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Hello All.:) Whats up?

You all call me Chuck, Moe, or King. I don't really mind.

Race: African American/Caribbean

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Likes: Anime, video games, music, basketball, T.V., movies, Internet, Interesting characters, and fan fiction.

Dislikes: Jerks, soccer, boring stuff, fighting, bad grammar, Math, and internet connection when it goes out.



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Whitney (Goldenrod City Gym and Normal Type Pokemon User):

Morty (Ecruteak City Gym and Ghost Type Pokemon User):

Chuck (Cianwood City Gym and Fighting Type Pokemon User):

Jasmine (Olivine City Gym and Steel Type Pokemon User):

Pryce (Mahogany Town Gym and Ice Type Pokemon User):

Clair (Blackthorn City Gym and Dragon Type Pokemon User):


Roxanne (Rustboro City Gym and Rock Type Pokemon User):

Brawly (Dewford Town Gym and Fighting Type Pokemon User):

Wattson (Mauville City Gym and Electric Type Pokemon User):

Flannery (Lavaridge Town Gym and Fire Type Pokemon User):

Norman (Petalburg City Gym and Normal Type Pokemon User):

Winona (Fortree City Gym and Flying Type Pokemon User):

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Juan (Sootopolis City Gym and Water Type Pokemon User):


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Maylene (Veilstone City Gym and Fighting Type Pokemon User):

Crasher Wake (Pastoria City Gym and Water Type Pokemon User):

Fantina (Hearthome City Gym and Ghost Type Pokemon User):

Byron (Canalave City Gym and Steel Type Pokemon User):

Candice (Snowpoint City Gym and Ice Type Pokemon User):

Volkner (Sunyshore City Gym and Electric Type Pokemon User):


Chili and Cress (Striaton City Gym and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Lenora (Nacrene City Gym and Normal Type Pokemon User):

Burgh (Castelia City Gym and Bug Type Pokemon User):

Elesa (Nimbasa City Gym and Electric Type Pokemon User):

Clay (Driftveil City Gym and Ground Type Pokemon User):

Skyla (Mistralton City Gym and Flying Type Pokemon User):

Brycen (Icirrus City Gym and Ice Type Pokemon User):

Drayden (Opelucid City Gym and Dragon Type Pokemon User):

Cheren (Aspertia City Gym and Normal Type Pokemon User (Gym) and Mix Type Pokemon User (Regular):

Roxie (Virbank City Gym and Poison Type Pokemon User):

Marlon (Humilau City Gym and Water Type Pokemon User):


Viola (Santalune City Gym and Bug Type Pokemon User):

Grant (Cyllage City Gym and Rock Type Pokemon User):

Korrina (Shalour City Gym and Fighting Type Pokemon User):

Ramos (Coumarine City Gym and Grass Type Pokemon User):

Clembot 2.0 (Lumiose City Gym and Electric Type Pokemon User):

Valerie (Laverre City Gym and Fairy Type Pokemon User):

Olympia (Anistar City Gym and Psychic Type Pokemon User):

Wulfric (Snowbelle City Gym and Ice Type Pokemon User):



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Will (Psychic Type Pokemon User):

Koga (Poison Type Pokemon User):

Bruno (Fighting Type Pokemon User):

Karen (Dark Type Pokemon User):


Sidney (Dark Type Pokemon User):

Phoebe (Ghost Type Pokemon User):

Glacia (Ice Type Pokemon User):

Drake (Dragon Type Pokemon User):


Aaron (Bug Type Pokemon User):

Bertha (Ground Type Pokemon User):

Flint (Fire Type Pokemon User):

Lucian (Psychic Type Pokemon User):


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Caitlin (Psychic Type Pokemon User):


Drasna (Dragon Type Pokemon User):

Siebold (Water Type Pokemon User):

Wikstrom (Steel Type Pokemon User):

Malva (Fire Type Pokemon User):



Factory Head Noland (Leader of the Battle Factory and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Arena Tycoon Greta (Leader of the Battle Arena and Fighting Type Pokemon User):

Dome Ace Tucker (Leader of the Battle Dome and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Pike Queen Lucy (Leader of the Battle Pike and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Palace Maven Spenser (Leader of the Battle Palace and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Salon Maiden Anabel (Leader of the Battle Tower and Psychic Type Pokemon User):

Pyramid King Brandon (Leader of the Battle Pyramid and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Johto and Sinnoh

Hall Matron Argenta (Leader of the Battle Hall and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Castle Valet Darach (Leader of the Battle Castle and Dark Type Pokemon User):

Arcade Star Dahlia (Leader of the Battle Arcade and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Factory Head Thorton (Leader of the Battle Factory and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Tower Tycoon Palmer (Leader of the Battle Tower and Mix Type Pokemon User):


Subway Bosses Emmet and Ingo (Leaders of the Battle Subway and Mix Type Pokemon Users):


Nita, Evelyn, Dana, and Morgan (Leaders of the Battle Maison and Mix Type Pokemon Users):


Eas (Champion of Kanto and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Lance (Champion of Johto and Dragon Type Pokemon User):

Steven Stone (Champion of Hoenn and Steel Type Pokemon User):

Cynthia (Champion of Sinnoh and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Alder (Champion of Unova and Mix Type Pokemon User):

Diantha (Champion of Kalos and Mix Type Pokemon User):


Delia Ketchum:

Nurse Joy:

Officer Jenny:

Raoul Contesta:

Mr. Sukizo:



Don George:


Rood (Former Team Plasma Member and one of the Seven Sages):





Real Name: Chezz Preston

Aliases: Eclipse

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Grade you're in: 12th

Place of Origin: Titanville

Residence: Orbital Station

Species: Human

Appearance: His eyes are both different color, the left is red and the right is blue, he has spiky bleach hair, he has a athletic tan body, and a good-looking face. He wears a white T-shirt, a handkerchief around his neck, blue jeans, and sandals. His clothing is black and white color so he wears a black and white bike helmet, jacket, T-shirt, leather pants, and short boots.

Personality: He is carefree, bit lazy, funny, nice and caring (secretly at times, but will more opened later on), and a little mean. He is allergic to cats and has a soft spot for kids, he likes doing whatever he wants with his powers to his joy, he owns a debt to the orphanage that raised him and will sometimes send money to them so they don't go bankrupt, showing his nice and caring side, and he also have trusting issues after being betrayed by his family long ago.

Affiliations: Neutral

Friends: N/A (He has trusting issues xD...).

Family/ History: He is the son of Henry and Marie Preston and is the older brother of Chester Preston. Chez's life used to be carefree and just ordinary as he spend his days at school and with his mother and father and especially his younger brother. Life was good for him until one day, when he was at his home relaxing and playing some video games with his brother, there was a power outage and the lights went off in his neighborhood to which stopped them from finishing his game. This angers Chez a lot since he forget to save the game ever since they started playing it to which his powers emerges and he destroys the game and T.V. unintentionally to his brother and parents horror. He saw his powers glowing form his hands and smile as he was amazed by this, but his family was still afraid of this and thinks he need help, but Chez denied this and decided to control them on his own to which he head to bed to sleep on it as wondering what to do with them for training.

However next morning, his family had a different plan as they called the police and children care program to take care of him to which he sees out of his window. He was heartbroken that his family betrayed him and called people to get him as they started walking up the stairs to come get Chez, but as they started to unlock his door, he would get scared and unintentionally open a portal to a dark dimension with his dark powers and went through it before it closes to which as his parents opened the door with the officers and caretakers, he was nowhere to be found. Chez was in a dark dimension and started to run for a way out to which he once again unintentionally opened a light portal to the other side with his light powers and went through and find himself to be within the city to his shock.

