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So long y'all, it's been real. Good luck and stay safe out there.

Atmosphere: 64th Game. Complete. Blog: atmospherehungergames. blogspot. com

Victor: Trance Berrill, District One Male

Sand Castles: 81st Game. Complete. Blog: sandcastleshungergames. blogspot. com

Victor: Venera Toulley, District Two Female

Lockdown: 100th Game. Complete. Blog: lockdownhungergames. blogspot. com

Victor: Evelyn Arellis, District Eight Female.

Mentors' Blog - updated through to the 99th Hunger Games. Blog: victorsgallery. blogspot. com

Post-canon SYOT information:

Setting the Stage: The Third Quarter Quell That Never Happened

Ruthlessly powerful and unspeakably cruel hands twisted the Seventy-Fifth Hunger Games to serve a single purpose: strangle the rebellion in the cradle before hope, the most virulent of all afflictions, spread to those poor and desperate souls who toiled endlessly in the districts.

Of all the mistakes made by Coriolanus Snow in his omnipotence-induced blindness, condemning all but one of the Capitol's most darling victors to certain death ignited unheralded public outrage. No longer could the cracks in the establishment be concealed.

On the eve of the Seventy-Fifth Game, as Capitolites and Districters alike rioted in the streets, Plutarch Heavensebee acted behind closed doors in order to save as many rebel lives as possible. In conjunction with Capitol Vice-President Thaddeus Hyperion and District Thirteen President Alma Coin, Heavensbee ordered a hit on President Snow.

It was only after red dripped from white roses that the architect of the Seventy-Fifth arena realized his trust had been misplaced.

Hyperion, motivated by a desire to protect his people and their way of life, and Coin, lusting for power and revenge against the districts that so willingly abandoned District Thirteen after the First Rebellion, agreed to protect each others' interests. After killing Heavensbee, they called all District Mayors to the Capitol in order to forge a new covenant, a government that would grant freedom and equal treatment under the law to all citizens of Panem. But as the mayors learned upon arriving in the Capitol, the equality was nominal. The freedom wasn't enough. What they had hoped would end the decades-long oppression merely proved that the Capitol hadn't been run by bloodless monsters.

It had been run by men and women, the very same that could be found all throughout the districts.

And when the mayors of Districts Two, Five, Six, and Twelve were publicly executed for failing to comply with the whims of their new leaders, it became apparent to the rest of Panem that maybe place of birth or ridiculous clothing or having too much food to eat doesn't turn men and women into monsters.

It is power, especially the love of power, that corrupts the mind, twisting delicate virtues and noble intentions into unrecognizable horror and unjustified suffering.

The Coin-Hyperion Agreement
Effective December 31st, Year 75

1.) The Capitol shall immediately be stripped of "favored city" status, and will accept the new title of "District Zero".

2.) Overarching restrictions on travel between districts previously instituted by District Zero are hereby lifted.
-2A. Each district shall have complete authority over its own travel restrictions.

3.) The residents of District Thirteen shall relocate to an above-ground, livable environment free of nuclear damage.
-3A. They shall not relocate to land already inhabited by citizens of another district.

4.) District Zero will suffer no retaliation in regard to previous master-servant relations between the "Capitol" and the districts.

5.) The Hunger Games shall continue as ordained after the First Rebellion.
-5A. Districts Zero through Thirteen shall each send two randomly-picked tributes, one male and one female between the ages of 12 and 18, to participate in the annual Hunger Games.
-5B. The Hunger Games shall continue to be held in District Zero, unless otherwise authorized by a majority vote (eight or more) of district leaders.
-5C. The Hunger Games, as well as victors' annual salaries, shall be financed by a 2% tax on all goods produced in Panem, regardless of district of origin. The responsibility of monitoring and enforcing this tax lies with the leadership of District Zero and District Thirteen.

6.) District Zero and District Thirteen shall hold popular elections every two years on the first of January to determine their own leadership. Mayors of Districts One through Twelve shall be appointed under the authority of District Zero and District Thirteen.

7.) The practice of prostituting victors shall be immediately abolished.
-7A. Violators will face charges up to and including execution.

8.) Career Districts shall be given nominal recognition and permission to open academies for the express intent of training future victors.
-8A. A "Career District" is any district that accrues four or more victors over a thirty-five year period.
-8B. The status of "Career District" can be revoked if the district fails to meet the requirement stated in 8A.

