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Poll: Are these pairs okay? Kiza x Kiyomaru / Kat x Kurona / Blaze x Kuma / Mario x Ender / Ember x Ketsueki (Neige will not have a shipping cause, 13 and 17 year old shippings scare me for some reason. It'll be Neige x Elizabeth -her doll-) Vote Now!
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Author has written 14 stories for Elsword, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, and Pokémon.

- Currently updating stories on 3 different sites, and school -

Name - Just call me Saki! (not my real name though)

Age - Decided to tell you...I'm 14.

Race - Filipino :D - (I'm pretty light skinned for one though.)

Gender - Female

Appearance - Brown eyes, black medium length layered hair, black glasses. I wear a pikachu hoodie, dark blue jean shorts, black suspenders and a white v-neck tee. (My main outfit c:) But really, I wear anything anime like, that outfit seemed the most like it.

A little bit about me - I'm always somewhat sickly yet I don't take medicine. I am smart but I don't read much. I'm usually the depressed person, but I normally keep that side of me away from people closest to me cause I somewhat feel like a burden if people worry about me. I'm always insecure, and people tell me not to be but I can't stop. I don't have a lot of friends at school, I'm short, and I'm always made fun of. Well I don't give a crap about that. So if you have a problem with me...LAY OFF BISH! Don't do something meaningless and insult me or start stupid things, because dealing with that is just a waste of my time, so if you do have a problem with me, let it go and LAY OFF! Have a good day

Achievements -

  • Made 4 OCs Kiza, Kuma, Suki, Lyre
  • Over 25 reviews on Elsword: Invasion
  • Collab with Anon on a Elsword/SAO crossover
  • Met really nice friends on Fanfiction.net

  • Story Updates -

    Future Stories -

  • Suki's Story
  • Elsword: Fable of the Foxes
  • Authors and Elsword
  • Kuma's Descent
  • Phoenix's Purity
  • Postponed -

  • Elsword: Complete Division
  • Elsword: Artificial Romance
  • Pokemon: Uncertain Truth (I just started this too TvT)
  • Ongoing -

  • Elsword: One and Only
  • Elsword: Kiza's Quota *low priority*
  • Elsword: HOMDO
  • Elsword: Invasion
  • Immersion Online
  • Elsword: Nightmares
  • Elsword: Shinjitsu no Oto *update when I feel like it*
  • Elsword: Elrios Daily *low priority*
  • Being Redone -

  • Holiday Chat
  • Completed -

  • Happy Birthday Darling!
  • Elsword: Promise

  • Games I Play

    - Elsword

    Elsword Characters

    SakiNii - Ara - Sakra Devanam [NA Server]

    ZakiNii - Rena - Wind Sneaker [NA Server]

    More Info on Saki -

    Saki's Favorite Elsword Male Chara - Chung (cause he's an adorable pikachu!)

    Saki's Favorite Female Chara - Eve and Ara (I'm a sucker for elegants and regal stuffs, and melee weapons like spears)

    What Saki will call her friends - Peasants, Darlings, Lovelies, Slaves, Minions, Bubble Buddies

    How to bribe Saki - With Kiwi Juice or Food

    Favorite Animal - Does Pikachu count? If not then bears and ducks OvO

    Likes - Kiwis, Kiwi Juice, Elsword Online, RPG Games, Cute Things, Anime, Manga, Guildies, Lovely Friends (In game and Real Life)

    Dislikes - Homework, Mean People, People who judge too quickly, being called names, Uniform, Drama

    Anime / Manga I read

    Stepping on Roses

    Hot Gimmicks (My friend made me read it OuO)

    Kitchen Princess (Adorableness!)

    Gentleman's Alliance

    Princess Princess


    Chibi Vampire

    Princess Ver. 1

    Because I'm Goddess

    Pixie Pop

    My Boyfriend is a Vampire

    Zero no Tsukaima


    Lucky Star

    D.N Angel

    Princess Princess

    Chibi Devi!