He knew there was no turning back for him so he left his hometown and never looked back and headed for a place to call home. It is where he found Titanville and started his life there as he was taking in by a orphanage who didn't know about his powers to which he can trained and worry about them all his own. As the years go by, he was able to graduated from school, but decided not to go to college and do whatever he feels like, whether it's good or bad.

Powers & Abilities: He has powers over Light and Dark. He can shoot laser blasts and beams from both his hands and eyes, he is able to produce force fields to protect himself, he can make portals to a dark space dimension with his powers to which he used to make quick escapes and to teleport behind his enemies by using his light powers to opened a portal back to his own world. He can control gravity to stop his opponents from moving a bit with his dark powers, can heal himself with his light power, and can use both powers to give him super strength by pushing his powers inside his body.

Weapon: N/A

Likes: His powers, Doing whatever he wants, kids, antiques, the orphanage he grew up in, money, stealing, and sleeping.

Dislikes: Someone stopping his fun, Police, liars, betrayers, cats, his family, and boring stuff.

Weaknesses: On a day of a Eclipse because he will temporary lose his powers on that day, he can control gravity to a extent for 5-10 seconds. can heal himself unless fatality injured or it's hits his arms as he needs them for healing, his super strength can reach the limit of him picking up large cars or trucks and boulders, will not endanger children, and his light powers are weaker at night while his dark powers are weaker by day.

Real Name: Adam Feral Lanes

Aliases: ''The Werenine'' or ''Werenine''.

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Free Lancer: Bounty Hunter

Place of Origin: New York

Residence: Orbital Station

Species: Human/Canine

Appearance: He has brown hair that is tied in a ponytail and reach to his neck, silver eyes, a tan skin, a small horizontal scar across his nose, lean and average body, and a good looking face. He wears a white lab coat, black inner T-Shirt with a canine's teeth on it, grey and ripped design jeans and black shoes. In his Monster Canine form, His body mass will grow a bit large close to The Incredible Hulk's mass so he will be quite muscular, he will have light black hair around his body like The Beast except his face as his face will change into a canine facial features like a snout, large sharp canine teeth, pointy wolf ears, and body features like his feet will be change into hairy canine's feet except his hands will be the same except a bit bigger, a long and bit bushy tail like a fox, and hairy sharp claws on his hands and feet.

His ponytail will be gone as he will grow long hair from his head and his skin with be dark blue, but will still have his scar on his nose and same silver eyes as well. His only clothing that he wears on this form is his ripped a bit black T-shirt and grey and ''more'' ripped jeans (Transforming can tear his clothes sometimes depends on their elasticity).

Personality: He is kind, a bit noble, smart, a bit shy, serious, and observant. He is quite a nice a noble person to anyone who he sees earned it and he is a very intelligent scientist as he is New York's laboratory youngest scientist to have a job their at the age of 14. He is a little shy to strangers, but opens up to them quite quickly. However, when he is in his other form, he will become very serious and quite observant. Also not only that, he is not shy at all and very into the face of a person cause of his wild side of this form.

Affiliations: Hero

Friends: The Beast, Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk, etc.

Family/ History: Adam is the son of inventor, John Lanes and fashion designer, Harriet Lanes and he is their only child. Ever since Adam was a little boy, he was interesting on his mother's and father's of inventing and wanted to be like them too and even greater. He was well headed for there as he began showing a interest in Science and wanted to be a Scientist and did as he join New York's best laboratory. He then started to inventor chemicals to find use for them whether they cure diseases, make a new kind of liquid or gas, combine type of substance together to create a new one, etc. Though, one day give him a set back as he was studying about canine blood and feature and was interested about their senses and wonders what if humans had those senses as it could help them a lot so he began making a chemical with canine genes and blood started to add other chemicals to make it possible for man to drink something like this and have the senses of canine, but the experiment went haywire as he accidentally add another different chemical to it that create a explosion that sent him back to wall and as he was groaning from the impact, his body went into changes as they DNA of a canine went into his veins from the explosion and thus, he slowly gain features from all the canine breeds in the world and transform into ''Werenine''.

After that incident, he dedicated himself into finding a cure for himself and for others who wanted to be rid of their other forms as well while living in Orbital Station, but since he finished high school and college already with his smarts, he didn't need to study at the school and just live there for their high tech laboratory for doing his science.

Powers & Abilities: He has the ability to change in and out of his Monster Canine form when he wants to. He gains super strength that gives him power to lift heavy stuff as much or close to the Hulk's strength, sharp claws that can even tear through steel, very agile and fast to dodge quick attacks, super smell to know where his enemies are at or looking for something and super hearing where he can hear anything in the area and prepared for what's coming. He get a full power boost on a full moon and get even stronger and even when he change into this form, his intelligence is intact so this doesn't lose his smarts unless he is in a ''Wild Mode''.

Weapon: N/A.

Likes: Meat, science, dogs, fresh air, his town, his family and friends, good guys, and quiet places.

Dislikes: Vegetables, fail experiments, cats, stinky air, bad guys, his other form (Sometimes), and loud noises.

Weaknesses: He is not as strong in daytime, canine's whistle can mess up all his senses at once if he is in his wolf form, stinky stuff can mess his sense of smell, loud stuff can mess with his hearing, he will not endanger innocent people unless he has a plan, and he will got into a ''Wild Mode'' and won't be able to control himself whenever get serious injured and will attack anyone friend or foe.

Name: Jaden A. Parker

Alias: Black Belt or Belt

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Personality: He is calm, funny, a bit quiet, smart, strong-willed, and determination. He is a calm young man who is hard to get the best off at times and also to upset and annoyed him too as he been train to prepare to block out any noises from him when he is meditating. He can be funny at times as he already gotten a custom to the jokes around here, but he would have a bit of a hard time on understanding a few or some of them. He can be a bit quiet at times, but mostly when he is mediating or thinking about something a bit deeply or so. He is a quite smart young teen for his age as he would go about this strategic most of the time and learn how to defeat his enemies nicely without any casualties or anyone getting hurt beside his opponent(s) or him maybe.

He is very strong-willed as almost nothing can break him down and make him give up as he would learn to stay strong when things are getting tough and just fight till his last breath till he got nothing left. His determination is something to be admired as he never gives up on anything and would go all out on anything depending what it is until it comes to his terms.

Appearance: He wears a monk-like clothing with a black belt around his waist to keep his clothing on him, but he does add his own style to his clothing as he wears modern day white fingerless gloves that reach to his wrists and red and white Nike shoes that reach up to his ankles and his clothing would be a mixture of old school and new school of clothing on him really.

Powers/Abilities: Aura Manipulation

Weaknesses: Loud noises can mess up the flow of his Aura as he is trying to concentrate in battle with it and even if he try to meditate and block it out, it would leave him defenseless either way. Even with his powers, his body is still human so he can take damage like one, but he is more sturdier than a regular human, but with enough force, he can be taken down.

History/Background: (TBA)

Other: He doesn't like being reminded of his past so he will keep quite about it even to his closes friends as it hurt too much to talk about so he would always keep quiet about until he feels ok to talk about it.


Name: Fisher D. Catcher

Epithet: ''The Water Prince'' or ''Water Prince Catcher.''

Age: 20

Species: Fishman (Blue Shark)

Gender: Male

Organization/Position: Captain of the New Sun Pirates and part of the ''Worst Generation.''

