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Information for The Assassin Games

Rules (please read them!)

1. Before you submit a tribute, you need to read the first chapter before submitting. Every character is going to have an important role. That is especially important. Please don't skip this step.

2. Alright, so in my last SYOT (listed below) I had a lot of repeat tributes, and that is not really something I want to repeat (hahaha), because when I create a tribute, I don't want to have to compare to the other story the tribute was portrayed in. I want to go for originality (though I confess I have submitted a few repeat tributes, but that will not happen anymore), and that will make the story the best it can possibly be, and then you readers can have the best time reading the story. So, think of really cool backstories. Really these tributes are normal people with normal every-day issues, except a lot of them are poor, and they have the Hunger Games to worry about. It's not really that hard to come up with an original idea. Also, to eliminate the likeliness of accidentally submitting a Mary-Sue, you can search on Google How to Make a Tribute Fanfiction, and you will probably get stories (yes, stories) that describe what names you can use for a specific district (because, really, who wants a name like Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way in the story or a boring name like Bill or Susan?), appearances, backstories, families, etc. Also, Greek god names are exceedingly irritating. Unless it's a minor god's name, don't use those names (if you're really desperate, just tell me that the other names weren't working and you just really couldn't find or use another name, and I promise I'll be really lenient).

3. Put details and thought into your character. The more details you give them, the more likely they will be that I will accept them. And I will not be taking reservations. This is also not a first come, first serve SYOT. I will definitely be considering every tribute I get for their preferred district, and if there is more than one submission for a district, don't be alarmed. You can still submit, but if you want your tribute to be accepted, make him/her good. Also, you're not allowed to submit tributes from the same district. It would be a lot better for the dynamics of the story.

4. Submitting will be closed either when I receive a tribute to fill every spot, or in two weeks, December 15th. By then, I will notify those whose tributes were accepted, and those whose tributes weren't accepted, I will notify and explain briefly why they were not accepted.

A brief sidenote, you can delete the stuff in the parentheses before you send in the tribute. Additionally, an author just asked me about this, and I unfortunately will not be doing a sponsor system. On an SYOT I worked on before, the system was way too hectic, and sometimes I forgot to post it on the chapters, and yeah...it was also really hard to keep track of the points everyone had, and no guests could receive, and it was just really complicated. So, yeah, sorry about that.

Submitting is closed. Here's the list.

Okay someone notified me the link for the blog isn't working. I tested it about five times, and it's fanfiction that's being screwy, so just copy and paste this link: h t t p:// the175thhg . blogspot . com/

Link to Brill's dresses for the chariot chapter, click here for the first dress and here for the second dress. Link to Brill's dress for the interviews, click here.

District 1

Artis Meer

Alexandria “Alex” Gardenias, 17

District 2

Len Agarato III

Ashlar “Ash” Diamond

District 3

Clark McCormick

Bean Craymond

District 4

Dylan Edmar

Cordelia Valentina

District 5

Xavier Monroe

Luna Bayers

District 6

Ordell Ford

Tyhler Steer

District 7

Viktor Dane

Bay Laurel

District 8

Fabian Harrison

Aretha Ravennia “Raven” Tharedy

District 9

Marcus Finch

Narci Lockheart

District 10

Saul Barton

Henrietta “Etta” Poplin

District 11

Bourin Spade

Vermione Parkel

District 12

Ash Ember

Seraphine “Sera” Ashford

Our ideas...for awesomely awesome stories...


*Coming soon* means we have talked about it and have justified on making it; it is definite

*Coming very soon* means we have written most of it and are in the editing process

*In Progress* means the story is already posted on Fanfiction, but it is not yet complete

*Completed* means the story is on Fanfiction, and has been completed

The Stallers-One-shot about Harry and Ron not doing their homework...a bet of twenty Galleons...a missing cloak...and a very smug Hermione...takes place during fourth year in between the second and third tasks.*Coming very soon*

Daughters of Athena- Annabeth Chase finds herself at Hogwarts...and Hermione Granger finds herself at Camp Half-Blood...two daughters of Athena, embarking on a dangerous journey to find each other and switch back to their normal lives...Harry/Percy Jackson Crossover*In Progress*

Snape Charmed- One shot about Fred and George, a potions lesson, and a very happy Ron ending up in the hospital wing.*Coming soon*

The Softie- What Bellatrix and Narcissa really thought of Andromeda's marriage to Ted Tonks*Coming very soon*

Katniss Hawthorne- Prim wasn't reaped and Peeta died in the Games. The result...Katniss Hawthorne*Coming soon*

Percy Jackson and the Daughter of Venus- When Percy secretly travels to Greece, he meets a daughter of Venus from Hogwarts...without the knowledge of Annabeth...and some extreme kissing...only problem is, we both forgot who the girl's supposed to be...*Coming soon*

Lost in a Grid-Harry, Ron and Hermione take a mystery golden transporter to a place which is unknown. When the Golden Trio gets lost in New York City, they meet someone very special...or someones...read who it is to find out...*In progress*

How Much Trouble Can One Kosher Meal Cause?-When Ron finally realizes that he sooo loves his way of eating, as well as his friends...and a very interesting date to Hogsmeade. And why contradicting Professor Trelawney is a very bad idea.*Completed*

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Clara sometimes asks me if I dream. “Of course I dream,” I tell her. “Everybody dreams.”

“But what do you dream about?” she’ll ask.

“The same thing everybody dreams about,” I tell her. “I dream about where I’m going.”

She always laughs at that. “But you’re not going anywhere, you’re just wondering about.” That’s not true. Not anymore. I have a new destination. My journey’s the same as yours, same as anyone’s. It’s taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know I’m going. Where I’ve always been going.

Home. The long way around.

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