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Hi! My name is Nicetwin123. I have been on this site for a few years now, but only started a account up a few months ago. I am 16, and live in the U.S.A.

I play the violin, and sing and write songs. I like to act and sometimes will enter a talent show. But mostly i like to write poems. So far, I have written about 50. (I trashed most of my first poems because they weren't very good.)

I have ADD, and have little moments of depresstion. I also have a problem with stress. But i always pop back up. (My mother calls them my little black moods.) When i really have my heart set on something, I can usally outstand the people i know. But most of the time I'm just lazy. :)

I can only write drabbles at the moment. 1. because they are fun to write, and 2. I like drabbles more than anything. (But a nice short or long story is just as good.)

Most of the time, i just write for fun. I really don't care about dates, but i think people should let their mind wander and think of fun things that Holmes and Watson could do (or any other story in fact). I do not write the same as Conan, but he is still one of the best authors i have ever had the pleasure of knowing about. I have never been one to try to copy anyone else in their writing style, or any style of theirs. I like to take my own path and that is the way i am. :) I like people with open minds.

I will mostly stay on Sherlock Holmes for the moment. He is my favirot Story character after all. I love for people to review and do exsept creative remarkes. (But if you start to point out each and every flaw in my chapters I will not be overly happy about it.) Just politly point them out and i will fix it as soon as i can.

I fell in love with Sherlock Holmes when i was about 11, and have been reading storys on this site for about 2 years. I also write poems. My dream is to be a famous poet when i get older and to travel the world helping poor people get the chance they need to get on with the world. (Such as schooling, money, and jobs.)

I found out i loved poems on this site in fact. Here is the poem i found in one of the storys here that made me start to like poems.



We are but two- the others sleep

through deaths untroubled night

we are but two- O let us keep

the link that binds us bright

heart leaps to heart- the sacred flood

that warms us is the same

that good old man-his honest blood

alike we fondly claim

we in one mothers arms were locked

long be her love be repaid

in the same cradle we were rocked

by the same hearth we played

our boyish sports were all the same

each little joy and woe

let manhood keep alive the flame

light up so long ago

we are but two- be that the band

to hold us till we die

sholder to shoulder let us stand

till side by side we lie

It is one of the most touching poems i have ever heard in my life. Well, thats all there is about me.

From yours truley,


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