Current Bounty: 431,000,000 Beri

Appearance: He is a little tall (5'11), has long, bit unruly, spiky, black hair that goes down to his back, black eyes, razor sharp teeth, webbed hands and feet, a dorsal fin on his back that goes through his hair, blue skin, gills around his neck, a lean and muscular body like Luffy, but a bit more than him, and a good-looking face. He wears a green Tropical unbuttoned shirt, showing his chest, a large sword on his back, red jean shorts with a green sash wrapped around it, and sandals. When he is in monster form, His hair gets more spiky, his eyes turned pure red completely, his teeth gets more sharper and bigger, and his body gets bigger (As big as Nightmare Luffy form.). He shirt and sandals will be ripped every time because his body mass gets bigger in this form, but he will still have his pants and sash on with him.

Personality: He is nice, cool, funny, noble, loyal, and determined. Since he was raised in the Royal Family and Jimbei on Fishman Island, he has became quite nice to everyone despite their race, he is also very noble and loyal to his friends and family. He admires iconic figures like his Queen and foster mother, Shirahoshi, his master, Jimbei, his ancestor, Fisher Tiger, and the former and deceased Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy. He has a hatred for the Celestial Dragons for their attitudes for against his species and others and even to their own kind and for the black market for where his own kind are being prison and sold to.

History: He is the descendant of Fisher Tiger. When Catcher was just a little boy, he was enjoying his life as he would sometimes go to the surface and have fun on there or below the surface. At the time, he was still curious about humans as what they were like and would come up the surface to see how they behave, but looked at them from a faraway distance so they couldn't see him. As he watches them, he seems then as no trouble at all and would like to play with them someday, but one day, a group of pirate kidnappers came and was trying to kidnap they merfolk around the area to which they started aiming to kidnap Catcher and his family first, but his father puts up a strong fight against them until being defeat by their captain with his unknown devil fruit powers to which kill him and die with a smile on his face to his wife and Catcher's shock.

The kidnappers then aimed to catch his mother, but was putting up a good fight as well until one of the men points a gun at Catcher and tries to shoot him until his mother got away of the aim and was shot instead to which she die with a smile on her face as she said ''I love you, Catcher.'' as her last words. After seeing his parents death in front of his eyes as the kidnappers close in on him, his Poseidon Will's activated and he changed into a large monster to which he kills all of the kidnappers and went to destroy their ship as well before falling unconscious on the ground and changing back to normal. One spectator sees this and called the Royal Family's guards to take care of this, but when the guards arrived, all they find on the site was the dead bodies of the kidnappers, 2 dead merfolk, a destroyed ship, and one unconscious child.

After they incident, Catcher was adopted by the Royal Family since he had no where to go, but this didn't make him feel better since he still moan the lost of his parents and now has a hatred for humans after that and wished them dead, but he will soon starts thinking about them in a different way after meet the town respected hero, Jimbei and his foster mother and Queen, Shirahoshi. They would tell him about a special human (Luffy) who wasn't bad at all and did what was right for everyone to which he started to have a different opinion about them as he continued to listened about other stories of humans they have met to which amazed him, they even told him about his ancestor, Fisher Tiger even though had been a slave to humans, befriended a little human girl named Koala.

After hearing all of the stories, Catcher had decided to explored the world once he get's older to become the next Pirate King and have a crew who are diverse, whether they Fishmen, Mermaids, Humans, Hybrids, etc. to come along with him and have their dreams come true as well. So after his resolved, he asked Jimbei to train him to which he agrees and taught him Fishman Karate, Jujutsu, and even all forms of Haki that Jimbei learned from over the years. When he was older, he went on his journey to find himself a crew, but not before being giving the Royal Family sword by his Queen and foster mother, Shirahoshi. While on his journey searching for a crew, he had amazing battles with other pirates to which caught the ear of the Government to which gave him a bounty of 25 million Beri and then 90 million Beri.

His bounty would get more of a increase as he started attacking several Celestial Dragons for their behavior against other people and even took out a Vice Admiral who was in his way for one of them and cause of this, he was giving a bounty of 229 million Beri, but after a incident of destroying one of the Government's best HQ with his Poseidon Will powers, they gave him a bounty of 431 Million Beri cause of his destructive form to which Catcher rarely used after that because of almost hurting innocent people with it and his crew as well.

Abilities and Skills: He knows Fishman Karate, Jujutsu, all forms of Haki, and Poseidon's Will (It's a rare ability that only he has and rarely use, that can transform him into a large monster and his power doubles in this form.).

Weapons: He has a large sword that was in the hold of his foster Royal Family, but was given to him as he left for his journey. It was made by one of the strongest material in the seafloor to withstand one of the strongest attacks against it. It's wrapped around his back and is imbued with a emerald stone on it's handle and his sword helps him control water a lot more.

Other Information: He can pulled his teeth out like Arlong, but he uses them more in a funny way than fighting and he is one of the 2 Fishmen who can communicate with fishes (The other is Jimbei.).

Name: Alphonse Newgate

Alias: Silver

Epithet: ''Ice Foot'' or ''Ice Foot Silver''.

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Organization/Position: 3rd in command of the New Sun Pirates.

Current Bounty: 270,000,000 Beri

Appearance: He is quite tall (6'3), has spiky silver and a bit wavy hair, light yellow eyes, light skin as his ancestor, a muscular body like Ace and a bit of a fresh faced. He wears Ice blue color open jacket that shows some of his chest, light sash around his waist, dark loose pants, and short white boots.

Personality: He is kind, caring, cool, loyal, lazy, a bit stubborn, and protective. He can be nice when he wants to be and caring for his crew well being a lot sometimes as well as protective if anyone dares to hurt or kills them too. He is also very loyal to them and too anyone who deserve his loyalty and won't do anything to tarnished it as he knew the feel of betrayal before and didn't want anyone to feel what he felt before. He can be a bit stubborn when trying to wake him up from his nap as he loves to sleep a lot and he cool and calm in most situation and doesn't show his anger unless for certain reasons why he should.

History: He is the descendant of former Yonko and pirate Edward Newgate a.k.a. Whitebeard. Alphonse was born by himself as he never saw or knew his parents when he was born and doesn't know what become of them either and thus was taken in by a orphanage to live his days there and life wasn't too bad for him as the people like and care about him and his well being until one day, he was playing with the other orphan kids close to a cave like himself and as the ball went inside of it, he chose to go get it to which he went inside and look for it and after a while, he find it, but it was next to a weird fruit he hasn't seen before as he never saw anything like it in the books of the library of the island and it was then his stomach growl as he was hungry and since it was the only edible food around, he had no choice but to eat it, though when he did, he began to feel cold, but it didn't mess with his body as he seems normal to it and then all of a sudden, the floor freezes below him to his shock and slipped on it.

He wonders why it froze below him before looking at his hands as they turned into solid ice and then he knew that fruit gave him powers, but instead of freaking him out, he was glad to have these powers a lot and thought of the good he could do with them as he went out of the cave with the ball and head to his friends to show him his powers, but when he did, they freak out and run away from him to his surprise as he didn't expected that, but shrugs his shoulders and decided to show everyone in town, but everyone were afraid of him and shock and began to called him a monster to which heartbroken him as the people on the island change so fast the minute he ate that fruit after he gave them his love and trust, but they didn't care as they even called the marines to go take him off the island and do what the will to him.

However they marines wonder why they want to get rid of a child of that age and almost decided not to until after doing some deep research about who he is, they discover that he was the descendant of the late Yonko and pirate, Whitebeard and also the devil fruit powers that he possess use to belong to late former Admiral of the Navy, Aokiji so because of learning this about him, the marines wasted no time on trying to capture due to the fact he might post a threat against the Navy in the future, but lucky for Silver, he eavesdrop on what they say about him and after hearing it, he immediately left the island and ran for his life as he didn't want to be caught and imprison and also was hurt that the people of the island sold him out to the Navy so ever since then he decided not to trust anyone he comes across ever again.