    Highschool DxD

    Astarotte no Omoche

    Black Butler

    Mermaid Melody

    Pokemon (XD)

    Panty & Stocking w/ Garterbelt

    Tokyo Mew Mew

    School Days

    A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives

    Angel Beats

    Ao No Exorcist

    Death Note


    Clannad After Story

    Inuyasha (My first anime)

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Sword Art Online (Very nice effects)

    Saki's Elsword O.Cs -

    Kizaki Kimaki- (Kiza for short)

    Race - Demon / Human

    Gender - Female

    Age - 17

    Background - She was shunned by her peers in a small forest town in the Fluone Continent. People shunned her for being half demon, ever since her human mother had her. She soon lost it when her mother died and her father left her. She destroyed the city and became corrupted a bit. The survivors of the town ran to further cities for help, to hunt down the rampaging demon, Kiza. She ran from every hunter that followed her and she started hiding. She fell in love with one hunter that didn't really want to kill her. He hid her from his colleagues reassuring her safety until he was executed for protecting her. Kiza became corrupt once more and started to thieve to survive. She vowed she would avenge her fallen love and prove she didn't become corrupt for no reason.

    Weapon(s) -

    Base - Dual Daggers

    Succubus Stealer - Dual Daggers / Shadow Bladed Fan

    Sly Shadower - Dual Daggers / Mines&Traps

    Hunter Lord - Dual Daggers / Needles

    Jobs -

    Thief - Dark Thief - Succubus Stealer

    Thief - Master Thief - Sly Shadower

    Thief - Weapon Thief - Hunter Lord

    Appearances -

    Accessories - Black Bat Like Wings and Demon Tail (Like How Rena Has Elf Ears or Eve the Power Orb)

    Body - Slightly Taller Than Rena Shorter Than Raven

    Bust Size - (Cause I want to OuO) B cup to D cup

    Eye Color - Black Eye / Red Eye

    Hair Color - Black

    Bangs Style - Covering Forehead and Layered (Like CBS) *her bangs always remain the same*

    Skin - Peach Skin Color

    Thief - Red Muffler / Thigh Length Black Slit Dress w/ Under shorts / Black Boots / Layered Medium Hair w/ Half Ponytail /

    Dark Thief - Black Open Bodice w/ Tailcoat/ Red Tipped Gray Muffler / Black Shorts w/ Chain Hanging/ Black and Red Striped Thigh Long Socks / Black Combat Boots / Medium Length Hair Down w/ Red Headband and Red Dyed Tips /

    Succubus Stealer - Maroon Corset / Black Muffler / Maroon Thigh Long Boots / Black Garter w/ Wings / Black Buckle Belt / Maroon Elbow Length Gloves *finger cut* / Waist Length Hair Layered off to the Side (something like Chung's Fury Guardian except longer) /

    Master Thief - Black Vest (like Rune Slayer except down to waist) w/ tailcoat / Red Muffler Covering Mouth / Black Shorts / Black Boots / Red Thigh Long Socks w/ Cross Stitching on Sides / Back Length Ponytail w/ braid strand handing down shoulder /

    Sly Shadower - Black Face Mask covering Mouth / Black Ragged Muffler / Black Sleeveless Turtle neck Body Suit / Black Stockings / Black Combat Boots / Shoulder Length Cropped Hair w/ Long Braid Down Back / Black Ankle Length Trench Coat

    Weapon Thief - Blood Red Muffler / Black String Bikini / Blood Red Mini Shorts / Blood Red Upper Arm Length Gloves w/ Black Bangles / Black Knee High Laced Boots / Shoulder Length Layered Neck Length Pigtails

    Hunter Lord - Blood Red Bandanna / Ankle Length Sleeveless Black Jacket / Blood Red Tube Bra / Black Mini Shorts w/ Blood Red Buckle Belt / Black Thigh Long Socks / Blood Red Knee High Combat Boots / Hip Length Layered Braid /

    Job Backgrounds-

    Dark Thief - Kiza has taken the path of her demon ways and continues to take the path of darkness. Revenge has taken over her. She uses the dark magic of her race against you. Using charm spells and black magic, wondering Elrios for her own appeal. This trickster will fool anyone alive, this trickster is know at the Dark Thief.

