stone Mind reviews
Decades after Caesar's war, Cornelius and his apes are living in peace. However, what they do not know is that other tribes of apes are out there as well - and some are not as peaceful as others. Whether their world crumbles from outside or from within, they must hold onto the things they still value to survive. Rating may go up with later chapters.
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Megatron and his Decepticons at Trypticon Prison face the consequences of a new power coming into play to rule Cybertron - a fate maybe worse than execution. The only one still free to break them out, however, must first find his way back to life and to the promise he once made, long ago. TF:A with elements of G1:IDW. WARNING: dark themes, explicit torture in later chapters.
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A young historian asks Edward to tell him about World War II on Sodor. I do not own TTTE characters. The story may not correspond with events in the Railway Series or television series.
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