Also as time went on, the minute that they knew about his background and fruit, Silver was given a bounty of a 100 million Beri and as he grew, he was given a bounty of 270 million Beri after attacking and freezing a World Noble after she was about to kill a young child even a Vice Admiral had trouble against him as he tries to bring him in, but fails and got beaten. Silver soon met up with Catcher and Shune as he kept running from the law and at first, he didn't trust them and planned to kill them, but after the got him out of a jam and such, he decided to join and trust them as well as traveling the seas with them and becoming 3rd in command if anything is going on with Catcher and Shune because they trust him so much along with his crew so ever since that incident, he began to become more trusting and will protect his crew that he cares and trusts against any harm even if it's cost his life as they were different from other people he met in life and would do anything to stay them as long as he want to.

Abilities and Skills: He has the powers to control and create Ice after eating a Devil Fruit called the Hie Hie no Mi (Ice Ice Fruit), He mastered Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki, but he still trying to get the hang of his Haoshoku Haki as he needs more training with it, and he is quite skilled in close combat with or without his powers.

Weapons: N/A

Other Information: He loves to eat Ice cream and anything that is sweet or cold, he has a habit of accidentally releasing his Haoshoku Haki as he sleep so if someone doesn't have a strong will or anything, he or she will be knocked out by his Haki and this tends to happen a lot when he close to civilians or pirates if they come close to him if his sleeping, and due to his lazy personality, he has more potential to be more of a threat cause of his bloodline and his Devil Fruit, but he chose not to as he not the type to work so much just for that.


Name: Veero

Epithet: ''The Hell Sniper'' or ''Hell Sniper Veero''.

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Organization/Position: Sniper of the New Sun Pirates.

Current Bounty: 187,000,000 Beri

Appearance: : He is a little tall (5'11), has a bit spiky, blood red hair, dark green eyes, bit tan skin, lean and muscular body, and a fine look. He wears a inner red T-shirt with his crew Jolly Roger on it, but a blue color Sun mark instead of the original color, a black hooded-jacket, a waist belt holder to hold where his guns are and his special bullets as well, dark blue jeans, and black shoes.

Personality: He is nice, caring, energetic, hardheaded, a bit flirty, and determine. He is about nice and caring as the next guy as he doesn't have any ill will to anyone unless they badmouths about his friends or his former master, Usopp then like in his wanted poster's name, there will be hell. He is quite energetic as he always has boundless energy for some reason that makes everyone thinks of how much energy he has and he can be also hardheaded when his mind is set on something and it takes awhile for someone to make him change his mind about it unless it's his captain. He is known to be a bit flirty with girls as he try to show off his sniper skills to them to time to time and wonder if he can get a girl with them as he is very confident in his skills and he can be very determine like his captain once he knows what he is doing and won't stop until the job is done, whether it's a battle, training, etc. to him.

History: When Veero was a little boy, his family all die from the same disease and he was next to have it, but lucky he survive, though he became the lone survivor of the family and he had to live in a orphanage since no one would take care of him. His life in the orphanage wasn't too bad as he did make a couple of friends and the caretaker were nice to him, but there was this empty feeling inside of him and it wasn't because of his parents as he grew out of that, but it was mostly he wanted to travel throughout the sea and become well known throughout the world as he felt it was boring over here. Though as he wish, one day when he was playing pirate by himself, he accidently bump into a stranger who was in a disguised to avoid the Navy since he is a very well known pirate in the New World.

At first, Veero was intimidated by him, but after a long talk with him, he began to like the man a lot and as he understand of what he is going through since his mother die of a illness as well and he was kinda a orphan in his childhood too and as they continue talking to one another, he found out about who he is and thought he was so cool as he heard about him and his crew and wishes to be like then and journey through the sea, but sadly he couldn't since he is not strong enough and he is not that daring. This leaves ''the stranger'' sadden a bit for a boy to say that to which he cheers him up saying that he will go out to see one day and he will train him to be a brave warrior of the sea like himself so he won't have nothing to fear with his enemies at all to which make the boy very happy to hear this as he couldn't wait for it.

So ''the stranger'' train him for awhile and gave him a set of dual guns he made before heading off as he didn't want the Marines to catch on he was hear and wish Veero the best of luck at sea when he grows up. Veero was ecstatic for what man had done for him and won't let him down to which after some time, he train his sniper skills to get ready for that day and he found his Devil Fruit on shore one day after he was fishing for some food and ate it as he was very hungry, but was surprise of what it gave him and was ecstatic even more as this will make him more of a challenge out on the sea to any pirate and marines with his skills in sniping and close combat. He then went out to sea as he felt he was ready now after training so much with his sniping skills and Devil Fruit power as well and began to make a name for himself with the New Sun Pirates as he got a starting bounty of 67 million Beri after taking down a few known pirates in the Grand Line and soon he got another increase for his amazing sniper skills during a town raid with one of the Royal Shikibuchi's pirate crew and took out their best sniper who was said to be the best around the country and who also had a bounty twice the reward than Veero.

Because of this result, Veero was giving another increase in his bounty as he got 187 million Beri and since then, people have been hearing his name around a lot more to his joy as he wanted to be known as the Best Sniper in the World and along to be part of the crew of the next Pirate King and have them all gain infamy as they continue traveling around the New World to achieve each of their dreams.

Abilities and Skills: He has the power to transform into a hawk as well as a hybrid form and monster form to which he can access to Hawk's abilities like their talons and eyesight so he will be able to tell when things are coming at him or anyone and also can slash his enemies if he wants to after eating the Tori Tori no Mi (Bird Bird Fruit), Model: Hawk. It was also this ability he choose not to learn Kenbunshoku Haki since he likes are kinda the similar to it, but he did decide to learn and mastered Busoshoku Haki as he will need it against tricky Devil Fruit users like Logias so they won't escape from his sniper skills and for his hand to hand combat. He is very skilled in his sniper abilities after being train by the Former Pirate King's Sniper, Usopp and he became skilled in close combat with his Devil Fruit powers just in case if the situation means for him to get close to his opponent.

Weapons: He has 2 dual guns made of steel that are very hard to destroy and he has special bullets that have various of elements in them like Wind, Water, Fire, etc.

Other Information: He love to eat spicy food as he thinks this will fuel him up and won't ever tired him in his training session or a fight, he is sometimes mistaken for being or related to Hawkeye Mihawk because of his eyes from his Devil Fruit to his dismay as he want to be known for himself and not from others, and he also has a habit with his hawk eyes of him being to be able to see anything, but because of this he will be able to see through clothing quite a bit and he is called a pervert by women sometimes since they think he is trying to see through there clothes when he is not as he will be looking at something else then them.


Name: Orhan D. Vegetao

Epithet: ''Earth God Vegetao''

Age: 59

Gender: Male

Organization/Position: Fleet Admiral Of The World Government.

Appearance: He is a tall man (Same height or a bit taller than Sengoku), he has black eyes, light fair-skinned, muscular yet spry, roughly middle-aged man with a long curly black mustache that stretch off from both sides of his face, black hair in dreadlocks style that reach up to his back side and has it in a ponytail style as well, a small beard on his chin with a middle-aged face just like his body. He wears a backwards cap on his head with Kanji letters on it that means ''Noble'' on it in red, a white full Marine Admiral uniform that is adorned with medals and brown shoulder pads on each side of them, and a oversized Marine coat which he wears like a cape with Kanji letters as well that means ''Justice'' in red too.