    Succubus Stealer - Her charm spells have advanced and she has complete control over her captivating powers. With her moral steps of a thief, she uses her charm to captivate men, and then sooner or later knock them out. Once the victim wakes up, they'll notice, everything is gone. She's been on the run as the Succubus Stealer.

    Master Thief - Kiza has mastered her ways and taken her path to become the best thief of all. With a flash, one step and you'll find yourself in a minefield to distract you from noticing a little demon taking your stuff. Trapping you from seeing her face and catching her. Beware where you walk cause there's always something right behind you.

    Sly Shadower - She's there behind you, why can't you see her? She's in a place you'll never find her, your shadow. Her traps and mines have completely got you trapped, the only thing you'll see is a figure in black, can't tell what or who it is. Good luck hunting this figure down, cause you'll never see where she is.

    Weapon Thief - Imperial guards,blacksmiths, warriors, figheters and even mercenaries are losing their weapons, where could they be? Obviously now with a demon. In order to make a living, this little demon will steal any weapon and sell them for a good price. When you find your weapon realize, the person that bought it isn't the thief, someone else is. Good luck finding her cause she's all over Elrios.

    Hunter Lord - A trained assassin who self taught her combat skills. One second you're innocently walking somewhere, next second you're pinned down to the ground with needles. You'll find yourself grazed, cut and maybe even dead by the time you notice it. She'll make most of her bounties fast and painless, but will make some criminal bounties just plain slow and painful, so criminals watch out

    Job Skills -

    Sukima Zuu - Suki for short

    Age - *unknown*

    Race - Doll

    Gender - Female

    Background - Kiza's old childhood friend who accepted Kiza for who she was. They hung out together until she disappeared leaving Kiza all alone. Suki found herself in a forest surrounded by merciless demons. She was killed but later brought back to life cause of a certain man. His glasses hid his eyes as he sewed her severed body parts together making sure no one can notice the stitches on her body. She was still a young girl at that time so she never grew. She was dead but still walking the earth. She helped the man with his patients but he died of old age. She found bats in the man's home and used them to carry her IV Fluids to help her survive the outside world. Suki began to roam the Elrios for Kiza, her only friend.

    Jobs -

    Doll - Undead Doll - Spirit Lord

    Doll - Blood Doll - Psycho Puppet

    Doll - Cursed Doll - Witched Toy

    Weapons -

    Base Job - IV Fluid

    Spirit Lord Path - IV Fluid / Spirit Gate / Scythe

    Psycho Puppet Path - IV Fluid / Deadly Puppets / Butcher Knives

    Witch Toy Path - IV Fluid / Grimoire of Curses / Bats

    Note - I will be using links for they're appearances, because I'm to lazy to type it out

    Appearances -

    Accessories - Floating IV Fluids (helps her stay in motion)

    Eye color - Red

    Expression - -varies on which path she takes-

    Body - Height of Chung (base job)

    Bust Size - A cup (will remain that way cause she's dead)

    Hair Color - Black

    Bangs Style - Swept to the left

    Skin Color - Pale

    Doll -

    Undead Doll -

    Spirit Lord -

    Blood Doll -

    Psycho Puppet -

    Cursed Doll -

    Witched Toy -

    Job Backgrounds -

    Undead Doll -

    "Shall I continue to haunt the spirits or become a undead doll? Your choice..." She's out there walking Elrios. She uses her new ability to talk to fallen spirits and use them to her whim. Watch out, you might find yourself trapped in a graveyard surrounded by the nightly undead thanks to one doll we know.

    Spirit Lord -

    "Teehee! Welcome to the world of the ghosts, enjoy!" She's everywhere now using the 'Spirit Gate' as a transporter to send her anyplace she wants. It could be to ambush you, or maybe to appear right in front of you. Brace for impacts of multiple ghastly attacks. You'll find yourself living one day, the other, in a spirit realm. Make sure to thank the new 'Spirit Lord.'

    Blood Doll -

    *coming soon*

    Psycho Puppet -

    *coming soon*

    Cursed Doll -

    *coming soon*

    Witched Toy -

    *coming soon*

    Job Skills -

    Doll- *coming soon*

    Undead Doll-

    Spirit Scythe - She summons a giant scythe and infuses it with ghostly, spiritual energy to impact the enemy with a powerful blow and slash.

