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Hey everyone!!! I know this section has always been completely boring before, but I hadn't really realised until I checked my reviews today...and yeah, sorry I've come across as so boring for so long, but even now I'm not sure what to write here. What do other ppl write in theirs?? Oh well, I'll just write about me...

NAME: Incase you haven't guessed, my username is roguewildmage. My real name is Jill, and I also have a joint account with my bestie LJ, ‘unco vs clueless’, if you like my fics, (or even if you don’t) check this one out cos its mad.


•Briar/Sandry (TP)
•Kel/Neal (TP)
•Hermione/Ron (HP)
•Jesse/Susannah (Mediator)

(If you know of any good fics with these pairings, or if you write them yourself, please let me know, I’ll be happy to R and R for you)


•Yuki/Neal (TP) (uggggggghhh!)
•Tris/Briar (TP) (double uggggggghhhhh!)
•Harry/Draco (HP) (can’t believe ppl would write that….)
•Kel/Raoul (TP) (ditto)
•Kel/Lord Wyldon (TP) (double ditto)

(If you know of any fics with these pairing, or even write one yourself, plz give me your name and address and I will send you hate mail forever)


•Kel/Dom (TP) (Even though she totally belongs with Neal)
•Kel/Cleon (TP) (Ditto)
•Harry/Ginny (HP) (They both annoy me, but if suitably OOC it can work)
•Daine/Numair (TP) (Even though he’s WAAAAAY to old for her)


•I live for reviews. You may have noticed that my Kel/Neal fic has ceased to be updated, this is because I only got ONE measly review for my last chapter (thankyou to whoever supplied it, you brightened my day!!) and plz also notice that I am serious when I say “this story will not be updated til I get xyz number of reviews” I do try to be prompt once u reach the number, and you know, my ego does need a boost every so often.
•I value my reviewers. If you leave a review for me and would like me to review your story, u only need to say so.
•I understand that my characters are sometimes, or even often, OOC. You have to understand however, that Kel is a very hard character to write unless u make her a little bit OOC, and that I have only read the first circle of magic book, cos the second one is Tris and Tris is evil. Possibly more evil than Yuki, I haven’t decided yet…
•I value good fics/authors. If I think your fic is good, your name will be added to my hall of fame (see below)


•LJ4Neal – despite the dorky name, LJ is mah best friend and a very good writer if you like angsty Kel/Neal fics
•Inandout – Lindy researches her fics well and it shows. Somehow she makes Harry bearable for me. No idea now, cos she keeps him pretty in character
•Cami of Queenscove – Don’t personally know this person, but her fics are good (albeit a little wrong), even though she fully NEVER updates.
•LadyQueenscove – Why does everyone who’s fics I read seem to be in love with Neal?? He is sooooo mine! But yeah, her fics are fluffy, with a plot! Yay! My favourite
•Makai-Tenshi – Boring username, but a good author. Her fics have strange plots, but they’re good newayz….

There, I sound suitably authorish and up myself. Bring on the reviews!!!

Luv JiLL

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In Love with My Best Friend by dreamerdoll reviews
FINISHED!KN Neal, about to be married, realizes his feelings for Kel, so he breaks things off with Yuki. Oh, thanks to all my wonderful readers and reviewers! you guys are sooo awesome!
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Kel walked swiftly over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of breeches and a shirt. Stripping off the towel, she threw it to Neal. “Not a word out of you, Neal.” She grinned at his shocked look. “It’s not like you haven’t seen it before. Chapt
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Nealligan's Island reviews
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