Personality: He is kind, caring, smart, somewhat stern, a bit of a pacifist, determine, and a bit energetic. He is a kind and caring kind of man as he is always like this when he is with his fellow marines and worry sometimes about them they go off to battle and hope not to hear of any causalities at all. He is a smart person as he very good on strategizing when it comes to fighting or capturing pirates or for a mission of sorts to which made him a good person to lead the World Government in the first place along with his strength. He can be kinda stern sometimes when he gives out orders, but is not being mean or upset about it, just want things done correctly and nicely is all for everyone. He is a little of a pacifist as he doesn't rush into battle from the start as he will try to reason those who want to fight or want violence as he doesn't like to fight much really, but will if the violence continue as he has a limit to seeing so much violence and becomes determine on stopping it no matter what even if he have to risk his own life for it to protect those who needed it the most.

He is also a bit energetic for his age as he likes to go outside sometimes to get some fresh air and a little break from work, but will go back to it if he is being called for something or seeing someone or people in danger so to go help them quickly.

History: Vegetao was born into a regular family that haven't done anything amazing and just go throughout life as they normal do everyday and Vegetao was now continue the bloodline of his family heritage of doing what they do as well, but as a child, he didn't got too excited for much as he never think highly of himself or desire to do want they wanted him to do even though he continue doing regular things in life until one day when he heard about a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy, who is a holder of ''D.'' as well as his family bloodline too with his father, Monkey D. Dragon, The Most Wanted Man in the World and Leader of the Revolutionaries and his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, who is a marine and is called ''Hero of the Marines'' and after hearing their backgrounds and how they die as well hearing about other ''D.'' holders like Gol D. Roger, the first Pirate King, his son, Portgas D. Ace, who was second in command of Whitebeard's crew and so on.

This helps him inspired him as how they came from a somewhat normal life and become who they are today and made amazing achievements to which he decided to give it his all by living his dream and that was to become a Marine and be Fleet Admiral one day and as time goes on, he faces tough and dangerous situations that needed quick thinking as he provide for him and his crew to which gave him the position of Captain in the Navy at age 16 and held it for awhile before facing off against a infamous rookie who used to be in the New World and defeating him to which the Marines gave him the honor of being Vice Admiral at age 25 to which he hold the title with honor and held it for awhile, but soon risen to Admiral at age 39 after bringing in and decoding thousands of revolutionaries who were planning to destroy the World Government on the inside by disguising themselves as Navy soldiers so they can take information from the Government and possibly kill some of their high ranking officers when their guard are down too.

Then finally, how he became Fleet Admiral was by battling one of the previous Yonko after hearing his plans of trying to trying to take seize of one of the New World islands full of innocent citizens and were aiming to kill them all and thus he challenge the Yonko to a brawl at a large size empty island with his crew versus his and the battle lasted about a half a month as the battle was brutal and hard and even both men lost some of their men during this war to their dismay, but in the end, Vegetao and his men won and defeated the Yonko and his men in a grueling battle of strategy, skill, and power to which he deserve the rank at age 47 and has carry it so on ever since. He is now helping to lead the World Government in bringing peace throughout the world and bring justice to those who dares disrupt try to disrupt their goal in bringing peace to all.

Abilities and Skills: He has the power to control the ground, creating and becoming it after eating the Earth Earth Fruit and can use this as much as he wants and have the advantage on land everytime thanks to it. He is also a master of all three forms of Haki to which made him a very formidable foe whether he uses his Devil fruit powers or not, but on both accounts, he is very dangerous to go up against on them as he is great in hand to hand combat and long distance attacks. He is also very intelligent and very good at strategizing and along with his powers and abilities, make him even more dangerous as it will be hard to get through and trick a man like him as he is mostly one step ahead of his opponent each time.

Weapons: N/A

Other Information: He has a pet wolf with him at all times that can be vicious and be protective of his master with someone they don't know, but there are times when it can be lazy as it likes to sleeps and eat a lot too. Despite serving and protecting them, Vegetao have a strong dislike for World Nobles deep down, but hides this very well so no one could detect this as they are spoil and treat everyone garbage to which maybe one of the main reasons why there are a lot of revolutionaries trying to bring down The World Government because of their high and mighty attitudes. He is somewhat eager and enjoy to see what the New Generation have to offer as he does love to see new people who make their names throughout the world whether it's from the Marines or the Pirates as he like to see who will come out in top in the end, in this Era whether it's the Marines or Pirates as he looks onward and hears what is happening while getting involve in it sometimes.


Name: Aaron Ironback

Nickname or Title: The ''Hard'' Headed Adventurer

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Sexual Orientation: As Straight as you can get XD lol.

Appearance: He is a bit tall (5'11), has spiky grey unruly hair, white eyes, light tan skin, has a lean and muscular body, and a fresh-faced. He wears a unzipped green sleeveless jacket showing some of his chest, a dark sash around his waist, yellow trousers that reach to his knee and sky blue shoes with red laces that reaches up to his ankles.

Extras: He has a small ''X'' scar on his forehead and wears a purple ring around his neck.

Personality: He is nice, funny, curious, energetic, adventurous, and hardheaded at most of times. He likes to sneaked up on people and listen to what they are saying because of his curiosity. He is nice to everyone unless they are rude to him or dark mages because of his past. He, like his title describe is hardheaded and is adventurous as he would go anywhere that he hasn't been to as a adventure to him and he doesn't really listen to anybody when they told him to stopped what he's doing if it means no more fun for him so he that can make him hardheaded. He personality changed when he faces dark mages since he had experience their kind before and turned into a vengeful person because of it.

History/Bio: Aaron had a good life with his mother and father who like to travel a lot around the continent. They would explored caves, caverns, ruins, etc. for not just for treasure, but the thrill for adventure, but one day when him and his parents were searching in a dark cave that was like a maze rumored to have a rare treasure. When they reached to the end of it, they were ambushed by a group of dark mages who not only took their treasures, but use magic to made the ceiling of rocks fall down in front of them and left them to die within the cave with no way out. There, they spend their days without food or water and soon the starvation kicks in and both his mother and father died from it and the same was about to happened to Aaron until a lone mage came and destroyed the rocks that blocked their escaped after hearing there were travelers stuck inside this cave.

He saw was too late to save Aaron's parents, but was here just in time to save Aaron as he take Aaron and his dead parents out of the cave. After leaving the maze cave, he buried Aaron's parents bodies and told him not to give up on life and continued on leaving to which he then send Aaron to a orphanage in a nearby village and left him there and hopes to see him again. At first it was hard for Aaron to get adjusted, but as time went on he made a lot of friends their and also in the whole village. He also went to the library there and obtained a book about magic due to being inspired by the men who saved him few years ago. He self taught himself and of the mastery of steel magic and when he was old enough to take care of himself, he went out on a journey to have his own adventures so he can come back and tell everyone about them.

He is also looking for the gang of dark mages that attacked him to get revenge on them and for the lone mage who saved him all those years ago to thank him properly and maybe faced him in battle. During his travels he heard about a guild called Fairy Tail and their exploits and decided to join them for his goals to which he did as everyone liked him when they first met him and now his adventures with them beings.

Magic: Steel Tiger Slayer Magic.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: N/A

Magic Moves: (TBA.)

Magic Limitations: Can only turned his body into steel for a short time like 5 minutes.

Strengths: Super Speed, Strength, observant of things around him and quick on using his magic.

Weaknesses: His magic gets weaker with water because it can make his steel rust, but it has to be high pressured water since his magic isn't a ordinary type of magic and can be nervous at times when fighting someone who can use water magic who has very powerful water spells.

Likes: Food, books, adventures, fighting, sneaking up on people, his friends and making ones, the Sun, and having fun.

Dislikes: To be bored or boring things, Rain, being told what to do (depends on the situation), dark mages, eating expired food, things or people who interrupt his storytelling without permission, and seeing innocent people get hurt. Guild Mark: Golden yellow in the middle of his chest.

Guild Mark: Golden yellow on the middle of his chest.