Victor's Purge and the Current State of Affairs

To ensure the longevity of their newly-forged empire, Thaddeus Hyperion and Alma Coin implemented the Victor's Purge, a method of containment proposed by the late President Snow: kill the cultural icons before they garnered enough support to rekindle the rebellion.

Between June 18th of the 75th year and February 29th of the 76th year, eighteen victors were ripped from their families and taken from their homes. Some were beaten, some were tortured, but all were tried, convicted, and executed for their involvement with the failed insurrectionist movement.

Rapture Rezure - District One
Lyme Detrus - District Two
Beetee Latier - District Three
Wiress Maywell - District Three
Mags Edolwyn - District Four
Orion Atlanta - District Four
Meriam Forscythe - District Five
Dynamo Cress - District Five
Blight Cooper - District Seven
Johanna Mason - District Seven
Woof Loom - District Eight
Buckwheat Farro - District Nine
Sophia Goldwater - District Ten
Brand Pollard - District Ten
Esperanza Huntington - District Ten
Chaff Sod - District Eleven
Haymitch Abernathy - District Twelve
Peeta Mellark - District Twelve

Katniss Everdeen, Finnick Odair, Nero Stafford, and Chase Harson, all known collaborators, were graciously allowed to live - an unwarranted and completely contrived demonstration of kindness, goodwill, and compassion toward the wayward children of Panem.

The caged Mockingjay, the abused Beloved, the beaten Elitist, and the silenced Messenger.

Behold the mercy of the new regime.

My Tributes

Ongoing - By District of Origin:

None. Thanks for the good memories~

Completed - By Placement:

Morgan Vos, 17, District Six Male. Demons Within - Victor

Asher Hadamik, 18, District Ten Male. From the Ground Up - Victor

Ceres Milani, 18, District Two Female. Shot in the Dark - Placed 2nd

Elion Dacanay, 18, District Five Male. Hunting Season - Placed 3rd

Maxim Bauer, 13 District Nine Male. Claustrophobia - Placed 4th

Sorrel Keating, 18, District Twelve Female. The 20th: They All Fall Down - Placed 4th

Ceylon Lanier, 17, District One Male. Settle a Score - Placed 5th

Adrian Mariner, 18, District Four Male. The Stars Stand Up in the Air: The 58th Hunger Games - Placed 5th

Gage Orsini, 18, District Three Male. Set in Stone - Placed 5th

Chase Whittaker, 18, District Twelve Male. Flesh and Blood - Placed 5th

Lysander Davenport, 18, District One Male. Beyond the Veil - Placed 6th

Maven Ashford, 16, District Three Female. A Diamond is Forever - Placed 6th

August Dreygon, 17, District Seven Male. Sink or Swim - Placed 6th

Tristan Booker, 20, District Ten Male. Measured in Blood - Would have placed 6th

Aisling Ibarra, 17, District Seven Female. Down to the Wire - Would have placed 8th

Andros Valier, 18, District One Male. Beneficially Instructive Tribute Creator's Handbook - Placed 9th

Ivo Koehn, 17, District Four Male. Lonely Hour - Placed 9th

Jericho Castillo, 18, District Seven Male. Lost - Placed 10th

Lance Trysail, 18, District Four Male. Fight or Flight - Placed 10th

Oliver Abendroth, 17, District Nine Male. Pushing Up Daisies - Placed 11th

Tobias Cress, 17, District Seven Male. From the Ground Up - Placed 11th

Levi Rinehart, 17, District Five Male. Epitaph - Placed 12th

Inari Wilder, 17, District Six Female. Only Human - Placed 12th

Cole Grissom, 15, District Five Male. Written in Ice - Placed 13th

Caine Pravda, 18, District Two Male. Fight For Your Life - Placed 14th

Orson Nautica, 17, District Four Male. Riot of Color - Placed 14th

Aurelian Eldridge, 18, District Two, Sector Eight Male. The 13 Games: Stoneheart - Placed 18th

Sloan Ryker, 16, District Eleven Male. Madhouse - Placed 19th

Teagan Riley, 18, District Twelve Male. Cloud Nine - Placed 19th

Dresden Scott, 13, District Eleven Male. From the Ground Up - Placed 22nd

Caleb Markland, 18, District Three Male. Light Up The Sky: The 30th Hunger Games - Placed 24th

Elani Ingram, 14, District Eleven Female. For a Reason: The 42nd Hunger Games - Placed 37th

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