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Author has written 12 stories for Bleach.

Favorite Anime: Bleach

My style of writing: any pairings that

don't exist yet, or messing with the plot.

I love Bleach, I haven't missed a single episode since I started watching it

Major IchixRuki fan, but I will do other pairings, mostly with Ichigo.

Race: White, Native American


Top ten Bleach girls:




4.Momo Hinamori







Top 3 Ichigo Pairings




Top 3 Lesbian Pairings




In case you were wondering, I forgot my gender.

Note to my readers: Guys, if it seems like I'm dragging a story along, like the chapters don't progress the story much, then you can look forward to a nice big bang at the end. I love to go out with a bang. Expect it in my more recent fics please, thanks for the support everyone!

Now my dark side: The sun rises, joy spreads across the world, but only when man ceases to exist. Innocence is a lie, silence is the loudest music, religion is a joke, humans are a disease, Death is the only real angel, the future never comes, the present is the only thing anyone has to look forward to. Once our world ends, the universe will be pure. Why worry about the pain of Hell when you're already here? Heaven is empty, Hell is over flowing. You will die one day, but you might as well be dead already. Think like a child, and die like a fool.

Now my positive side: Even an idiot is right half the time. No one is perfect, save for God. Never make fun of one's religion, for your own may be in question. Sometimes the one that chooses not to harm another is the deadliest, so kindest is the best remedy for violence. Whether dead or alive, you are always loved by God. Satan doesn't force, he only tempts. Leaders rise and fall, there will always be a predecessor. If you find one's love, then your life is complete. Thanks for letting me tell such confusing things.

My OC's


Ken'Ichi: a mischievious young dark haired 15 year-old boy. Son of Ichigo and Rukia.

Sora: a serious and intelligent long, dark-haired girl. Daughter of Ichigo and Rukia.

Yuri: a fun-loving orange haired 10-year old girl. Daughter of Ichigo and Rukia.


Kaytren: a vengeance seeking hollow. Deceased

Delusional Modsouls:

Ozan: tall man with long white hair. Wears a black business suit. Leader of the gang of modsouls. Deceased. Ex-luitenant of
Squad 12

Shizuno: up to Ozan's shoulders, wears a red and black ninja tights, green hair. Declares himself the son of Ozan. Led the kidnapping of Nozomi. Boyfriend of Zenas. Temporarily deceased, revived. Member of modsoul gang.

Zenas: Red-haired girl that wears red and black leather jacket and pants. Girlfriend of Shizuno. Temporarily deceased, revived. Member of modsoul gang.

Ijana: long purple hair and a usual white outfit, he is an inteligent (though he rarely chooses to show it) young man that revived Shizuno, Zenas, and Daichi. Mission planner of modsoul gang.

Daichi: Brother of Zenas, has short brown hair and wears a white ninja outfit. Extremely talented analyst. Member of modsoul gang. Temporarily deceased, revived.

Izara: sister of Daichi and Zenas. Refused the modsoul gang's belief. Deceased.


Masamai: a clone of a random civilian. 1st attempt at a perfect soldier.

Deal With The Devil:

Noucozai Miriyesferyn: a childish hollow girl that arrived to Las Noches with Arturo Plateado.

Cicero Tohis: a nervous gentleman of a hollow that gained Vasto Lorde status after consuming the hollows that Ichigo killed.

OC's soon to come:

Azionois: double personalitied, 13-year-old son of Ichigo and Nozomi. Normally calm and quiet, speaking mostly in hums, unless it is required he never talks. Orange hair with green near his hair line. Like Ichigo, he is considered a delinquent due to his hair and constant fighting.

Uziomis: the second personality of Azionois, often talkative and violent, often gets Azionois in serious trouble with the law in Karakura and restrained in the Soul Society, often violently or by Mayuri if he's having a bad day.

Ichira: daughter of Ichigo and Nozomi, and sister to Azionois. She has purely green, shoulder length hair. She enjoys painting and designing dresses that she forces Azionois to wear when he's restrained as Uziomis.

One final note: If i screw up with grammar, and you want me to fix it, I say suck it up and deal with it. Get over it, bad grammar doesn't mean a bad story, I learned that the hard way. So don't hate on grammar unless your a f*cking english teacher or some kind of sh*t like that.

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