Guild: Fairy Tail.

Magic Circle Info:

Other: He sometimes talk in his sleep which made cause him to say inappropriate things if anyone here them and think he is having a ''bad'' dream, but quite the opposite and because of his young appearance, everyone thinks he is much younger than he is like 17 or 18.

Name: Zakan SoulBlade

Nickname or Title: The Mystical Swordsman

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Unknown (Will be reveal in a Arc.)

Sexual Orientation: Damn Straight!! XD lol.

Appearance: He is a bit tall (5'10), has a spiky dark purple hair, has yellow eyes, but lost his left eye during a battle and now has no pupil and is blank, but will have a skull with crossbones at the bottom in his eye if he activate his Deadly Illusion magic, has white smooth skin, has a lean and muscular body, and good-looking face. He wears a black and white hakama, a bit ragged black jacket with an upturned collar and sleeves rolled up a bit, a light purple sash, and light grey socks and sandals.

Extras: He has a lighting scar over his left eye.

Personality: He is a bit mean, a bit rebellious, quiet, cool, determined, and a bit sadistic. He is quite a tsundere since he doesn't like to be around other much and likes doing this alone sometimes so he a little mean when he like this, but deep down, he likes to have someone around him and talk to, but won't admit it. He is mostly a quiet person to talk to since he doesn't have much to talk about unless if it about swords or dogs. He is very determined for his ambitions and will not stop at nothing to get to them. Also sometimes when he is fighting, he can be a little sadistic when hurting his opponents.

History/Bio: Zakan was raised in a orphanage after he lost his parents to a unknown illness and despite being around a lot of people, they didn't had time to play or talk to him to which he was a lonely boy. One day though when he went outside to get away from everyone, he met a girl his age named Sarah WillBlade with a interesting sword named Shinwanoshi who was also a orphan and wanted to be his friend because she was lonely as well. At first, he thought this was a trick and denied her request, but after telling Zakan of the way she was feeling and it was just like how he feels, they started to be friends with one another and as they did, they talk about people, animals, life, etc., But more important they talked about dreams to which sadly, Zakan didn't have one yet, but Sarah did and her dream was to be the strongest mage on the continent.

This inspired Zakan to start believing in dreams and wanted to have one to which he and her smiled at one another and life was good for both of then after finally making a friend, but sadly one day when the 2 went out to the forest to play, they were attacked by a packed of wild small monsters. There, Sarah did her best to protect them as she defeated them all, but suffered a fatal injured to her chest while protecting Zakan and it was too far to take her to the hospital and so she died a slow death as she said she is sorry and smiles to him to which Zakan cries and blame himself for not being able to doing anything and was too weak so it was then he decided to be a strong person who can protect his friends so he wanted to be the strongest mage in the world so no one precious to him will died in front of him ever again as he pledge this to Sarah's sword and decided to live her dream as well.

Zakan then began to travel around in all of Fiore at a young age as to set out to live his dream for him and for Sarah, but as he did, he came across Magnolia and collapse due to hunger after traveling for so long without food, but was founded by Makarov Dreyar, the Guildmaster of Fairy Tail and was taken back to his guild and get fed and heal up inside of it and as he did and saw all the young mages of today and befriend them ''somewhat'', but refuse to join their guild as he isn't the type to take orders and being in a group mostly so he never join the guild up to now, but he strangely stay in Magnolia for some reason as something tell him not to leave there to which he questions sometimes, but didn't care though much.

As time went on, he had battle a lot of mages when he travel out of Magnolia to do some Missions as a freelance Mage and suffered a scar on his left eye as a result of fighting a S-Class Dark Mage, but defeat him in the end and claim his sword as payback for taking his eye, but he did learn a new type of Magic from the fight as he was able to do Illusions that can help him in serious battles when he needs them. He is now trying to achieved his dream of becoming the world's strongest Mage and to make his and Sarah's dreams come true for both of them.

Magic: Deity Mask Take Over Magic and Deadly Illusion Magic.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: He has 3 swords with him. One is named Tengoku, the Heaven Sword with heaven-like features, another is named Jigoku, the Hell Sword with hell-like features, and his final and main sword is Shinwanoshi, The Mystical Death Sword that looks like a long katana with a grey handle to which he got from his former friend and is his most precious sword.

Magic Moves: (TBA)

Magic Limitations: His Illusions only worked if he looks straight into his opponent's eyes and he opened his left eye for it to work. He doesn't have full control of his ''Deity Mask Take Over: Death'' yet so he rarely use it when he's fighting.

Strengths: Can give out a scary aura that might intimidate his opponents, a sturdy body, great strength to lift things, and somewhat knowledgeable.

Weaknesses: He is allergic to cats which means he doesn't like to get close to exceeds and If his main sword is taken away by someone, he will do anything to get it back.

Likes: Alcohol, his swords and polishing them, training, fighting strong opponents, resting, dogs, to think about his former friend, Sarah, his friends (But won't admit.), risking his life for others and fair fights.

Dislikes: Bratty and annoying kids, cats, cheaters, liars, users, bad guys, monsters, others risking their lives for him, being humiliated, and his swords being taken especially his first one.

Guild Mark: None (For the moment).

Guild: None (For the moment, but he does visit the Fairy Tail Guild sometimes to enjoy their food and fight with strong opponents too).

Magic Circle Info:

Other: He blushes a lot when he sees girls in skimpy outfits to which he walks away so no one can see him blush and his attitude changes when his is around dogs and becomes nicer.

Name: Kiyoshi Hayashi

Nickname or Title: Kiyo and ''The Green-Haired Chef''

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Sexual Orientation: Straighter than you and me XD!

Appearance: He has long luxurious light green hair that he tied into a ponytail, dark green eyes, light skin, a slim, but muscular body, and a fresh face. He wears a long grey cape to cover his back and front that reaches all the way to his legs, a full silver color suit with a black tie and pants that reach up to inside his boots, and short white boots that reach a bit above his ankles.

Extras: He wears 2 diamond ears on his left and right ears as memento of his late mother.

Personality: He is kind, caring, cool, smart, athletic, and quite energetic. He can act like a playboy for his likeness for girls and flirt with them whether it's a good time or bad time to do so, but his playboy personality is kinda a act as he never been with a girl for a long time so he will get shy and might not know what to do next with one if they continue talking or doing stuff together. He has a hatred for guys he disrespects a lady as his own father disrespect his mother to the end of their marriage and left them to fend for themselves and since then, he has always hated his father. He loves his mother dearly as she still managed to take care of him to the end of her death and has been forever grateful to her since.

History/Bio: Kiyoshi was born to a wealthy family of a loving mother and father who love each other dearly and him too, but one day, something change as the father began to disrespect his wife from out of the blue. This causes them to fight a lot to which Kiyo will hear them and became sadden when the do and when his father had enough he decided to divorce his mother, take all the money he could and leave her with their son and never came back after that. Kiyo was heartbroken by this and hate his father for leaving them to rot in the streets, but even so, his mother didn't worry about it and took the best of care of him and herself with what they had left, but in the end, his mother fell ill because of a unknown disease and dies without any help from doctors because they didn't had enough money to pay for her sickness.

Ever since then, he has hated his father for leaving her and causing this to happen to her and also hate any guy that disrespects any lady he sees and will try to kick their asses for that. He his deeply grateful for his mother that he wears the earrings that she passed down to him and kept his long green hair that look similar to his mother's to remembered her by. He is now studying to be a world class chef so he can own his own place of business and feed the hungry more than money as he felt how they feel as he was very hungry as a child when his father left them with most of their family's money. He went to Fairy Tail so he can study the art of cooking, but once he find out that it's not really a place for cooking, he was thinking of leaving, but couldn't as he made a lot of friends here and decided to stay and learn the mastery of cooking on his own.