    Ghost Grasp - She summons a ghost to hold the enemy down and dealing damage yet draining the enemy's energy.

    *more to come*

    Spirit Lord -

    Soul Split - It depletes half of her health to deal an almost fatal blow to surrounding opponents, but has a 50% chance of taking the loss health of each opponent it hits.

    *more to come*

    Blood Doll -

    Fusion Cut - She mixes many deadly poisons and fluids from my IV bags into her little butcher knife and relentlessly attacking enemies giving them different status effects.

    Puppet Drain - She summons hordes of puppets to launch itself onto any nearby enemy, and exploding, if there are no enemies nearby, then the puppets will remain by her side until a certain amount of time passes, or an enemy comes by.

    *more to come*

    Psycho Puppet

    Puppet Cutter - She summons a few blood thirsty puppets and turns them into knives, draining energy as it attacks surrounding targets.

    *more to come*

    Cursed Doll -

    Cursed Rain - It pours down a bunch of dark magic formed into needles causing damage and status effects

    Witch's Brew - Throws her book into the air and it leaks down hazardous liquid causing damage and trapping enemy or enemies in the down fall

    *more to come*

    Witched Toy -

    Bat's Descend - Summons a horde of red bats and has them rain down on enemies causing damage.

    Bat Chain - Summons red bats and chains up enemies while dealing damage.

    *more to come*

    Kuma Seishin

    Age - 15

    Race - Bear Hyrbrid

    Gender - Female

    Background - A test subject made by nasods when she was 10. Her quota was to find their Queen Eve and annihilate the people who held her hostage. That quest was removed when they were implanting fake memories with the ones of her being tested on by nasods. When they figured out that her quest to search for Eve was no longer in her brain, the put her in coma and dropped her of Altera's ledges. She landed on an airship that was just leaving Altera heading off to Bethma. Stella, Bethma's sheriff took Kuma in and raised her as her own as Kuma was still in coma for 3 years. When she woke up, Stella was standing there. When she saw Stella's face she began calling Stella 'mama' and has been helping her out for two years before she was told she wasn't really Stella's child, and being sent off to find her real memories and her true past.

    Jobs -

    Claw - Bear Claw - Master Berserker

    Claw - Death Claw - Cerberus Tamer

    Claw - Wind Claw - High Aviator

    Weapons -

    Base Job - Bear-paw Gloves (with Claws)

    Master Berserker Path - Bear-paw gloves / Beast Form

    Cerberus Tamer Path - Bear-paw gloves / Shadow Whip

    High Aviator Path - Bear-paw gloves / Rifles and Musket

    Appearances -

    Accessories - Bear Ears and Tail/ Bear-paw gloves / Bear-paw slippers (cuff above the ankle)

    Eye color - One Brown / One Golden

    Body - As tall as Eve

    Bust Sizes - *varies on job paths*

    Claw - A cup

    Master Berserker Path - C cup

    Cerberus Tamer Path- D cup

    High Aviator Path - B Cup

    Hair Color - Dark Brown

    Bangs Style - Covering Forehead (Like Stella's Bangs)

    Skin Color - Peach

    Claw - Green Over Shoulder Shirt/Brown Vest/Brown Above Mid-thigh Shorts/Green High Socks/Brown Goggles on Head/Green Bandanna on Neck/ Shoulder Length Hair (like Luriel's Hair)

    Bear Claw - Mid Breast Brown Open Vest/Maroon Tube Top/Puffy Maroon Knee Length Shorts/Dark Brown Goggles around Neck/Dark Brown Bear paw Gloves and Slippers/Uneven Maroon Arm Sleeves Under Paws/Dark Brown Uneven Pigtails (Like Black Rock Shooter)

    Master Berserker - White and golden yukata above mid thighs w/ no sleeves/ Hair in bun with a ponytail running down below it / White mid thigh long socks with golden linings / White and golden arm sleeves at the mid upper arm opened at wrists /

