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Hello mates! I'm Sira, sixteen years old, a girl living in London. The one that's in England, not the Canadian one. Apparently there's a London in Canada. I'm possibly one of the biggest nerds you will ever meet in your life with the widest range of fandoms. Amongst my fandoms, I choose to list: Harry Potter, Les Mis, Doctor Who. I think if you're English and you don't like Doctor Who, you might as well leave the country because you will cause a scandal worthy of Victorian England. So in other words, I'm a Potterhead Mizzie Whovian.

Right now I am going through a bit of a Rose Tyler phase again. Both Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose.

I'm a big fan of Orphan Black too. My favourite clones are Sarah and Helena, but when it comes to secondary characters I of course adore Felix! I also love his brother/sister relationship with Sarah. I don't like Alison though, sorry. I find her really annoying. She can be funny, but mostly I find her annoying. And I hate Paul too.

I have a younger brother and sister who are nine y/o twins, and I feel like I should have mentioned them before ... I'm such a terrible sister. But their names are Sarah and Josh and they both go to my school (it takes kids from first year to last year), which is a very arts-oriented school, which is great for theatre nerds like Sarah and me (just nine and already a nerd, I'm so proud of her), and great for little cartoonists like Josh. Things at my school work a little differently than most British schools. For one, we call all the years first year, second year, and so on, like at Hogwarts, except it goes up to twelfth year. Lots of schools in the UK don't do this, but mine does. And we do two plays a year, one at Christmas and one musical at the end of May. Last year, we did Les Mis, which made me very happy, and I even got to play the older Cosette, which was just brilliant. I dream of playing Cosette on the West End when I'm older.

Currently taking part in the Great Tumblr Doctor Who Prompt Challenge with JackHarknessWouldLookGoodInFez, JessicaWhoCouldEndTheWorld, ImDreamingTheDream, EndlesslyEden, Dominique-Likes-Bowties and other tumblr friends who have not yet joined this site. Involves being sent a cover image of a screenshot and a title and having to write a oneshot about it. Currently we are in Phase One, NineRose.

My family is pretty multicultural. My dad is English but my mum is from New Delhi. I have family in India, the States (or Alaska, if you want to be specific) and in New Zealand.

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