Magic: Air Walk Magic and Lightning Speed Magic.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: N/A.

Magic Moves: (TBA).

Magic Limitations: He has no control of his Lighting Speed Magic if something blocking him from getting rays from the Sun like clouds, a eclipse, or his inside a place where sunlight doesn't show. He also can go so far in the air with his Air Walk Magic like as high up between the clouds above and the buildings below.

Strengths: He is very strong on Sunny days, he hits harder if he uses his legs to fight with, He is a great cook, and quite smart.

Weaknesses: He loses pieces of his strength on not Sunny days, his arms are strong, but not as strong as his legs so he usually doesn't use them in battles much, Afraid of others finding out that his playboy personality is a act, and doesn't not want to lose anyone who is precious to him. Not so observant on something when beautiful girls are around.

Likes: Cooking, his mother and her mementos, his friends, girls, feeding the starving, his magic, candies, cats and Exceed, and be known as a guy and not a girl.

Dislikes: Being mistaking for a girl because of his hair, guys who don't know how to treat a lady, not cooking from time to time, sour stuff, dogs, and hates his father for leaving them.

Guild Mark: Black on his left leg.

Guild: Fairy Tail.

Magic Circle Info: 5/high_priest_yukito_s_magic_circle_by_earthstar0 1-d4qj3z4.png

Other: When his hair is down, he will look like a girl from the back and this causes guys to hit on him if they are interested to his dismay. He refused to cut off his long hair as it remind him of his mother as she had long flowing hair as well and decided to keep it to remember her by like her earrings as well.

Name: Erick Soberg

Nickname or Title: ''Erick of the Earth'' or ''Erick Earth''.

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Sexual Orientation: He was born Straight for sure XP!

Appearance: He has light green, bit spiky hair, red eyes, medium tan skin, he has prominent abdominal, pectoral muscles, and to a minor degree biceps similar to a young Romeo in his early teens, and fine face. He wears a unzipped brown jacket showing some of his chest, a white strap on across his chest and shoulder that is attach to his gourd behind his back, dark brown belt around his waist and pants, black trousers that reach to his knee, and grass green sandals with blue strap ons to hold them together on his feet.

Extras: He has a blue letters tattoo on the left side of his neck in his language that says ''SHAPE'' that he got when he was born.

Personality: He is kind, caring, smart, a bit funny, a bit energetic, and determine. He is a kind and caring soul and he would always care about the safety and well beings of his friends, family, and fellow guildmates and they will be ok on their missions. He is a bit funny, but it took him awhile to get a sense of humor as he didn't use to joke back then until he arrive to Fairy Tail and began to get a sense of humor from there. He is a bit energetic when he is in the day time while more energetic at night time as he loves to stay up late from time to time If he is doing something fun or important for him. He is a very determine person when it come about peace and nothing won't stop him for bringing peace to the world as he was born to do so and will stop those who bring about violence a lot cause of this.

History/Bio: Erick was born into this world to bring about peace as a tattoo appeared on his neck, since his people are born with tattoos on their bodies the minute they were born that have letters on them that said the words they should do in life and live on what their destine goal in life should be to which are everytime accurate as if they were made for them. When Erick was born, he was the child of prophecy as in his village tells about one man who will bring about peace with the words ''SHAPE'' in their language so ever since then, his family and his people help to train to take care of himself no matter what is the situation by his people and was taken to the ancient Ground Tiger, Lytand where he would train him in the Ground Tiger Slayer Magic after learning about his destiny and was honor to train him to do so.

As time went on, he grown to be able to take care of himself and decide to do what he was born to do and that to preserve peace around the world to which he said his goodbyes and left Lytand, his people, village and family to begin his journey. During his travels, he learn his Bullet Magic from a famous gunslinger in a nearby town after helping him with a problem there and became very skilled in it after some practice with it before continue on his journey to his next destination after saying his goodbyes there before reaching to Magnolia and meeting people from a guild called Fairy Tail and decide to join them as he thought this will help him evolve as a person and also help his dream to cleanse with peace as well.

Magic: Ground Tiger Slayer Magic and Bullet Magic.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: He has a large yellow gourd on his back that he carries around with him everywhere ( and uses to conceal some dirt, sand, and anything that is part of the ground and needs it in case he is in a environment that doesn't have these materials for his magic to which he uses the things inside as a weapon and boost of his magic if he is at a disadvantage where he is at.

Magic Moves: (TBA)

Magic Limitations: His Ground Tiger Slayer Magic can only get a opponent so far away since he is still mastering it so if they go high up in the air or move away from quite a far distance, he won't be able to get him/her with from the distance between him and them.

Strengths: His smarts, quite observant, good at long distance on depending how far his opponent is, and he is quite strong for his age so he can lift large stuff that are heavy as his gourd.

Weaknesses: He is not very fast on his feet sometimes if he is carrying his gourd,he doesn't do well in cold climates as he is not used to those type of environment and will feel cold easily, he is good in close combat, but not so much if the person is more experience at it then him, and he is afraid about loosing the people who are precious to him due to the war and violence of other people and wish them luck as well as pray for their safety and safe return too.

Likes: Having fun, humid days, training, animals, his gourd, the ground, sleeping sometimes, and friends and family.

Dislikes: Fighting (But will if he must to), killing, bad people who are up for violence, traitors, abusers of power, cold days, swimming, and seeing blood (But starting to get over it).

Guild Mark: Golden yellow in the middle of his chest.

Guild: Fairy Tail

Magic Circle Info:

Other: He is a bit nocturnal so he is more awake in the night and less awake in the day so he might seems sleepily or lazy if you seem him that time and he can be quite protective of his gourd as it was a memento of his family and he doesn't want anyone to damage it or anything. He also have admiration for Aaron Ironback for the things he do and stand for.


Name: Isemu Fujiwara

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Angel/Human


Personality: He is caring, strong, collected, smart, noble and modest. He is a caring soul and care about his friends and family and even strangers he doesn't even know so well due to his Angel side to which could make him quite trusting, but to a certain point though. He is a strong guy and is known for caring large things despite his appearance to which can shock others if they didn't expect this. He is quite a collected person and doesn't get perturbed or distracted easily at all and it would take a lot to distract him unless it involves innocent people or so. He is a intelligent individual as he used to be a straight A student within the school before graduation from it and now uses his smarts within the field for strategy

He is a very noble person and always do what is right even if he have to betray tradition or his to do it and would never betray anyone precious to him no matter what. He is a very modest person as he isn't the type to like taking all the credit for himself and ever since the incident from his past, he doesn't like being praise so much or being worship so.

Bio: He is the son of a legendary ArchAngel and a regular human woman, but he only lives with his mother since his father is unable to be with them due to Angel laws and have to fend for themselves without him in their lives. When he was born, he was praised a lot and worship even taken care by others at time too, but Isemu could feel the people of the village were just using him to bring themselves good luck for life due to him being a Angel and the son of a Archangel at that and hated people being that way for him really so he decided to stop showing himself to the people for a long time and shun himself inside his home. This made the villagers sad while at the same time angry as it felt that he was abandon or so since they thought Angels were provided to help them with their problems mostly.

This negative energy caught the attention of nearby demons within the forests who like feeding on negativity like that and decided to posses their bodies and make their angry grow within them while still feeding on it. They let their negative emotions get the better of them and decided if Isemu won't be caring about them anymore, then he should die to which they raided at night to invade his home and kill him to which wake both him and his mother up. His mother got in front of them and pleaded with them that his son isn't what they think and still cares for them, but thanks to the demons within their bodies, they were to corrupt to listen to every word she said and just slash her down to the ground until she was dead.