    Death Claw - Black tube top / Dark grey muffler / Black goggles over muffler / Black skirt w/ under shorts / Dark grey knee high socks / Hair down with 2 mini pigtails on sides / Black arm bands on upper arms / Black paw gloves (hand and feet) /

    Cerberus Tamer - Black 1 strap corset / Black shorts w/ dark feathers down left side / Black paws / Hair in messy side ponytail / Black bandages on neck / 1 black mid thigh sock / Black bandages on both arms /

    Wind Claw - White mid torso vest with golden shirt under / White beret hat with golden wings / Hair in two pigtails(like Aisha's EM) / White hip shorts w/ golden belt / White goggles around neck / 1 white/ 1 golden mid thigh socks / Light Brown paw gloves / White and golden bandanna around arm /

    High Aviator -

    Job Backrounds -

    Bear Claw - *coming soon*

    Master Berserker - *coming soon*

    Death Claw - *coming soon*

    Cerberus Tamer - *coming soon*

    Wind Claw - *coming soon*

    High Aviator - *coming soon*

    Job Skills -

    Bear - *coming soon*

    Bear Claw - *coming soon*

    Master Berseker - *coming soon*

    Death Claw - *coming soon*

    Cerberus Tamer - *coming soon*

    Wind Claw - *coming soon*

    High Aviator - *coming soon*

    Lyre Harpisto

    Age - ??

    Race - Phoenix Hybrid

    Gender - Female

    Background - A young dancer girl who was used to seal an mythological creature and put into a deep slumber. She was soon awakened knowing the sealing of the phoenix's true power was being unleashed. She fought back but couldn't hold back any longer 'till it completely absorbed her human body, thus making her half phoenix. Since she awoke, she didn't know what to do. So she continued what she loved to do before she was put to sleep, which was dancing. She was then one day ambushed and suddenly needed to fight back, releasing the phoenix's power into her fan dancing, defeating all of the opponents around her. She soon accepted the phoenix's power and traveled the world to become a known dancer.

    Jobs -

    Performer - Flame Performer - Searing Songtress

    Performer - Deadly Performer - Demonic Mime

    Performer - Musical Performer - Immersed Musician

    Weapons -

    Base Job -

    Searing Songtress Path - Phoenix Fan (Red) / Throwing Knives

    Demonic Mime Path - Phoenix Fan (Black) / Juggling Pins / Tarot Cards

    Immersed Musician - Phoenix Fan (Blue) / Enchanted Violin

    Awakenings -

    Enflamed Phoenix - Only available in Base and Searing Songstress Path. Her wings and tails appear from an explosion of flames. She has the ability to fly around and can leave a flame trail behind her that can burn anyone in contact. As the awakening ends, her wings and tails disappear into a puff of ashes. Her wing and tail color is a Fiery Orange/Red.

    Shadowed Phoenix - Only available in Demonic Mime Path. Her wings and tails appear from an ascension of darkness around her. She has the ability to fly around and can leave a poisonous shade trail behind her that can poison anyone in contact. As the awakening ends, her wings and tails disappears back into the shadows where it came from. Her wing and tail color is a Shadowy Black/Purple Color.

    Harmonic Phoenix - Only available in Immersed Musician Path. Her wings and tails appear from an surrounding light conjured by a ominous tune. She has the ability to fly around and can leave a false note trail behind her that can confuse anyone in contact. As the awakening ends, her wings and tails turns into blue music notes that disappear in thin air. Her wing and tail color is a Blue/White color.

    Appearances -


    Eye color - Golden Brown

    Body - As tall as Eve

    Bust Size - A Cup - C Cup

    Hair Color - Black

    Skin Color - Peach

    Performer -

    Flame Performer -

    Searing Songtress -

    Deathly Performer -

    Demonic Mime -

    Musical Performer -

    Immersed Musician -

    Job Skills and Backround -

    Performer - *coming soon*

    Flame Performer - *coming soon*

    Searing Songtress - *coming soon*

    Deathly Performer - *coming soon*

    Demonic Mime - *coming soon*

    Musical Performer - *coming soon*

    Immersed Musician - *coming soon*

    That's about it Ciao!


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