This was seen by Isemu and he was shock and sadden by this greatly as he never thought the people who treat him like if he was a god, would stoop so low to try to kill him and his mother for just him deciding not to see them for awhile too. Now as they began to corner him and try to attack him, Isemu unleashes his powers unconsciously at the fear of dying and losing his mother and kill them all with his glowing bright light even killing the villagers too since they were too lost by the demons to turned to normal and now after the whole mess, Isemu was left alone in the empty village now. Since he didn't have any where else to go to, he decided to go find his father to be with, but along the way, he almost got kill my elite demons, but was saved by a strong bounty hunter Exorcist named Isumi Fujiwara who took him back to his place and treat his injuries.

At first, Isemu was wary of him and wondering if he was just doing this because he was part Angel, but after sometime together, he soon realize he was respecting him for who he was and not what he is to which made him happy to which he decided to stay with him for awhile so to get stronger on his own and adopt his last name as well out of respect for him. This would help him in his search of his father and won't be defeated by anyone or anything in his way too. After attending the school to be a Exorcist or Page and graduating it and training with Isumi to give him what he knows, he is now a freelance Exorcist and doing his good deeds to whoever needs it while looking for his father at the same time.

Meister: Dragoon and Doctor

Skills: Angel Magic, Healing Magic, and Gun Specialist

Other: His guns are special guns that were made only for him and cannot be use against him as they only shoot and destroy evil creatures and won't kill someone with a innocent soul.


Name: Arran Jernigan

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Nationality: British

Appearance: (Imagine him in Zatch Bell Universe of how he looks like from this.)

Personality: (TBA)

History: (TBA)

Family & Friends:

Abandon and Unknown - Parents .

His Professor and Close Friend - Seitaro Takamine .

Close Friends, Teammates, and Rivals - Kiyo Takamine and Zatch Bell.

Love and Hate Relationship - Sherry Belmont and Brago.

Good terms and Friends - Kiyo and Zatch's Friends.

Alliance (Good/Bad/Neutral): Good

Book Color: Tan Brown Book

Likes: Science, laboratory, experimenting, college, classes, his friends, animals, and fighting (secretly).

Dislikes: Bad experiments, messing up, being weak, bad guys, can't be helpful, seeing innocent people get hurt, hitting women, and giving up.

Mamodo Partner: Luke Young

Other: He has a habit of explaining too much that is need to and can sometimes put people to sleep (mostly Luke) depending if they find his information boring or so to which he either gets upset or sighed about it as he wakes them up and tell them the short version of his explanation so they won't fall asleep this time to which is kinda a running gag with him.

Name: Luke Young

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: (TBA)

Personality: (TBA)

History: (TBA)

Alliance (Good/Bad/Neutral): Good

Family & Friends:

Adoptive Brother - Zatch Bell.

Friend and Rival - Brago, Zeno, and Bari.

Close Friends - Ted and Cherish.

Good Friends - Rein.

Good Friend - Seitaro Takamine.

Good Terms and Friends - Zatch's Friends.

Spells (Optional): (TBA)

Likes: Food, His younger adoptive brother, Orphans, the Orphanage, fighting, his friends, helping others, and resting.

Dislikes: Rotten Food, being lazy, easy fights, bad guys, seeing people getting hurt especially his friends or Zatch, following orders sometimes, being interrupted when fighting, and boring stuff.

Human Partner: Arran Jernigan

Other: He can eat a lot of food without stopping for awhile, depends on how hungry he is and can eat out a entire place's of food to Arran's dismay as that would mean he have to pay a lot of money or do some work for the people if the food isn't free or so.


Name: Rai Long

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Occupation: Former Dai Lee Agent, The Avatar (The RP with his name in it.)

Appearance: expect he doesn't have a spiky ponytail and just have spiky hair all out.

Personality: He is nice, funny, fun-loving, sneaky, calm, and determine. He is a nice guy to be around with and who looks like he wouldn't hurt a fly, but will mess with someone if they mess with him or his friends. He is quite the funny and fun-loving person as he like to make jokes from time to time when he wants and do thrilling things to make him feel alive at times. He can be sneaky at times as he uses his Earthbending to come out of the ground out of nowhere to scare people or to mess with them which he find hilarious about while his victims might not like it though (Depending on who they are). He is always calm in a situation as he always feel he can handle it (Most of the time XD), but there are times when he does lose this demeanor, but the situation have to be very serious to make him.

He is also always determine guy and won't stop at nothing to get stronger and to finish what needs to be done at that too as well.

History: Rai has a complicated past. before finding out he was the avatar he had been lost working gangs on the street as well as eventually servicing the earth queen as a Dai-Lee agent. however after discovering his abilities as the avatar he fled, hoping to undo the wrong he'd done and do some good.

Nation: Ba Sing Se, Earth Nation

Bending(s): Earthbending, Metalbending, Firebending, and Lavabending (He will learn the other bendings later in the future).

Skills: He is good in fighting close combat whether with or without bending and specialize on using weapons made of metal from his ''special'' metal that he use to form a weapon (Depends on the weapon as he can't form them all at the moment and is still learning).

Other: He has a spirit world female pet named Sensor, who is a large Badgermole and he has a fear with needles due to a childhood incident in the past.

Timeline: RLTLA


Name: Monkey D. Gigka

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Criminal/Police: Criminal

Current Bounty/Rank: 400,000,000 Beri and Rising and looking to make a crew of his own.

Appearance: except with a red long scarf and leather gauntlets gloves to put in his Burst Heart.

Personality: He is cool, funny, hardheaded, determine, sneaky, and loyal. He is a cool and funny individual who is not afraid of anything or to speak his mind about something that he doesn't like sometimes as well. He is quite a hardhead guy and it's hard to persuade him from time to time from something he likes and he can be sneaky at times to something that peaks his interests like trying to spy on others or gets some info from somebody, etc., and he is very loyal and caring towards his crew as he wish nothing won't happen to them one bit and will risks his life for them to the end of it.

History: His past is unknown to others and it's only known to him and Infernape, though parts of it involves the Champion of the world and his parents and that will be all that he will say about the situation unless if he is talking to VERY close friends and then he will tell him about it.

Pokémon: Infernape.

Burst Heart Color: Fiery Red Ruby.

Abilities/Skills: He has immense super human strength twice the normal human strength so he is able to lift large boulders and such, but if he is in his Burst Form, he can lift large buildings and more. When he go into Burst Form with Infernape, it increases and so does his speed, durability, and etc. and he is giving the power of fire and his physical attacks become more powerful due to Infernape being a Fire/Fighting type Pokemon and not only that, but he know all forms of Haki after a 2 years training session with a special someone who taught him.

Weapons: N/A.

Weaknesses: In his Burst Form, his Pokemon's weaknesses are now his as he won't have much of advantage against Water, Flying, and anymore types that has the advantage to a Fire/Fighting type.

Other: He loves to prank people to time to time if he is in the mood to do so and he has a taste of spicy food while thinking that it would help his durability to fire since that is the type he likes so much. He also knew Infernape since he was a Chimchar and they have a close bond with one another and also his is a special one since his Blaze ability is different form a regular Infernape's since it gives him more fire power and increase his stats thought he doesn't have control over it at times so it's like a double edge sword if he wants to use it as a last resort or something.


Name: Terrance "Terry" Kyoraku

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Nationality: American/Japanese

Rank: Silver

Appearance: (TBA)

Personality: (TBA)

Bio: (Will explain later within RP XP)

Family: (TBA)

Alliance: Neutral (Leaning onto Good slowly)

Digivice: Red and Black

Digimon Partner(s): Gaomon (Main Digimon), Goblimon, and Patamon

Other: (TBA)

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